Monster Integration - Chapter 425 Advancing Leaps and bounds I

Chapter 425 Advancing Leaps and bounds I

Ashlyn drank away drop of blood from the bottle and that had horrified me as I clearly know the powerhouse that drop of blood came from is powerful beyond imagination.

Drinking the blood of such a powerful being is very dangerous, I still remeber how the monster core felt when the three fatty's had fed it to me.

It was just three small stages higher than me and only 10% of its energy was enough to blow me like a balloon but this drop of blood is from the powerhouse that is way stronger than the monster core of the master stage monster.

"Ashlyn spit it o" My words stopped in my mouth when Ashlyn turned into energy and went inside me.

I telepathically tried to contact her but no use as I had received no response from her, its like she had turned deaf to my ears. She is probably fallen into slumber

"Excuse me, can you help please?" I screamed loudly, asking that ethereal voice for help but I received no response from her, I asked again and again but there is no response from that etherial voice.

I asked for help but seeing there is no response, I started to curse that ethereal voice in the hope she will respond but I received no response from her.

I am not that worried about my life but Ashlyn's if to save her life I have to sacrifice my life then I am willing to go for it. She had been with me since the day she was born and after bonding, we have become even closer.

Why she had to be so gluttonous! If she could have just waited for a day, we would have found the details about it and a safe way to use it but no, she wanted to eat it here and now and like an idiot I let her have her wish.

If I had been a little strong and did not bow in front of her wish, she wouldn't be this predicament.

I kept screaming for help for some time and slumped against the wall seeing there is no response for the ethereal voice.

Ashlyn is still in the slumber, no matter how many I call her, I got no response now all I could do is wait and hope for the best.


Time pa.s.sed by, I stayed slumped in the darkness helpless to do anything when I sensed something happening inside my source.


I quickly closed my eyes and started to concentrate on my source and became quite shocked to see what is happening inside there. My source which is like the silver miniature sun has a tiny bit of oily berserk energy mixed into it; it is now turning even s.h.i.+nier and its aura also increasing.

I can see the shadow of Ashlyn's source in the bird form releasing silvery energy into my source, making it s.h.i.+nier as it kept doing that aura of my source kept increasing.

My ability is advancing! The source represents my mana and the ability I have and it becoming it brighter and rising in aura cleary means my ability is advancing.

I have become happy about it for a moment but soon that happiness drowned by the worry.

That drop of blood is no small matter, not only it came from a very powerful powerhouse but it also contains a very tiny amount of rule power, it is barely discernible but it still presents in that blood drop.

I had sensed fluctuation of that rule of power for a brief moment but I know that ruling power is way above mine, if I am not wrong then this Rule power should be at the intermediate Grade.

Intermediate Grade Rule power is very powerful, I have seen its fearfulness in the memories of the white ax. I am very sure that only a fraction of that Intermediate Grade Rule power had remained in that blood drop otherwise I would have directly reached the heaving without buying the ticket.

Currently ticked to heaven is my hand and if I am able to board it or not will wholly depend on the Ashlyn who is now fallen completly unconscious.

I kept observing my source which is getting brighter and brighter and its aura more fearful over the time and by my estimation, my fire ability had already become twice as strong as before and it is still advancing at a visible rate.


I observed my source for a while before deciding to check Ashlynn's source and that is where I got my biggest shock.

The Blood Drop which Ashlyn ate earlier is now silently floating above Ashlyn's source and a blood-red line is extended from it which connected to the source of Ashlyn.

Through this line, Ashlyn's source seemed to be sucking the insane amount of energy from it and as it continues sucking the energy, Ashlyn's source is becoming stronger and stronger.

As I continue to observe it, I noticed one problem that the blood drop is containing immense energy and the amount of energy Ashlyn's source is taking from it is a way too immense.

Taking this much amount of energy, Ashlynn's source would have exploded within seconds but it is continuing just fine without any problem but the thing confusing me is the amount of energy.

The amount of energy that blood drop is releasing is too much, even if the ability is advancing, it shouldn't take this much energy even 0.001 would be enough for it keeps advancing, so where is the rest of 99.99% energy than Ashlynn's source is taking is going.

The more I think about it, the surer I became that the energy is going somewhere but I can't seem to find it where no matter how much I try.

Seeing there is no mulling over it as I am not going to find the answer, I focused my concentration somewhere and that is the blood drop.

The blood drop is releasing the same amount of aura earlier but in this s.p.a.ce, it is barely affecting me and seeing that I started to study it to quench my curiosity.

The blood drop is like the sun that had infinite energy, no matter how much energy Ashlynn's source is taking there isn't much change on it.

As I continue to observe it, I became surer that this blood is from a very powerful monster, my earlier conjecture was based on the color the blood but this I made this conjecture sensing the aura from the Blood Drop, it had the same flavor of bloodthirstiness that monsters have but this bloodthirstiness is very controlled very unlike the dumb monster's I used to fight.

As I was observing the blood drop of monster, I got a very good look at the very faint rule power that this blood drop contains and if I am not wrong then this rule is Rule of fire and not the normal Grade 3 Fire rule but its variation, a Grade 2 fire Rule.

I want to comprehend it if I successful comprehending even a tiny bit of it then this fire Rule will help me advance my Sunfire rule which is not very far from reaching the Mid Level of the Basic stage.