Monster Integration - Chapter 342 In The Bar I

Chapter 342 In The Bar I

The last is the S Cla.s.s Guilds, they are on a completely different level compared to the other three of Guilds.

If there were a comparison then other of Guilds are normal evolvers then S Cla.s.s Guilds are Super Elites, each member of S Cla.s.s guilds are force itself, they are killing machine when they are hunting.

Due to them being so exceptional, these guilds have fewest members compared to other guilds and also have the fewest number of themselves.

In the fort Cavendish, there are only five S Cla.s.s Guilds in Fort Cavendish and that Guild Silver b.u.t.terfly also is the S Cla.s.s guild.

It will be impossible for me to join b.u.t.terfly no matter how much I try, not only me, but other men in the Fort Cavendish also could not join the Silver b.u.t.terfly as it only accepts the female members.

Soon my hovercar stopped in front of the huge concrete square building. I got out of the car and walked into the apartment building.

As I got into the lobby, I found it became little silent all of a sudden and I became the object of many gazes. Some were of wonder and confusion while others were surprise and jealousy.

I could understand their emotions, if I were at their place, I would likely feel the same as them.

All the people here looked twenty-five years and above and have the power of Captain stage at minimum, with them seeing an eighteen-year boy with Sergeant stage power is ra are sight.

Ignoring their gazes, I board the elevator for my apartment. Soon the elevator reached the 22 nd floor and I walked out it.

Finding my apartment, I opened its door through my holowatch. The apartment is exactly the same as the pictures I have seen.

It has one hall, one-bedroom, and a kitchen and has all the basic necessities that one will need, it is quite good for the single person to live.

The only flaw of this apartment is that this apartment is not on the prime spot, is a little away from the important areas of Fort Cavendish.

The best are in the Fort Cavendish is near the Fort Cavendish which was the Giant Fort which I've seen from the above, from which this outpost is named.

The area near fort cavendish is the prime location of this outpost but the prices of the apartment there is insanely expensive, they are so expensive that I can't even afford a s...o...b..x-size apartment near that area.

The next most expensive locations are near Famous Guilds and Adventurers Paradise building that found all over this outpost.

Still, this apartment is not bad to live inside it for a month and If I am lucky this month then I will have enough merit points that I will be able to move to the better place next month.

I have a rough idea of what I have done reading the doc.u.ment that Fort Cavendish has provided but I still won't hear the conversation and ask around, so I will not make any mistakes that rookies do when they arrive at a new place like this.

The apartment feels cold and empty as long as it did not have your personal things, without wasting any time, I started to take out my things to put it in the apartment.

I put my clothes in the wardrobe, I also place Ashlyn favorite chair on the balcony in which she like rest and many other things.

Two hours later, the cold and detached apartment became warm and cozy.

After changing into clothes that suit this cities style, I hang the sword to my waist and walked out of my apartment.

This time I also received numerous gazes but like last time, I did not mind them and walk out of my apartment building.

In a place like Fort Cavendish or any other place, if you want to meet new people and want to know about current affairs then Bar's is the best place.

Adventure Paradise also does that job but they are not good as Bar's and I already walking toward one of the good bars in my area.

The only problem is that there are two hours till evening, the bars would not be full at this time, if I had come two hours later I would have found jammed packed bar without a question but I was too excited to go out that I didn't want to wait for two hours to go out.

After walking for half an hour while receiving numerous gazes on the way, I had arrived at one of the most famous bars in my area and when I opened the door, I come across a nearly-full bar that there are barely any seats are left.

This bar is s tavern-style bar which seemed to be a popular style of bars when I was searching for the right bar earlier, I found most of them are in tavern style.

I sat on the empty table which was for three people and ordered two drinks, one for me and another for Ashlyn.

Thank G.o.d, there was low alcohol content drink in the bar otherwise I would have had to order a normal drink which would have made angrier at me.

"Aww, what a cute little birdy."

I had just taken a sip out of my drink and started to listen to a conversation about me when I heard the voice and the next second I found fair white hand petting Ashlyn lovingly.

Ashlyn did not even react to seeing someone petting her, she has gotten used to people petting her. Whenever we go out, someone always comes wanting to pet Ashlyn, most of the time these people are little gills who got fascinated by Ashlyn s.h.i.+ny silver fur and her cute chubby little size but sometimes adults also pet her like this girl in front of me.

I was surprised when I looked at the girl in front of me as I did not expect to find the girl the same age as me in this bar.

Although there are many people of my age came to Fort Cavendish with me but fort cavendish is quite big and I did not expect to run across each other.

"Can we sit here?" I heard another voice, only to see a handsome boy about the same age as me in front of me, standing beside the girl who is still busy petting unresponsive Ashlyn.

I nodded and both of them sat opposite of me.

"You have such pretty monster, I wish my Celina was this pretty and cuddly." said the girl with slight sadness as she looked Ashlyn lodging.

"Are you one of the people that came from Castellan today?" asked handsome boy a question, I was surprised by his question as I was under the impression that they also came from republic seeing how both of them are the same age as me and are at Peak Master stage, as only those who comprehended the Rule could come to Grimm battlefield if they are below captain stage.

"Are you not from the republic?" I asked in surprise, "No, we are not. We were just lucky to comprehend Rule power by chance and came here." he said casually which shocked me really.