Monster Integration - Chapter 471 Underground Abode

Chapter 471 Underground Abode

"Friend, let's see how strong you are." the Foxman said as it attacked me, this time its speed swifter than before.

The swirls on my body started to spin more faster, giving me the power to counter the attack of the sword. Normally I dont spin the swirls faster than regular speed but this Grimm race monster giving me this weird feeling that made me spin the swirls faster for more power.


Our weapons clashed again, having experienced her attack before, I had quickly confined the energy not letting even a single bit out.

Clank Clank Clank Clank…..

After the second attack, the monster started to attack me with extremely fast speed and to counter her attacks, I started to spin the swirls of my armor for more and more power.

This would have been extremly dangerous with more than 60% chance of collapsing of the Swirling Armor but now that I have received the Eonic Blessing, not only my physical prowess had increased but also my soul which is helping me control the power of the swirls.

Still, I do not have the perfect control over them when they are spinning at this speed but I have no choice, without the swirling, I am no match for this Grimm race monster in front of me.

I have to continue increasing my power if I wanted to keep engaging this Grimm monster in combat without holding back, a slight mistake on my part could directly send me to the wonderland.

As the fight continues, the swirling armor of mine continues to become compact and compact that it had gained the compactness it had before today.

My armor had become a little thick after I had leveled up and tried twelve swirls but now with me constantly spinning them, they have gained their previous compactness and now it becoming more compact, giving me more power.

Clank Clank Clank…..

Is it playing with me, I thought as my face had become pale as I started to think about its implications,

I had clearly sensed her battle power earlier and I had sensed it is quite stronger than the Tigerman I had faced and that is counting the Occult method which's power I cant sense.

Due to the unique nature, some Occult Methods escape my battle power sense that is why every Grimm monster I fight, I consider it has the Occult method which most of them have. When I sensed the battle power of the Foxman, I also added the power of Occult Skill which I cant sense.

But the strength that the fox is showing right now is way more than I had calculated that despite the spinning the swirls on my Armor at my highest, I barely able to counter its moves and that made me wonder if it had deceived me.

It had definitely deceived Battle power sense that my Killing Rule gives, it is way stronger than I had estimated and now I know this Foxman is a lot stronger than me.

I have to quickly decide my next plan quickly otherwise I would be surely sliced into two by that sword.

Its whether to run or ask Ashlyn to join the fight, I continued fighting it while thinking and after some time I made the decision and that is to run, that is the most viable option.

This Foxmam is giving me a weird feeling that made me not to ask Ashlyn for help, I feel that I continue keeping Ashlyn as the trump card and only use when I am completly desperate.

I started to run away when the Foxman opposite of me stopped suddenly.

"I have to say friend you are quite strong if I kept fighting to you, you will surely kill me!" said the Grimm monster in its charming voice.

What? I could not believe what I had just said, it is this Grimm monster who was clearly suppressing me but now it is saying I am suppressing it!

I vigilantly looked at it as casually swished its luxurious tail and looked at the battle that is happening on the other side.

The battle on the other side going quite well with both sides fighting with their all but the one are being suppressed is the Grimm monster despite having the high numbers.

Clap Clap!

"Boys its enough, let's go." said the Foxman, hearing its command and all of the Grimm monsters started to follow it left and the battlefield soon after.

"They are running, why dont we chase and kill them?" said Carted excitedly, clearly running high on the small victory he had just gained.

"If you want to die then go follow them," I said and started to leave, that Foxman and her behavior were too strange, I want to create as much as the distance between us as possible.

"Micheal!" Sam said just as I started to walk, I stopped and looked at him. I had pretty much guess what he wants but sadly he will be disappointed by my answer.

"Micheal why dont you come with us, with five us together we will be quite safe in this realm," said Sam.

"Not interested!" I said and continue walking, making a team is the best option in this ruin but sam and his team are not suitable to make the team.

They are simply too weak compare to me, they will be burdened and slow me down, making team with them will not help me making any progress.

To make the progress and find the chances that are the reason I've come to this ruin and teaming with them did not accomplish any of that.

While walking away I have clearly heard carter cursing me but I am too lazy to respond to his childish behavior as I have more important things to do such as finding the best place to make the shelter for the night.

The sun will go down completly within half an hour and many nocturnal monsters will come out as the night approached.

Ten minuits later I have found a suitable spot to set up the shelter and took out the large Black Box from my storage. This black box is about half a meter square and is quite heavy.

It is the most expensive thing I've brought after the Honing band, I've brought with half the price of original from the friend of my former team leader.

Many seniors had taken out the many unused things they wanted to sell and I and my friends got quite a good deal buying all these things with the help of our former team leader.

This black box is Peak Knight Grade Abode, it is a special one as this one formed an abode underground instead of the above the ground.

I activated the Black Box and it started to drill inside the group without making slight sound or vibration on the ground. It went inside the ground and I heard nothing for near five minuits before a small hole opened in the ground soundlessly.

That hole is way inside the abode but before entering the abode, I placed tiny cameras and sensors all around the camp for security before entering my abode underground.