Monster Integration - Chapter 515 Strengthning Solution II

Chapter 515 Strengthning Solution II


After my abode activated, I directly jumped inside it and freshen up as quickly as possible, I may be very excited about the thing that I am going to do but I like to do it in a clean way.

After Cleaning myself, I started to clean the medicines thoroughly before I took out the beaker and added both of the medicine into it and put it on the gas.

I now have to boil both of the medicine till they completely became the solution and then drink that solution.

This solution made of a combination of Mead flower and Amerie plant will give me the physical boost of at least compared to the one amethyst seal and more if I am able to digest it better and I have a very good method that will help me digest a solution better.

Seeing it will take quite a time before it will turn into the solution, I started to make the dinner while projecting the name of precious plants found in the ruin from my holowatch, I started to look at how many medicines could be used for making these strength-enhancing solutions and was quite surprised to find that there are seventeen as solutions could be made using the herbs found in this ruin.

Some of the solutions in the list could increse one's strength drastically, they are not only related to the physical strength but some could stimulate the soul power while others could stimulate the healing.

One way or another, they increased one's strength to a certain degree but getting them is really hard. There are tens of thousands of plants found in this ruin and what I need is just 67 plants and herbs, finding them would be really difficult.

It was a lucky coincidence that I was able to get these two plants and that could be made in strenth enhancing solutions.

An hour later I had finished making the dinner and ten minuits after that the solution is finished.

"Let's eat dinner, by the time we finished it should cool down a little!" I said to Ashlyn as I severed her dinner.

I usually dont have dont have a problem eating hot stuff seeing I have minor fire immunity but according to the direction, the solution should be drunk at the mild temperature.

We finished eating in half an hour and as I had expected the solution cooled down quite a bit. I had divided the solution into two portions, one I placed in front of Ashlyn and one in my hand.

"Let's get finished with it!" I said as I stopped breathing and drunk the solution while holding my breath as I hoped it wouldn't smell as bad as it is described.


I said as I am drinking the solution, the solution is tasted very bad as it smells and holding of breath doesn't see to help much. Halfway through the drinking, I wanted to vomit so much as it tasted very horrible but I had forced myself completly drink it.

When I look at Ashlyn, I found she had finished drinking her solution before me and now calmly sitting without any disgust on her face.

Since she was little, I have never seen her showing disgust toward any food that she ate at her violations.

After I finished drinking the solution, I removed my clothes and started to perform the body cleansing technique.

This time there is no life and death situation or I am bearing an unusual pain, I am performing the body cleansing Technique because I want better digest this solution.

With Body Cleaning Technique, I will be able to digest most of the solution I ate and I am going to perform Body Cleansing Technique till the 107th pose as at the 108th the energy of Miracle fruit came out and I dont want it to eat any part of this solutions.

I did not feel anything after drinking the solution but when I looked inside me I saw that there is a flood of Blue drops in my body and they are merging with my body with their own violation.

And when I added Body Cleasing Technique in the mix, the merger became even more perfect.

Time pa.s.sed by and kept performing the Body Cleaning Technique at my highest speed and only stopped when I reached 107th pose, after reaching 107th pose, I continue performing it repeatedly as I did not want to call the big bad wolf to eat all this blue energy by reaching 108th pose.

There is a lot more amount of this blue energy in my body and if I had not performed the Body Cleansing Technique then it would have taken hours to digest but now with me performing body cleansing Technique, more than half of the energy had already been digested and another half would be digested in the half an hour seeing I am performing the 107th pose.

Half an hour later, I nearly finished digesting all the blue energy and 'now I won't have to worried about big bad wolf coming out' I thought as I performed the 108th move of the Body Cleansing Technique.

Despite feeling very tired I didnt to stop performing the Body Cleansing Technique, performing body cleansing Technique is my important routine and once I start I didnt stop until every speck of energy inside my body sucked apart by it.

This Technique is very important, especially the major cleansing it is very important. I have seen its power, the power to melt the energy and then merging that melted energy into the body, it is such a terrifying thing.

The big part of my strength comes from the Body Cleansing Technique, the Rule power, and three amethyst seal would not be able to make strong as I am now especially at the Master stage.

I continue performing and finally reached the fifteenth pose of 2nd move, only then I let myself go and fall on the floor.

While performing the technique I would always try to do better than previous but if I won't able to do that, I would at least performed the pose that I performed.

I lied on the floor for ten minuits before I had the energy to get up, after getting up I ate a bowl of medicinal monster meat that I set up aside to recover quickly.

After I recovered enough to walk, I walked to the bathroom to take the shower as I am very sweaty.

The monster meat had returned all my energy to me and I was correctly able to access the amount of physical enhancement I have received from the solution.

If I am not wrong then I had received a boost compared to the thirteen to fifteen seals of the Body Cleansing Technique. Which was really a huge boost.

With this enhancement, my strength increased even more and I dont I will have to fear anyone in the Garden at least. Now killing normal Three Star Elite would become very easy, it probably would not take even a minuit for me to finish one-off.

For a search of this strength, I have come to this ruin and now I am getting it, I wonder how my friends are doing in the ruin.