Monster Integration - Chapter 510 Drip Drip... II

Chapter 510 Drip Drip... II

The finger size bottle started to fall and it is not the normal bottle but one of few bottles which still have liquid in them instead of the dust like thousands of other bottles.

I would not have been worried about the bottle being fell on the ground as these bottles are extremly tensile and small fall like this is not enough to put the search on the but it is not falling on the ground but falling on the formation.

If I am lucky nothing will happen but if I am unlucky then I will lose the essence of the very precious medicine which will be really regrettable.


As the bottle fell on the formation, the bottle started to grind into the dust by the formation, seeing that my mood fell and I was about to curse when I felt a slight hot sensation on my skin.

I first thought I was imagining things but soon that hotness feeling spread through all over my body and its temperature started to rise and within a minuit burning marks sensation appeared on my body.

It not over my skin but also inside my body, I am feeling like I am in the furnace.


I cursed loudly and quickly covered myself with my rule power and asked Ashlyn to help also but to my utter shock both of our rule powers barely able to do anything against this feeling.

I am completly shocked seeing this, our powers are Peak 2nd grade Rule powers and they are the Mid-level of Basic stage and that is pretty powerful in this realm but now it is barely anything able to do anything about that feeling.

Seeing the scorching marks have appeared on my body, it did not take me even second to realize that the bottle had something very dangerous and now that something dangerous is spreading in my body.

While I was busy thinking, the scorching marks started to turn into blisters.

Just as I realize this, I took out a couple of potions bottles and drank them one after another but to my horror nothing happened, seeing that I eat the speck of ominous Ghost Tooth core.

It had shown the effect just as I ate it as my skin started to heal rapidly but to my utter surprise just as it healed, the scorching marks started to appear on my body again.

Seeing that horror appeared on my face, just what the f.u.c.k was in that bottle? I asked myself and search through fauna information I have but I found there are too many plants under knight grade could put similar, there is no way to confirm this.

I may not able to confirm what exactly was in that bottle but I was able to confirm that it was poison as most the plants that create these effects are the poison.

Seeing the blisters appearing on my body again, I ate another speck of Ominous core. While eating I had noticed that whatever poison had hit me getting stronger by second if I didnt do something quick then it will turn me into the ash.

I started to search for ways and next second I started to remove all the hard things I was wearing and started performing supreme combat exercise after eating another speck to control my injuries.

I have nothing in me that could crush the whatever poison I had eaten, all the precious herbs I've collected till now have nothing in them that could act as the anti-poison

So all I could do is perform supreme combat exercise and hope that it will eat away whatever poison that is spreading inside me if that fails then I can only eat the specks of the ominous plants to slowly whittle away the power of the poison.

I really dont want to that, the core of the ominous plant is very precious and it is only because of it I am able to survive till now and I am sure that I will need them in the future that is why I want to save as much as possible.

I started performing Body Cleansing Exercise at my highest speed as I had reached the 24th pose of the first and blisters already started appearing in my body.

I had to reach the 108th pose as quickly as possible because at 108th pose will the energy of miracle fruit will come out help me destroy this poison.

I am speedily performing but my speed was really slow as at the 60th pose of the 1st move, my body had completly covered in the blisters and I started to look like a monster.

But that was just the start as the time pa.s.sed this terrifying poison not only melting my skin externally, it is also melting my skin internally if I am not quick enough then it will melt me enough that I will become incapable of performing the exercise.

When I looked inside me, I saw white waxy drops spreading in the even inch of my body and they would melt everything that comes in contact with them.

After the episode with the essence poison of ominous ghost tooth plant and me reaching major cleansing, I thought my body had become sufficiently powerful and my immunity to poison is also quite good but now experience this whatever terrifying, I have fallen to my knees.

I shouldn't be overconfident or someday I will pay the big price for this, this is a big teaching experience for me, the torturous pain that I am experiencing now will be my reminder.

Drip drip…..

I had reached the 98th pose but something horrifying happening to me, my skin is melting and that melted skin is dripping on the floor drip by drip.

I am barely able to perform the exercise now as not only my skin is melting, it had also started to affect my bones.

When I first thought I was infected with the poison, I thought it is dangerous poison but I had never thought it would be terrifying as this and this is its lesser effect as it had lost most of its efficacy through the hundreds of years of storage.

Finally, I reached 108th move and miracle fruit energy came out and started to eat this waxy poison.

Thank G.o.d I was able to reach the end of the 1st move in time if I had been minute late then it would have been very late for me.

Currently, my condition is barely stabilized but if I became a little slow in performing the body cleansing exercise then the poison wouldn't even take a minute to melt my bones.

I reached the 1st pose of the 2nd move and white waxy drops inside me came under little suppression which ultimately helped the miracle fruit energy as it had started to eat them more speedily but I could still see the resistance in the waxy drops, I will need to perform many more poses before I could control it enough that energy of miracle fruit eat it.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, I had reached the 8th pose, it is the pose that I had reached in the morning but looking at how active these waxy drops are and how they are growing powerful, I know 8th pose is far from enough.

That why I kept performing despite feeling very very tired because I know if I had stopped these waxy particles will turn in puddle flesh in a few minuits.

9th, 10th as I had reached the tenth pose, something happened which caught me completly by surprise, I had started creating 32nd seal.

Eversince I had come to this ruin, progress in supreme combat exercise has become stagnant but now the supreme combat exercise that I had circulating background was able to create the 32nd seal.

Though this wouldn't give me much advancement, it is still good especially the minute soul energy, it will help me a little.

The forming of seal did not slow down my speed in Body Cleansing Technique and finally, I am able the 12th pose of the 2nd move and my body started to go through the minor cleansing.

At this time the waxy drops are clearly suppressed but they are still trying to harm my body while the energy of the miracle fruit is trying to eat them with its all.


I continue performing the poses, unearthing every bit of energy I have and finally reached the 15th pose of Body Cleansing Exercise, that is when the energy of miracle fruit energy finished eating all the waxy drops in my body, seeing that I finally let go everything and fell on the ground with a thud.