Monster Integration - Chapter 441 Rachel

Chapter 441 Rachel

Rachel is not alone, beside her there was a young man similar age who has battle power slightly weaker than the Rachel. He seemed about a year older than and have a muscled build with a handsome face.

These two may be little weaker than three of us but they are way stronger than the normal rookies of S Cla.s.s Guild.

Looks like we are not the only one who had come across the lucky chances.

"Michel, this is Rachel and Leo, Rachel and Leo this is Micheal my teammate I talked about." Introduced Sophia.

"You seem a little familiar?, do I know you from somewhere?" Rachel asked as me as she carefully looked at me trying to remeber where she had seemed.

"Two years ago you were the leader of our rescue from the s.p.a.ce realm that opened in the Green Hills," I said reminding her where she had seen me most.

The realm opened in the Green Hill's is not the only place she had seen, we have come across each other many times especially when I was with Jill and her brother Willian but that time I was too weak to be noticed by her.

"Oh, that is why you seemed so familiar," said Rachel clearly still not remembering me but as I told her about that incident, the value in her eyes of lessened a bit, probably thinking I how could weakling she rescued two years ago be strong as her.

Seeing that I did care much as she will soon my real power and will come to the realization on her own.

"Let's go register soon, we will have two more guild's register to," said Sophia and we all nodded enter the silver b.u.t.terfly. As I entered inside the Guild, I got some strange gazes I was confused for a few seconds before understanding the reason.

The reason was that the Silver b.u.t.terfly was just all women guild, only women can be its members, so seeing men inside the guild is quite strange.

The Registration process is finished within the few minuits and after that, we ordered the hovercar and went to the Black Cloud and finis.h.i.+ng registering we finally went to our guild.

It would be quite nice if this registering could be done remotely so we would have to go around the guild manually but for reason, it is not and now we personally doing it.

Soon we fished the registering and went toward the city gates at our highest speed, we have had already wasted near an hour in registering, we will have to make up for that in our speed.

It is a good thing that no one in our team is slow and we soon crossed the outposts gates in just a few minutes.

"We are going to Black Gra.s.s Prairie, everyone knew that right?" asked Sophia as we crossed the gate.

"Yes." everyone said in unison.

Black Gra.s.s Prairie is the Biggest Mid Level hunting ground, it is so big that ten to fifteen normal mid-level hunting ground could be made from it.

Not only it is the biggest hunting ground but it is also most dangerous but due to its very large size, not all area's area is dangerous inside it, some of the areas are comparable to least dangerous Mid Level Hunting ground.

The reason's area so big because of the Black-gra.s.s is the only area in a continent where Black Gra.s.s is present and all the Area is covered by the Black Gra.s.s is made as Black Gra.s.s Prairie hunting ground.

"The area where we are hunting today have moderate danger after we access the abilities of all our member, we will decide on the next area to hunt," said Sophia.

What she said is right, currently, I dont think any member of my team has the ability to measure battle ability like me. So, it is quite difficult to accurately access unknown teammate's abilities just by their combat score and there even teamwork.

We should hunt in this moderate for two days at least before we get a clear idea about our teammate's abilities and developed very basic teamwork before we head into any dangerous area to hunt.

That is why I had hoped that my original team would not break, so we could not have to go through this knowing new teammates thing again.

"There is still some more than an hour before we reach the prairie, we should discuss our battle strategy," said Sophia and we again nodded and started to stage our abilities and the weapon we use.

I know what weapon Sophia and Reina use and also their abilities, I also had an idea about the weapons that Rachel use, she has the mastery over the Bow and Saber but what from what I have seen two years ago, she is more profiencet in the bow and only uses Saber when she can't use her bow.

The weapon used by Leo is quite interesting, he uses a sword but his sword is quite different than the other sword. It is very long and broad.

His sword is taller than him and also broad as Rachel's waist, it is in the true sense a heavy weapon similar to the Warhammer used by the Violet Apes.

These sorts of heavy weapons require the immense master to use it, as a simple flick of it could kill. Leo had shown the Totem Artifact he used and said that the Totem artifact he had created also similar to the sword he uses.

After the introduction of the abilities, we have decided on our battle strategy.

The four of us, Sophia, Raina, and Leo will attack from the front while Rachel who is archer will attack from rear with her and she will not interfere in the direct fight of the other's unless one needed.

As being the archer who was most proficient in gaining killing count, Rachel won't have to worry about not getting enough monsters to harvest the mana crystal.

"Black Gra.s.s prairie is not far," Raina said in her melodies voice as the layer's black started to appear in front of us as soon we stood in front of the black gra.s.s that is taller than us.

"Ready?" Sophia asked as saying we all are saying yes, Sophia took the step into the gra.s.sland in front of us and we followed behind while Rachel was few meters behind us with her bow in her hands.

We suddenly stop as Raina lifted her hand up, Raina had the sensory ability so she was given the position of the scout. The sensory ability provided by the killing Rule is stronger than Raina but I had not disclosed it.

As for the group of Grimm monsters ahead of use, I had discovered them half a minute earlier than the Raina.

"There are ten to fifteen monsters in front of us and seeing we have just entered the hunting ground, they should all be Elite Colonel stage," Raina said and without wasting any moment we run toward the monsters.

To be exact, there are 14 Grimm race monster's ahead of us and just like Raina had said they all are elite colonel stage and that is why we ran toward them without care as with our current ability Elite Colonel stage bear no risk, even if the had been double in numbers.