Monster Integration - Chapter 416 Tetrad Centipedman Tribe II

Chapter 416 Tetrad Centipedman Tribe II

As I was fighting the two Centipedemen, I saw a faint light from the corner of my eyes, it hadn't been five minuits since the fight had started but my teammates had already started summoning their Totem artifact.

Well, I can't say anything about that as if I had a totem artifact, I would have also summoned it to use against these Centipedemen as these f.u.c.king monsters are too difficult to deal with it.

With their Omni vision and four hands, it is very very difficult to penetrate their defense as it was easily stopped by one of their four hands.

Still, we have to give our all as getting defeated and running away isn't an option for us if we want to continue this treasure hunt.

Clank Clank…..

My sword's speed is very fast that one could barely discern with the eyes but whenever it tried to penetrate in the range of my opponent, it was stopped by one of the hands of the Grimm race monster.

They aren't able to injure me but I wasn't able to injure them also, it feels very frustrating, it would have been fine if these two monsters had been little stronger and had given me few injuries, in that way, I would have been stimulated enough to circulate Supreme Combat Exercise with all my efforts.

When I tried to circulate the exercise, I wasn't able to move forward in it as the battle is not giving me pressure enough, in this battle I have only felt little pressure in the first minute but after that, there is no pressure.

It is wrong for me to say there is no pressure on me, its just there no pressure on me saying 'You finished me off first or I'll finish you'.

Since there is no Supreme Combat Exercise, there is no sudden increse in the strength to defeat these two Centipedemen, I will have to rely on patience and strategy.

I really regret it only studying one Mid-level Knight stage Skill with all the time I have, I have only learned only one Mid Level Knight Stage skill till now and that is my Strethning Skill Giant's strength.

If I had studied more of them, I would have used them in this battle, it would have really helped me finish this fight early.

Normally Mid-level Knight stage skill could only be used after one level up to the Master stage but there is an exception to that rule, which is that if one has mana pure enough and it is powerful (Trans.m.u.ted) then they could use Peak level of the Sergeant stage.

As for using Mid Knight grade skill at Mid Level of the Sergeant stage, it is possible but condition applies are very strict but I managed to satisfy all that but problem is that I haven't studied any Mid Level Knigh Skill skill except one.

The Mid-level Knight Grade skills are a lot more complicated than the low-level Knight grade skill and need the study of one whole week before one can use them in battle.

It had been five days since I had leveled up to the Mid-level of the Sergeant stage and since then I had been studying the various skills whenever I have time.

I want to master all the mid-level Knight Grade skills I have before fighting the 3rd challenge.

It will be difficult but I have confidence in myself that I will able to do it way before that.


Yes! I said in my mind, though my blow was countered by the Centipendman, it was still celebrating that it was countered by his second sword.

After fighting these two centipedmen for ten minuits, I have observed the way they respond and which hand of four they used first and how they used it.

If I attacked it, it will first counter it with upper Righ hand of his, if it upper right hand missed my sword then it will use upper left hand as for which hand is used after his upper left hand missed I don't know as I wasn't able to go past its 2nd hand.

So my strategy is pa.s.sed by the counter of four of its limbs defense attack its body and for that, I have been trying different sword moves when attacking these two centipedmen.

Winning the battle is not only depend on power, but it also depends on one's strategy, and experience.

I have always used these three elements when I fight and mostly I depend on the power but in this fight, I am using all three elements equally.

In these twenty minuits of the fight, I have never used so many types of moves that I have never used in these ten days and this fight also made me realize that I have to learn new sword moves.

Though the sword moves did not provide direct power like skill's and method, they do provide the creativity one needs while fighting, especially such battle where strenth of fighters are equal.

The first thing I am going to do is take the sword as it had been the year since I learned something new in the sword, I thought.

Since learning the basic's I thought I do not need to learn them anymore as one can invent new moves for themselves if one's base is strong but this fight taught me how wrong I was and how desperately I need to learn the new sword moves.

Clank Clank Clank Clank!

With every minute, I am getting better and better and now I don't even have to take a step back to manage the impact of our attacks, I can just dissolve by moving my sword and body certain way.

While I was fighting, I am also taking look at other fights who are my vison which is Ben and Ritchie and they are not doing much better than me, especially ben who had summoned his totem artifact.

As for Ritchie, he didnt summoned it but I am confident that he will soon.

Clank Clank Clank!

I finally able to make it use its third limp for the defense and I am surprised to find which limb it's uses after two failed the defense.

It is bottom left, I thought he will use bottom right but he used bottom left, this is a pattern of one Centipedemam, I have to find another as it used different limbs when I breached its two defenses.

It will take some time to identify the complete battle pattern of the two Cetepedemen but when I will do that, I will be able to finish the fight quickly.

As I kept fighting, the two monsters have become quite vigilant seeing how easily I have been able to avoid their two swords and because of that both of the monsters have upped their offense.

They now attacking me crazily, trying to give me fewer chances to attack them but that is simply ridiculous on their part as they upped their offense, I was more easily able to penetrate in their defense and seeing that, they stopped offensive altogether and started to focus on the defense.

If this Grimm race monster had just two eyes, it would have been quite easy to attack it and by this time, I would have easily launched ten some attacks on its body and even able to kill one of these Centepedmen.

As I was fighting, I sensed two more faint lights flashed by my eyes.

So I couldn't take anymore, I thought after seeing both Ritchie and Emma summoning their totem artifacts in a few minuits difference.