Monster Integration - Chapter 397 Black Red Poison Training II

Chapter 397 Black Red Poison Training II

Currently, the Berserk energy is eating is from the Monster stage monster core, In the past it was enough for mutation as it was able to grow till 2% because of it but now it isn't enough for mutation to grow, now it needs something more, a little more powerful than Berserk energy provided by the Master stage Core.

Its not like I've not thought of this problem in the past few days, I've thought that but I was powerless to do anything until I created five seals today.

Till today I had been using Master stage monster core berserk energy because my body can't handle Liutenent stage monster core berserk energy.

I've had eaten an extremely small piece of Lieutenant stage monster core two days ago and it had injured me quite a bit as the berserk energy inside it quite intense.

Due to weak body, I wasn't able to handle the berserk energy of the Lieutenant stage but it won't be a problem from as with five seals of supreme combat exercise my body had become sufficiently strong enough to handle the berserk energy inside Lieutenant stage monster core.

I wanted to eat lieutenant stage monster core today bit there was master stage core inside me and I was able to spend it fully by the end of the day and that is why I am going to eat the Lieutenant stage monster core from tomorrow.

I hope that the lieutenant stage monster core energy would satisfy the Miracle Fruit energy as with only 2% mutation, its eating speed increased by 20% of its original speed, which is a huge increse.

If its mutation could reach 10% then eating speed would increse by 100% which is double that of the original speed.

I kept performing poses of Body Cleansing Technique while trying to advance my Supreme Combat exercise.

As I was performing the 21st pose of body cleansing Exercise, I Found some strange energy in inside my body but its amount is very low but when I 22nd pose its amount increased and I guessed what it is and it shocked and scared me same time but I did anything hastily and kept performing the poses of Body Cleansing Exercise.

At 24th it again comes out in large amount and I got a very clear look at it and able to confirm it is the same thing that I've guessed and about to stop performing the exercise in fear what it could do when I saw something which shocked me even more.

The Energy is Black Red Poison of Black Viper Venom and the more shocking thing is that miracle fruit energy is swallowing it and in just a few minuits time, it completely finished eating black red energy.

Not only that, its nutritional value to miracle fruit energy seems at least six times greater than the berserk energy of the Master stage monster core and that is why just eating a moderate amount of, it size miracle increased quite a bit that it is even comparable to three days practice of Body Clean Technique.

That is why it shocked me very much if I had such amount of Black Red energy daily then I would just need three to four days maximum to level up, even less if the amount of the energy is more.

Seeing how the Black Red Poison Energy of the Black Viper Snakeman has become a favorite food of my miracle food energy and it might help made rapid breakthroughs, my brain started to work at superfast speed.

I need this poison energy of Black Viper Snake and I could buy it with price but the question is how do I use this energy effectively so I didnt accidentally poison myself.

I started think about it speedily and soon a nascent idea had formed in my mind, I will need to buy few things but if it got successful then my level up speed will really increse that I might even able to level up to the Peak of Sergeant stage within a month, It would be really amazing if I able to do that.


I fell on the floor with the thud as I completely lost energy to continue anymore.

I powerless lay on the ground while thinking more Ideas about utilizing poison of the Black Viper Snakenman, I already had an idea but its not safe and there is not only a huge risk but I will have to rent a special room for that and that would be too time-consuming.

I need to find another good idea, I think and think and suddenly an add come to my mind, I daily see its projection on the way to the city gates.

This idea may work, not only it safer than my other idea, for it I will not have to take a step out of my apartment the only problem is that it will be a little expensive but I don't care much about that.

The Mana crystal which I am harvesting every day isn't for saving but use it on my practice, so I will use it on my practice.

Now, I just have to research it a little and if it is feasible which I think it is then I will start practicing with that method tomorrow.

I lay on the ground for a while and when a little movement returned to my body, I crawled toward the shower and enjoyed the touch of warm water on my skin.

After drying the water off and wearing clothes I lay on the bed and started furiously typing on my holowatch despite feeling sleepy.

I continued for ten more minuits and then a big smile blossomed on my face, after making a few searches I found that my idea is completely viable, though it will be dangerous as I am playing with poison but as long as I am careful, I will be safe and benefit from it so greatly that I might even be able to level to peak of the Sergeant Stage end of the week.