Monster Integration - Chapter 448 Revenge

Chapter 448 Revenge

After reaching my apartment, I quickly started to do the evening activities that I do every day after came back to my apartment from the hunt.

They will arrive by 10 PM which means I have only three hours, which I think more than enough for me to finish all my, eat dinner and take some rest.

After taking a shower, I started to make dinner which I had completed in the forty-five minuits. After eating dinner, I relaxedly laid on my bed while reading.

There is still one and a half hour till they arrive, it is enough time for me to take some good rest as I read.

Bell Bell

Time pa.s.sed by as I was busy in my reading when I heard the bell, I close the doc.u.ment I was reading and went to open the door.

"Come in!" I said smiling to Sophia and Raina, "Look's like we have arrived early." said Sophia as they entered my apartment.

"How was your progress in the Body Cleansing Exercise?" I asked as I took a seat beside them. They have already gone through the first cleansing a few days ago and the result of that be seen in their battle and the body.

Their fighting style had become a lot freer, I could see them performing many flexible moves they have not performed before and their skin had also become a little radiant which made them even more beautiful.

"We are doing very well if everything went well then we will go through the 2nd Cleaning in a few days." Said Raina in her soft melodic voice,

Their progress is quite fast, four to five times faster than mine before I arrived at the Grimm battlefield.

"Our Target is to go through at least 3rd Cleansing before we enter the Aferian Ruin, it will give us quite a boot if we were able to do that," Sophia said.

"How about you Micheal, how far have you reached?" Sophia asked, "I will go through 4th cleansing if I kept advancing in my current speed." I replied modestly but my answer had been clearly surprised hearing my answer.

"It looked like we are slacking a bit too much, we will have to up our efforts if we want to catch up to you," Sophia said to me, to that I could only laugh seeing their speed is already faster than me.


We were just talking when the doorbell rang and when I looked, I found it was Leo and not long after him Rachel has arrived, she had come right on time, not a minute early or a minute late.

"You guys must have heard about the Body Cleansing Technique right?" I asked after everyone seated in the hall.

Rachel and Leo nodded and something dawned on their faces but they refrain from asking any question about it.

"Well, I asked you guys to come today so I could teach you guys some posses of the first move, they will be enough for you guys to go through the 3rd cleansing," I said.

They didnt speak for quite a while as if processing what I have just said.

"Isn't this technique only performed by those who were at later stages of Knight's stage due to its enormous requirement for the energy?" Rachel asked the core of the question.

"What you said is right, this technique does require enormous energy but that is for the later moves."

"Body Cleansing Technique has 16 moves and each move have 108 poses, so with your current power you can definitely have the power to perform two to three moves and what I am teaching you is just 36 poses of 1st which I am sure will able to perform in this fifteen days," I said.

I intentionally downplayed the difficulty of the Body Cleansing Technique, so that they would not get scared by the difficulty and do better.

This technique is immensely difficult that even Central Contienet very few people were able to perform till the 10th move, much less the 16th move and get Unblemished Body.

"Are you going to teach us now?" Leo asked an excitement could be heard in his voice.

His excitement could be understandable, today he had nearly died which no one wants to experience, so the best option is to never let that happen is to increse the strength and that is probably why he did even try to reject my offer of being me teaching him a very expensive technique.

"Yes. now let's go to the other room, this place is not suitable for performing the Body Cleansing Technique." I said and led them toward the other room which I specifically made for them for practice.

This room is now completly devoid of any stuff except for Temperature Room which I had quickly deactivated. For my teammates, I have let go one day of my precious poison training.

Poison training is very important for me as it is the best away to acc.u.mulate the food for the energy of the Miracle fruit.

"You guys watch well and record, I will be now performing the Body Cleansing Technique," I said and started performing.

The first twelve poses of Body Cleansing Technique went blur, I didnt even have to put any efforts, they felt almost effortless, I had to slow down intentionally from my regular speed so they can record well.

After the twelfth pose, I started to feel the little pressure of the Body Cleansing but not much, I had performed with putting little efforts and that's how it went till I reach 24th pose.

Only after the twenty-fourth pose, I started to put little effort and this time I didnt have to control my speed while performing as it had become slow naturally.

It was a good thing that I was wearing special sweat resistance clothing otherwise my friend would have to imagine much to see my a.s.sets.

Time pa.s.sed by and soon I performed the thirty-sixth move but I didnt stop, I may have forgone one day of poison training but I will not waste Body Cleansing exercise, I will perform it best of my ability.

After 37th pose, I move toward the 38th and then 39th, 40th, 41st, 42nd. I was able to reach the 42nd yesterday and today and I want to reach the 43rd.

I performed at very slow speed, using every bit of energy, my friend's mouth went wide seeing how much effort I am putting.


After with such intense effort, I was finally able to reach the 43rd pose and fully performed it, only then I let myself fall on the floor.

I could see four of them looking at me intently before a small smile formed on Sophia's face and she came closer to me.

"Michel are you ok?" Sophia said as crouch beside me and seeing no answer coming from she poked my face with her sharp perfectly manicured fingers.

She is taking revenge! I had done the same thing with her when Sophie first time performed the BodyCleansing Technique in my apartment.

"Raina look Micheal is not responding, do we feed him potion or something?" Sophia asked innocently to her sister while poking me with her sharp nails over and over.

I so want to curse her loudly and clip away those sharp nails of her from which she is poking me so painfully but unfortunately, I can't do anything to her other cursing her in mind and remember this for the future to pay her back later.