Monster Integration - Chapter 439 Swirling Armor And Power Blast I

Chapter 439 Swirling Armor And Power Blast I

With my current ability, it is not possible for me to create the tiny threads, the thinnest thread I could make is that of infants pinky which could not be called thread but a rope.

Since I can't use them, I will try the small inspirations I got and also improve the mistakes which I felt when I used this move yesterday and one of them is compression of energy.

Soon the tiny swirls started to form on fire that is covering my hands and my feet. These swirls are very tiny just an adult thumbnail size and look very beautiful when they appear across my fire armor.

Making them is not simple and quite a control and focus needed as one tiny mistake and they would collapse, I started to make them one by soon they appeared on every part of my Fire Armor.

Sometime later, there are nearly a hundred swirls that have appeared on the fire armor, after they completly formed I covered each and every one of them with my mind power and started to spin them.

First, there was no change but as time pa.s.sed, the change started to appear, the fire Armor that has been covering me started to become compress and silvery colored started to become more refined and bright.

First, the fire that was making fire armor was little more than 2 inches thick with little consistency but as the swirls started to compress the fire armor, the fire's thickness come to 2 inches and getting compressed even more.

Seeing it is working, I increased the speed of swirl's, it started to compressed and more compressed. There was nothing but as time pa.s.sed, the swirls started to shake and seeing that I swiftly stabilized the shaking with mind power.

First, It worked but as the compressing got further, it became quite harder to stabilized them when suddenly, one swirl went out control and crashed into another before I could control it forcefully.


As I am busy with stabilizing one swirl, the other started loose control and before I know it, I lost control completly and in just a few seconds, all the swirls went out control and Fire Armor that was covering me went all puff.


Well, no one succeeds in their first attempt. I had never expected to succeed in the first attempt and I am even happy because with this move as it is worked as I had expected.

I had got inspiration about this move when I was watching the images in blood drop and thought the fire that was covering the monster is just an extremly compressed fire.

That was before I saw the fire threads but I can not create fire threads with my ability, so creating armor of compressed fire seemed like the next best thing.

This move is very amazing. If I am able to compress the fire to 1 inch then I wouldn't even need to use the last move to clear the third challenge of the Guild, I could easily clear it with compressed fire armor of mine.

Compressing fire to 1 inch may seem simple but it is very extremly difficult as it gives similar power to that of my last move but without its drawbacks.

My final move has a lot of drawbacks of which two are most troublesome, 1 st is that it used a lot of energy both my mana and Soul energy that is needed for it to control.

The second is that it had a cooldown period of 10 minuits because I would have used too much energy in the last movie that I won't able to summon the fire armor for at least ten minuits.

And the last move could also be performed through the compressed fire which it having more power than the last movie which I performed last time.

The last move could only be used as the trump card as it makes one quite useless for ten minuits and ten minuits are more than enough to die hundreds of times over in a place like Grimm Battlefield.

The last moves are not suitable for a long battle, where there are lost of the opponent. So, the best bet would be the fire armor which could last hours if used efficiently.

Now I have to get control over the swirls and made them compress fire armor to the 1 inch, it will be extremly difficult to control so many swirls and make them compress the fire armor to the 1 inch but I am willing to work for hard for it.

My immediate goal is to compress the Fire Armor to the 1 inch and long term are below 0.1 inches, it will be extremly difficult as the more I compress the harder it will become but I am confident as long as I give enough time and trying, I will have hopes of doing that.

Taking a couple of deep breaths. I again covered my hands and legs with fire and soon the beautiful small swirls started to form all over the fire armor.

One by one they appear all over the fire Armor, swirling slowly. Seeing the swirls had been made, I cover each and every swirl with my fire and started to swirl them faster.

As they started to swirl faster, my armor started to became more compressed and soon it is compressed my fire armor to 1.5 inches and kept compressing but as I reached near the 1 inch, I started to feel more and more pressure and controlling the swirls started to became harder and harder.

Seeing it will be quite difficult swirling at such speed, I slowed down the speed of the swirls and moved forward.

That seemed to work for a while as the swirl quickly stabilize and slowly started to compress but after some time when it again begins to destabilized and collapsed soon after.

After the second failed attempt, I kept trying and trying and get failed again but that did not stop me from keeping trying.

Two hours pa.s.sed by such and I finally stopped, though, in these two hours, I had only able to successfully able to compress mana at 1 inch only three but it was enough.

Currently, if it was not possible for me to use 1 inch compressed fire armor in battle. First, it takes too much time and second I will not able to maintain it more than a few seconds.

So, I had decided to use 1.5-inch armor, which took me a minute to create and quite stable. So what I have to do is now is bring time to create compress armor to 1.5 inches from a minute to just a few seconds and work on its stability.

As currently I dont think I can maintain in the battle, so from today I should focus on cutting the time compress my fire Armor 1.5 thick and stabilizing enough that it will not puff even in the intense battle.

With that thought, I continue to practice with the fire with fire armor.

Time pa.s.sed by, the day pa.s.sed and the night came and it also pa.s.sed, the next day I also repeated what I did yesterday.

Tring Tring…

I had just come out of the Temperature Room when my holowatch started to ring and it was Sophia.

It is time she would call, I had been waiting for her call the whole day to know whether she was able to invite the two member's to join our team.