Monster Integration - Chapter 467 The Palace Of Eonic Blessing IV

Chapter 467 The Palace Of Eonic Blessing IV

I hope other's will be all right, the Grimm monsters would be fine with their terrifying vitality but humans dont have, we mostly rely on the potions to heal our injuries quickly but we can't use potion during the challenge.

Of the two groups, humans will be very hard pressed against this test than the Grimm Race monsters.

Well, there is no time thinking about them, I have to think about myself the sooner I cleared this test, the better it would be for me.

I took the step inside the door without wasting and I appeared in a similar room as previous, there is again three hundred meters of stretch ahead of me and door after that.

The difference is that this time, the three hundred meters stretch is filled with very dense red liquid.


I didnt have to translate the text in front of me to know what this test is, I have read about this test in the intel.

The Lake Of Pain!

This is the test of one's endurance of the pain and that red liquid is akin acid, as long one's skin touches it, it will give one unimaginable pain. The only saving grace that it doesn't harm the body Physically, its just let one experience very intense pain.

If I am not wrong then one has crossed this lake within an hour, an hour time may seem long but it is very short.

I quickly scanned the floating tests with the honing band and found the test is similar to what the intel had said.

I quickly place the sword in my storage and removed my swirling armor, this dense red liquid is very mystical. No matter what type of artifact one os wearing, it will touch it and will give one immense pain.

The intel had a special note attached to it saying there is no use of wearing airtight bodysuit also as this liquid could seep inside that too.

After placing the sword inside the storage, I walked toward the pool and soon took a step inside it.


A sound came out of my mouth as I took the step inside the liquid, the pain is immense but I have experienced the worst. The pain this dense red liquid is giving me is comparable to the pain I've felt when I was using 80% black red poison and I've experienced the full a.s.sault of the Black Red Poison in the morning.

After sensing this pain is bearable, I entered the pool and started to swim as this is the only option as the pool is a little deep.

As I started to swing, the dense red liquid had spread all over my body giving me extreme pain and top of that, this red liquid is very dense which makes swimming in it very hard.

It will be very hard for others to clear the test, including the Grimm race monsters but not to me, I have a habit of doing intense physical workout during extreme pain.

So, I just have to swim slowly to the other side, while I am doing that I even started to circulate Supre Combat Exercise to distract myself from this extreme pain and to gain few circulations of it.

While swimming I tried to activate my physical skill but as I've expected, there is heavy restriction laid in this hall that no skill could be activated.

Time pa.s.sed by as I swam through the dense liquid while extreme pain and finally about nine minuits later, I reached the end of the lake.

When I was getting out of the lake, I found that the dense Red Liquid that stuck on my skin is now magically sliding of it before completly merging back into the lake.

I stood in front of the gate but did not enter it as swirling armor was forming on the theme, this gate could very well lead me to the hall of altering and the Grimm monster could be waiting for me there, I want to be ready in the case.

In three seconds the Swirling Armor appear on my body and I took the step inside the Gate.

The moment I appeared in front of the arena, so there is a third test. Usually, Grade 3 Palaces of the Eonic Blessings only have two tests but sometimes there are three tests also like this one.

There is an arena in front of me, no opponent could be seen but I am sure it will appear on its own when I entered inside it.

The door could be seen other side of the arena but it is dim, it had not activated yet, only when I defeat the opponents in the arena, only then the door will get activated.

Not wanting to waste any time, I entered the arena and next moment I found three energy figures materialized in front of me.

These energy figures are about two and a half meters tall and they are heavily covered in the armor, holing huge broadswords.

The three forms stood still for three seconds before they started attacking me at the same time.

Seeing their attacks I know their strength is equal to me, a little mistake on my part could make me the heavily injured.


I counter the one sword while dodged the other. A smile haad appeared in my face after the clash, their strength is similar to mine which means defeating them would be easy as long as I understood their maneuvers.

Clank Clank Clank…

I have to say the runic algorithm of these three energy figures is quite sophisticated, any attacked I launched they will respond immediately with the best possible response.

Their response is even better than those opponents in the Guild challenge, that is why it is taking me more time than I thought to defeat them.

Still, I am not sad, there three energy figures are one of the most difficult opponents with a similar strength I have faced. If these three would have been a little stronger, it would have taken a h.e.l.l lot of time to defeat these three energy.

Another problem I am having that any attack I launched on them, it quickly got healed, one time I have even the whole arm of one body but next second it had completly completly grown back.

So, If I have to defeat these energy bodies then I will have to kill them in a single strike otherwise, no matter how I tried to injure it, they will become good as normal.


Twenty minuits after the fight started, I had finally able to pierce the chest of one of the energy figure, just as I did that, the energy body began to crack apart and break before falling into the ground and disappearing.

Kacha Kacha

After defeating the first energy figure, the pressure on me released a lot and I was able to defeat the other two bodies within the five minuits.

The door on the other side of the Arena activated just after the last energy body turned into smoke, seeing the door is activated I didnt waste any time entering it.