Monster Integration - Chapter 458 Killing VIII Final

Chapter 458 Killing VIII Final

The Red Ribbon started to s.h.i.+ne brightly on the source and next moment Ashlyn source appeared above my source in which the blood light started to transmit.

I quickly concentrate on the Ashly n's source and saw the Blood Light releasing from it and falling on the Blood Ribbon in Ashlynn's source.

Rule Imprinting!

I quickly understood what is happening, the new comprehension of that I had gained is now imprinting in Ashlyn's source. It kept happening for a few moments until the blood ribbon in the Ashly n's source had become an exact copy of the b.l.o.o.d.y ribbon in my source.

"Ashlyn confine the force and Occult Energy!" I said to Ashlyn. Before I have no way against the force and Occult energy that is tearing my body apart but now with mu Rule power advancing, Ashlyn could easily confine all the foreign energy rampaging in the body without needing my help. As for extinguis.h.i.+ng this energy, It will take time which can be only done after I finish this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

With having two Peak 2nd level Rulepowers that are a step away from reaching the Middle level of the Basic stage, I have now had enough power to finish this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

f.u.c.k it hurts! I shouted in my suddenly, Ashlyn had now just finished confining the all the Decayed Occult energy which had been numbing the pain I am feeling and now that Ashlyn had confined all the energy, the pain had come back in the full force.

Bearing the pain, I started to make preparation for my attack as the Hyena man is still cursing me crazily.

It would have been really nice if half the bones of my body had not been broken and not heavily injured by the, I would have a much easier time defeating this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Beggar can't be chooser's, I have returned from the death's door and now I have to send this b.a.s.t.a.r.d to the underworld.

I thought and quickly got up while taking another Totem artifact from my storage, my gait was a little unstable but I still able to stand through the broken bones.


"b.a.s.t.a.r.d you still have the energy to stand up? This time I will surely kill you for sure that even your soul would not dare to return!" It said and attack me.

I wanted to reply to it as well but earlier, it had kicked my jaw so strongly that it now lay in pieces.

It attack came at me and I also swung my sword at it, though my hands are a little shaking and I am feeling extreme pain, the strength in my unmistakable.


A loud clank rang out as our weapons clashed but this time nor did I take any step back nor force a.s.saulted my body, all the force and occult energy came at me was quickly confined by Ashlyn.

It looked extremly shocked and wanted to say something but it did not have the chance as my sword streaked toward it and it had to defend.

CLANK! Thud Thud….

This time our weapons clashed, it had to steps back and drop of blood could be seen streaking from it!


It just had opened its mouth to curse at me when it found my sword had embedded in his heart.

One Peak 2nd level Rule is nothing but when they merge together, they give the power that is way beyond, especially when one Rule power is of offensive type while other is of sensory or half sensory.

"You may able to kill me but you will not able to kill my friends who will be arriving any second."


It said and started to laugh but suddenly became stopped as I pumped energy of killing Rule to immobile it.

Friend? I am not worried, I had just used only the power of my killing Rule to kill it, I had not used my swirling armor which now became even stronger with the advancement of killing Rule.

So the first thing I did after beating on the Hyenaman is to take out all five Runic Disks I have placed in on the Grimm race monster.

It had wanted to eat my family if I didnt let experience worts agony in ist life then I wouldn't be Micheal and what better way could be to make it feel worst agony than let experience harnessing of five runic disks.

It looked terrified when it saw me placing the five Runic Disc on it, I smiled at its terrified face and activated all the five Runic Disks together.


It started to scream loudly just as I activated the five runic disks, its screamed and very loud and wretched enough to arose a pity in the heart of heartless.

I hear its screaming for a few seconds before putting a gag on its face as they were too loud.

The condition of my injuries are very worse and even after confining all the energy, it will take quite a time to heal my injuries, that is why I took out the small bottle of daffodils honey and drank it.

As for drinking that potion, that is absolute No, that potion could only be drunk when I really at death's door and current condition didnt satisfy me being at the death's door.

Chew Chew….

Just as I finished drinking four drops of Daffodil honey, Ashlyn came out of me started demanding, smiling I let her have a single drop.

She had been desperately wanting to come to help but I had stopped her come out as I know Ashlyn was really incapable of defeating it but now with my rule power being advanced, she can easily defeat the opponent as hyenaman but there is no one for left to fight.

The daffodil's honey worked really fast, the greyness covering my skin disappeared and my bones and skin started healing rapidly.

Ting ting ting…

A minute later all the runic disc rang out as they finished harvesting the Grimm race monster and I was about to pick them up when I sensed something and a few minuits later five four hyenamen came out of Black Gra.s.s.

All four of them were One Star Elite with two of them having similar aura the husk of Hyenaman that I had just killed.

"Did you kill Eko?" asked the leader in anger seeing the husk at my feet.

"Yes!" I said loudly without fearing, with my strength increased I have no fear against these four hyenamen that had arrived.

"You will pay for this?" said the leader and four of the hyenamen leaped at me but before I could respond Ashlyn flew from my shoulder before I could stop her.

Chew Chew Chew…

She barely got any chance to fight since we have come to this Grimm battlefield.


I wanted to stop but stopped midway, she now had enough power to beat four enemies. and even if she wasn't able to, I am standing here ready help any time she needed.

"You will pay for this human!"

A faint sound could be heard as the hyenamen covered in white mist disappeared from my eyes leaving behind b.l.o.o.d.y gash on my chest.

As Ashlyn did a better job than I expected to defeat four Grimm race monster but at last moment when three Grimm race monster killed by Ashlyn, the leader of the group used weird Occult Skill that increased its power explosively.

I tried to stop but it had become too strong using that weird occult skill that it even left blood gash on my chest.

"Let's harvest this b.a.s.t.a.r.d quickly leave," I said to Ashlyn as I started to place the Runic disk on their chest.