Monster Integration - Chapter 421 First Tes

Chapter 421 First Tes

I have never felt this kind of sensation before, what I am feeling now is a very tiny bit of terrifying suppression over me but it had completly immobilize me, so much that I wasn't even able to move my finger.

I feel like I am not even ant compare to the being that is this suppression is coming from, this is the suppression high stage powerhouse on a low level but the suppression of life order.

The being that this suppression originated from is at a high order of life. if she had been a human she is not anymore as she has transcended from humans, she is a higher level being now.

The level of that being is so high that even tiny suppression from it left me in this condition if she were in front of then I wouldn't be just immobile, I would have fallen unconscious directly at best and dead at worst.

The suppression I am feeling is a very tiny bit but this suppression is increasing with time, though the speed of increase is barely noticeable, it is still increasing never the less.

I am unable to move my body in my current condition, I wonder what will happen if this suppression kept increasing.

Seeing the suppression increasing, I tried to move my body a little bit, even a little bit is fine, I have to quickly get used to this suppression, only getting used to will I able to resist it for a longer period of time.

With that thought, I actively concentrated on the suppression. In normal times it would be suicidal, like jumping in the fire but for my current condition, this is the best option.

Only after facing this suppression head-on will I able be able to get used to it and endure it for a longer period of time otherwise it wouldn't be long before I became so suppress that I would faint on the spot.


As my will touched the source where suppression is releasing, I froze on the spot, not only my body had frozen but also my thoughts. My thoughts which were fast as an arrow, have now become slow as a snail.

I am taking ten times more time to form the simple thought than I usually do and this feeling is so torturous that I just want to let go of my concentration and endure without actively seeking it.

I have never felt this kind of feeling before, it's like someone had bound me with chains and kept loose enough that I could only take a tiny step at the time and to take that step and I have to put a lot of effort and this feeling is not physical but mental and that made it even more painful.

For someone who had never experienced this kind of feeling ever before, it is very torturous.

It would have been fine if this sensation suppresses me only physically, which I would have easily able to endure as I did earlier but when this suppression suppress me to this degree that my thoughts slow down, it felt torturous.

And this torturous feeling I am getting is not from the suppression I am feeling, though the suppression is the reason for freezing my thoughts, the main reason I am feeling torturous because this feeling of mental binding is foreign to me, which is making me uncomfortable and this uncomfortableness I have felt before is torturous.

It took me quite while to tap down the uncomfortableness I am feeling and completely focus on the suppressive sensation, it had grown stronger in the time I was busy dealing with the uncomfortable feeling and now it had grown stronger, my thoughts became even slower and my body which had already been immobile had become stage that not even tiny twitching movement could be made.

Seeing I will have to do something soon before my thoughts are completly freeze-up, I again put my concentration on the suppressive feeling and started to visualize memories.

Normally only slight though needed remeber the memory in mind but now I have to concentrate to remember the and it is taking quite an effort doing that.

My main objective is to keep my mind going and what could best way that remembering old memories, there are a couple of other things I could do as well.

like perform math or think about difficult problems, that would have made my mind worked harder than just simple remembering memories but I think memories are the best option and that is why I kept remembering them.

Time pa.s.sed by and it became harder and harder to play memories in my mind but I still continue to play the memories in my mind.

The memories I first played in my mind were just a pleasant one, like peaceful moments with the family and friends but as the suppression increased, I started to remeber important memories that brought out emotions in me.

Like the memories that give joy, sadness, and other emotions but soon these memories weren't enough to stop the freezing of my mind, so I started remembering life-changing memories, the memories where my life had completly changed.

Like the monster horde that attacked my town when I was eleven and killed my friend or when the three fatty's had fed me the monster or the birth of my sister.

These are all memories that had changed the course of my life, one way or another and made me who I am today, with these memories playing in my mind, I felt a lot batter as second ago I was barely able to think any things.

The pressure of suppression lessen a little and my thoughts regained little of their former speed but it lasted for a few minuits before suppression came back stronger than ever.

Even remembering the memories had become a very very strenuous task that I had nearly reached my limit and could snap any moment but despite that, I continue replying to the memory.

The memory I am remembering is that of the birth of my sister, it is clear as the day in mind as it happened just yesterday.

I still remember that when I first time saw the face of my sister, I thought she is the world's most beautiful girl in the world, I started to love her the moment my eyes fell on her and swore that I will always protect her and for that, I have to become stronger, strong enough to thwart any danger that came in her way.

With that thought, I let the suppression wash over me. In such powerful suppression, I lost the ability to think and now holding on to a single thought in the immense suppressions through the sheer will.

There is only one though remain in my mind and that is to hold on, hold on as long as possible as only then will I able to get the greatest reward.

Times pa.s.sed by as I kept enduring the suppression through my sheer will but finally, the moment comes when I couldn't hold off anymore as the last spark of my will started doused off from the raging wind of suppression.

The final moment! I thought as I kept holding on that dousing spark of Will when suddenly the spark of will that had nearly doused off burned with resplendent brightness that it had cleared away all the suppression I was feeling and my thoughts have become so clear that I felt like, if I wanted to I could remember every single memory of my life or solve the hardest problem that puzzled me but before I could do any of that I fainted.