Monster Integration - Chapter 456 Killing VI

Chapter 456 Killing VI

My already paled face had paled even more hearing that hearing he is calling even more friends of its.

Even after creating the 3rd Amethyst seal I have zero confidence in beating it and if he called even more of its friend which will make my already dire condition even direr.

I felt like a mountain had collapsed on me and I started to feel suffocated, I have never had a panic attack but looking at my current condition, I am definitely having.

Thinking nothing good will come from me now panicking, I started to forcefully calm myself, seeing I will become panic even more if I continued to think about it, I closed my eyes and put my all on the refining energy.

I put all the fear, frustration, panic and everything else in refinement engine and started to refine it the berserk energy even more speedily.

The Amethyst seal is like a bottomless hole, no matter how much mana I feed to it, it is always less. Normally it took more than more than ten minuits to me completly satiate the requirement for the Amethyst seal.

I kept refining and refining, I refined and feel it to the Amethyst as much as I can but it was never enough for it, it's just needed too much.

It is understandable why it needs the mana hundreds of times more than normal seal, the seals not only make one's body stronger they also provide soul energy thus making a soul stronger.

When it created not only it will heal all my injuries, it will even boost me physically and Mentally quite substantially.

"I have to say you humans are quite delicacy, Giants, Troll and other races couldnt be compared to you, the only thing that had a better taste to you than humans are Elves," said Hyenamen.

Hearing that my eyes flew open, Giants? Elves? Aren't those the races of legends and myth's, I have never thought they could exist in reality.

"It's a pity that our Province Lord was not able to find any elvish world like those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Blood Region." It said with the regret while I became even more shocked hearing what it said.

Though I was only able to understand only half of what it said, it is still enough for me to get ideas on what it is saying.

"Well, we are still lucky to than wretched from Leaf Region who are stuck with the dirty troll's, compare to the delicate and flavorful taste of you humans those dirty troll's taste total putrid." It said as it dragged me carefreely.

Its a good thing we have deviated quite far from where we were fighting, now to go back to the battlefield with this speed would take at least a half an hour.

Which is a good thing for me, with the speed I am feeding the mana to the seal, it will need me two two three minuits more.

I closed my eyes again and did not listen to its chatter, I threw all my focus on refining the Berserk energy so I could feed it to the Amethyst seal.

One of another second pa.s.sed and they became minute, one minute became two and two became three and after three minuits, the spinning seals stop taking mana and started fusing.

The fusing process did not take more than ten seconds but it felt extremely long to me but it was finally completly and 3rd amethyst seal reveals itself in full glory.

The Amethyst seal flew toward the other two seals and s.h.i.+ned brightly, just as it did the amethyst smoke started to come out of it.

The Amethyst Smoke is very cold but it's heaving power incomparable as whichever part of my body pa.s.sed through it will heal. I saw my bones started to reconnect and skin started to heal and they are stronger than before.

I slowly opened my eyes, only to see the monster is dragging me to a normal pace and did not sense any abnormality, seeing that I heaved a sigh of relief and also marveled at the Supreme Combat Exercise.

The Supreme Combat Exercise is the stealthiest method I've ever seen, even occult method when activated others could clearly sense but not the Supreme Combat Exercise.

It is stealthiest as it did not produce any fluctuation, even if when it heals, it muted the sound of healing other if it had been potions on its place, it would have easily able to sensed sound to my bones reconnecting but not with the Supreme Combat Exercise, this exercise is truly magical that not even occult Method's compare to it some way.

With my body healing rapidly, I stealthily moved my hands towards my sword which was hanging by my waist, for the s.h.i.+eld I've lost it when I crashed on the ground.

The monster is walking normally while talking sometimes but it had never once looked back at me as if not caring about me running away. Seeing the arrogance of the Grimm race monster, they always look down on us human, thinking us lowly race which can only be their food.

It's just had been a few seconds since the Amethyst seal started to heal me but seeing the extent of my injuries, it will probably take a minute before they are completly healed.

Seconds pa.s.sed by and soon a whole minute had pa.s.sed, all the injuries on my body had been completly healed not only that, the amethyst seal had only given me quite a high boost in the soul and Physique, I could feel the power coursing through every cell of my body.

Seeing it is time, I flayed my legs and used my other hand to pull the rope with all my strength at the same time and my plan worked, with sudden movement the rope resed from the monster hand and I used that movement to remove the rope off my neck.

If I had tried to remove the rope first, it would have alerted it, the rope is artifact which had bounded to my neck quite tightly as long as I make the movements, it will notice it and inject more power to make it even tighter which will be very hard for

So, first I had to take the rope off its hands so it cants control it if it is human in its place this had been very difficult. We may be overconfident but we still keep little vigilant toward the enemy but not this Grimm race monsters.

They never take us, humans, seriously that is why despite having a high number, they have never able to completly beat us from the start.

From the first time they have attacked, they have nearly annihilated us and controlled the 80% of this world but we kept fighting them and pus.h.i.+ng them back little by little and finally three thousand years ago, we have taken back whatever continents they were controlling and constricted them to the Grimm zones.

It looked at me silently just like it did earlier but this time it looked a lot angrier, its eyes have become completly red and very fearful fluctuation started to released from the body.

I had thought it will have Occult Method but that was merely us guess which I desperately wished will not come true but now sensing the fearful fluctuation coming out of its body and Skyrocted Killing intent it is radiating, my fear had come true.