Monster Integration - Chapter 336 Time Before Leaving

Chapter 336 Time Before Leaving

"Micheal!" I heard a soft scream and the next moment I felt soft arms around me which picked me before I could completely fell on the floor.

I know by the feeling of arms that it is my mother that is holding my smelly body, not only there was my father present in the lab but my mother is present also.

I gave a tired smile to my mother which I barely able to form on my face and concentrated on my body which is going through the process of level up.

It was a good thing, I had already eaten a small monster core to provide me enough energy to complete my breakthrough to the Sergeant stage.

Currently, I am refining Berserk Energy of monster core through my Refining Engine to provide for the breakthrough.

The level up shouldn't take long, In ten to twenty minutes, I will be at the Initial stage of Sergeant Stage.

My mother had gently placed on the floor and waited silently for my breakthrough to be finished.

Normally I wasn't able to make any movement for at least half an hour after I performed body cleansing technique but today is special, as I am leveling up and in just a few minutes, I can make a small movement.

I am confident that by the time I am finished leveling up, I will be able to walk normally.

This will only happen today became I am leveling up, I know that when tomorrow If I were to perform 13 th pose, I will still be lying on the floor like a dead dog for at least half an hour like always.

Finally, fifteen minutes later, I completely leveled up to the Initial level of Sergeant stage.

"I am going to take a shower," I said as I stood up from the walk toward the shower that is built in the lap.

After removing all the small devices that sticking to my body and the clothes I am wearing, I let the warm water cascade over me.

The feeling of Being at the Sergeant stage is clearly different that of the Corporal stage, I not only got a boost in Mana but my physique also improved but there is not much change in my strength.

Since I've comprehended the Rule power, my strength had experienced the huge boot, so with me being level up to Sergeant stage did not boost my overall strength but it did give me a boost on the core level.

With me being at Sergeant stage my instant got sharper, I could react faster than before and it is very helpful in combat.

Even if I have all the power of Rule but didn't have instincts to match then having all that Rule power is useless.

After feeling clean and odor-free, I got out of the shower and wore the clothes that I had already placed before.

"Did you get them all the data you needed?" I asked my father as I came out of the shower, "Yes, It is even better than I expected." said my father with a slight t smile before looking back at his screen.

" Mommy is so proud of her baby." I heard and next moment my mother's arms enveloped me tightly.

She didn't let go for quite a while, when she finally let go I noticed there were tears in her eyes.

Ever since I grew up, I rarely get such hug's from my mother, the last time I got such a hug when I was leaving for westblood first time, thinking about that memory tears had started form in my eyes.

I did not stay in the lab any longer, It will take my father some time to a.n.a.lyze all the data he got today.

If I have any questions, they will be answered tomorrow.

After getting out of the lab, I directly walk toward my room.

It is the first time in two years as Ashlyn had not been sleeping in the same room as me.

Even before we had bonded, Ashlyn had been sleeping in my room but since I came back this time, she had been sleeping with Alice for some baffling reason.

I fell asleep soon after I laid on my bed when I woke up it is early morning.

After freshening up and taking a shower, I walk toward the kitchen which was empty as usual.

Without waiting, I started to make preparations for the breakfast, it should be ready by the time my parents would wake up.

"It smells good as always." I heard my mother's voice as I was making finis.h.i.+ng touches with breakfast.

When I look back, I found my mother walking in the kitchen. After looking at what I am making, she took a seat in a dining table.

Ten minutes later my father also walked into the kitchen and looking at his still tired face, I can tell that he had slept.

I served breakfast on the table and started to eat with them.

"How was the data?" I asked, hoping my father found something interesting.

"It was very good, that Body Cleansing Technique is really amazing, whoever invented that technique must be absolute genius." Praised my father.

"It burn mana at every pose you perform, it made a body like a furnace which can smelt anything." he continued.

"Its main function is smelting every cell of the body, making it devoid of any impurities, first I was baffled by what you had told me but with data I have collected it seemed true, as long as you performed all of its moves, you will get body devoid of impurities."

"I can't imagine the uses that body will have." my father said as his voice is full of Awe.

Well, this technique has to be amazing otherwise it wouldn't be used by those of Supreme Level organization.

As for performing all the moves of Body Cleansing Technique that easier said than done, from the memories I've experienced from that ax, I know how hard it is to perform the latter moves of technique, even the owner of that Axe who was an absolute genius was only able to perform the eight moves of Technique only.

"Is there any chance that any Energy of Miracle fruit remains in my body?" I asked the most important question.

Due to Ashlyn being a low strain monster, it had become very very hard for me to level up in a normal way, it might even take me years to level up a single level if I didn't come across any special chances.

But how hard it is to come across special chances like the Awakening ground and Miracle fruit, I am not that hopeful to believe that Ashlyn would help me find few Miracle fruits that help me level up every year, even if I adventure across all the s.p.a.ce realm.

So, my best bet would on Energy of Miracle fruit, even if there is speck remain in my body, I am confident enough to make it big enough that it could help me level up but I felt that I had spent all the energy yesterday while leveling up, asking this question to my father is just giving false hope to myself.

My father stayed silent for a while before answering my question.

"From the data I have received from your body, I can tell with confirmation that there is a very small amount of Miracle fruits energy left in your body," he said, hearing that a full-blown smile appeared on my face.

I felt like the divine grace of G.o.d had fallen on the body but the next sentence that came out of my father's mouth like a bucket of Ice water that fell on me to wake me up from the beautiful dream.

"But that energy had been hiding deep within your body, to make it come out you will at least have to 17 th pose of Body Cleansing Exercise at minimum." said my father, it really felt like a bucket of cold water that used to drowse a beautiful dream.

I will have to perform 17 th pose minimum just to make that energy of Miracle fruit to come out as for help it guzzles other energies, I still have to work hard very much.

Still, I did not feel sad hearing his words, instead felt hopeful, normally it would have taken me years to level up a single level but with this chance, it can be done in months, the only condition is that I have to work extremely hard.

Well, It's fortunate because the only thing I never fear is working hard, as long as I worked hard and preserved, my leveling up speed shouldn't be less than my friends.

After that my father told me many things he found in yesterday's data he got from me, some things were surprising and interesting while others were utterly boring.

Time pa.s.sed by and a few days later, I left for westblood with teary eyes goodbye.

First thing I did after returning to westblood is register for the Grimm Battlefield, I will be leaving with the batch of people from westblood in two and a half months later.

While I was in westblood, I found that Jim also going to the Grimm battlefield which utterly surprised me.

If it were his girlfriend or any other people, I would not have been surprised but Jim told me he was going to Grimm battlefield, I was very surprised.

Jim is an Alchemist who barely has an interest in fighting and the Grimm Battlefield is all about the fighting.

He said he had his reason and hearing that I didn't ask further.

Time flows like a river and before I know it the day of my leaving came closer, tomorrow I will be leaving for Grimm Battlefield through the airs.h.i.+p.