Monster Integration - Chapter 491 Major Cleansing

Chapter 491 Major Cleansing

Just as I reached I saw something inside me, I never thought I would be able to see something like this, it is really inconvincible.

Inside me had become colorful that all sorts of energies came out me, they have filled my body with a brim, I have never thought I had this much amount of energies hidden inside me.

Some I could identify some were relatively unknown, some of them were remnant energies of miracle fruit, energies from the monster core, the potions I have all sorts of energies came out the deepest part of my body they hiding in.

The most important energy is Ominous Ghostooth poison, It also came out me and like all energies, its dark grey tar-like drops also stood motionless, I could see how all the drops are struggling but no matter how much they try, they were not able to move even slightly.

The only thing that is able to move is the energy of Miracle Fruit unlike other energies, it is feeling no restriction and it is making full use of that.

It is eating the other energies of Miracle fruit that came out of my body, these energies were from the miracle fruits I ate in the past.

It did not even glance at the other energies and the more it ate those Miracle fruit energies, the slight purple hue on it also getting more and more defined.

I continue performing, even with the pace slower than ant I continue moving as once I stop, everything will also be stopped and one thing is the Major Cleansing also hadn't started yet.

From what I have read, I will have to completly finish performing the 108th pose before I could go through the Major Cleansing.

As I continue performing Body Cleaning, I notice that my body getting hotter and hotter and some energies were melting and fusing with my body.

I have seen the other energies fusing with my body, but they have never fused so perfectly, this process is simply perfect and one thing made even happier that as I go more forward in the 108th pose, the greater and stronger energies started to melt and fuse in my body.

First, it was just normal energies that I got from eating normal monsters meat and potions, these energies came from the monsters I ate and potions I drank when I was at Private Stage.

But as time pa.s.sed, the temperature inside me has increased and it started to melt stronger energies like Berserk energy of Specialist stage monster that I have when I ate for the energy.

I had become completly empty of the energy while performing the 108 poses and barely able to move but when I saw all these energies are melting like b.u.t.ter and fusing with each and every cell of my body, I know I have to continue.

I know that if I am able to even merge less than half energies into me, then the physical boost I will receive will be immense, it will be more than what an amethyst seal gave me.

If that happens then I will have the strength of Two Star Elite, I will be directly able to clash against it without using any tricks and that ie least what I will be able to do.

I kept performing and performing and saw all types of energies getting melt and fuse with me, even the Berserk energy from the Master stage Fiery core that three fatties had fed started to melt.

While one side energies kept fusing, on the other size the energy of the miracle fruit finished eating all the miracle fruit energies that were present in my body.

Now it started to move again, I thought it would eat the Mecidinal energy but no, it directly went for the closest drop of the Ominous Poison, I was quite shocked seeing this.

I had already expected to eat the ominous poison but after it ate all the energies and became powerful, I did not expect it to directly leap at the Ominous Poison.

Ominous Poison is completly suppress that it wasn't able to move from its place but that doesn't mean it is easy to swallow.

The big cloud of the Miracle fruit energy covered the ominous poison and started to eat and to my surprise, it is able to eat it but its speed is very slow.

Time pa.s.sed by and Miracle fruit energy had finished eating the half drop of Ominous Poison and not only it had grown in size very much but it also purple hue on it had also grown slightly.

Seeing I became very happy, there more than enough energies here to make me level but the problem is time, as long as I give the miracle fruit energy enough time, it will be able to eat enough drops of Ominous Poison to make me level up, the only thing I will have to do is keep moving.


Sometime later I got the biggest surprise, my body had became even hotter than it started melting the Ominous Poison and currently, in my body, there is no energy that had not melted.

The berserk energy of all the levels melted, even the medicinal energy melted completly before it started to slowly merge with my body.

The drop ominous poison started melting one by little all the melted like the b.u.t.ter and started fusing in my body. My body is not the only one who is getting benefited by the melting of the energies.

The miracle fruit energy also benefited as it had became very easy to eat the melted energy, its speed increased five times and it is growing bigger at a visible rate. It wouldn't be long before it will eat enough energies to help me level up.

Time pa.s.sed by and now there least than 5%, energies remain in my body and they are also fastly merging with my body and eaten by the Miracle fruit energy.

It wouldn't take a minuit for all the energies to finish off as I had reached the end of the 108th pose and will be finished in less than two minuits.

One minuit pa.s.sed and just as I expected, all the energies that were out got completly consumed, not even speck left of them. The purple hue on the miracle fruit energy is now quite visible as it now covered about 10% of miracle fruit energy.

The 10% of mutation is really great as it will increase the speed of consuming of Miracle fruit energy by 10 times of Original speed.

I have now more than enough energy to level up. If I wish, I could start leveling up right now but I did not as I first wanted to go through the cleansing and then level up.

Today I had really close brush up with death, It was even more dangerous and deadly than the incident with the fatties but it also gave me more benefits than I had imagined.

One second after another pa.s.sed and I finally perform the last movement of the 108th pose and just as I did that, my shook a little and I smelled the most horrible thing I've ever smelled as the Major Cleasing started in my body.