Monster Integration - Chapter 43 Leaving

Chapter 43 Leaving

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I lay on the ground without moving with my eyes open. Many of my bones were either cracked or broken, the only redeeming factor was that it was not very serious.

My body is healing at a very fast rate, in half an hour, all my injuries would nearly be healed given that I kept circulating the fourth move of supreme combat exercise.

I didn't stop circulating the exercise after killing all the bulls because I knew once I stopped, I wouldn't reach the fourth move again any time soon.

I somehow managed to sit up and drink the mana potion from my pocket. As during the battle I had used most of my mana and now I was running low.

After drinking the mana potion I stand up. I feel pain from every inch of my body as I move but this pain was nothing compared to the one from the exercise.

One thing I am going to do is to buy a healing potion, last time I didn't buy it because I needed money for something else. But this time I will make sure to buy it before coming outside for hunting again.

The bleedings had stopped but I still kept the bandages wrapped all over the wounds as the wounds would tear and bleed if I do anything that strains my body.

Sometimes, I wonder, if the creator of Supreme Combat Exercise intentionally made one feel immense pain at every circulation so that one can endure any other pain in the world.

Emptying useless thoughts, I start to walk towards the of the aqua bulls. These monsters sure gave me a lot of pain and broken bones but it's all worth it. The earning from selling three bulls make the pain seem a lot less.

I started to clean, preserve and pack all important parts of the aqua bulls. Not leaving one part behind, if it was any other region I would have to leave behind a body or two behind. h.e.l.l, if it was the same location as where I killed those rhinos, I would have left the bodies considering my current condition.

Luckily this place is near the outskirts of Austin Lake, it will take me only half an hour of traveling to reach the boundary needed to call the hovercar so I can take all the bodies.

Sure the half an hour with the weights of the corpses will put a lot of pressure on my already exhausted body but I have bear with it for the money.

Aqua bull's meat is one of the most demanded meats in the market. Its beef is very delicious, Ashlyn and I had a taste of it two days ago and we loved it.

My backpack stuffed to limit, its size was larger than me. I don't think I could lift it, it is a good thing that it had wheels. Somehow I have to manage with the wheels on the way back, I guess I will just have to use more force to pull the backpack.


To make the wheels of backpack roll on the uneven surface, I had to use all my energy to pull the luggage.

I hastened my pace watching the sun setting down. The dangerous monsters will begin to roam around at night moreover there is no pattern in danger level at night.

As I was walked, I remembered the conversation I had with my parents three days ago. When my mom called me five minutes after she received the delivery of food.

They knew after immediately after receiving it, that only I could send it to them as we don't have any other relatives. She admonished me for spending excessive money by sending them food. She only stopped when I told her that I got admitted into a good organization with a generous salary.

She told me to come home if I got left, I promised to come after the baby is born. While we were in the middle of the conversion, she began to cry saying how much she missed me. I also had tears in my eyes seeing her cry. This was my first time away from home and I also missed them and our house immensely. Only after talking for another hour, mother cut the call before forcing me to promise her to call home every week.

Even after walking for more than twenty minutes, I didn't get a signal on my holowatch. Sighing I continued to pull my wheeled backpack as the sky darkened.


"Good job Ashlyn," I said, as she killed the lv.2 Private monster that came in our way. During normal times I would have killed the monster with one swing of my sword but now I purely concentrated on pulling my backpack.

We came across many low-level monsters on our way but Ashlyn finished them all with a single fireball.

Reviewing today's battle I came across a major flaw, the silver fire that both Ashlyn and I use lacks the power to harm specialist grade monsters. It only augments my sword attacks, increasing the force a little and Ashlyn's fire attacks just irritate them at most.

The only way we could make it lethal is to use skills (half skills) or training the flame. But I don't have enough money to buy half skills from the market so the only option left is to train our fire ability.

We both have to increase the concentration of the flames. Currently, all we do is just summon and mold the fire into a ball for attacking. But that's what novices do.

Saying that we need to condense our flames is easy but applying it is a whole another level.

To condense a palm-sized Flamel to fist-sized or even a thumb size to increase its lethality require training of months to years. Additionally, just training is not enough, one has to have powerful psych and will to achieve results.

I kept pulling my backpack and Ashlyn kept killing the monsters as we progressed our way towards the exit of the forest.


A sound rang out of my holowatch as it received the signal, I immediately let go of the backpack and ordered a cab.

Five minutes later, a hovercar came flying across the horizon and I boarded into it while the robotic arm picked the bag.