Monster Integration - Chapter 320 Rule Of Strenth II

Chapter 320 Rule Of Strenth II

He casually took out Warhammer from his storage, the Warhammer looked like it was made of black stone and would be quite heavy.

He simply swung his Warhammer at me, without using a skill or his ability.

Seeing the hammer coming toward and feeling it's oppressive feeling, I quickly added more power of Sunfire making it to 25%.


His Warhammer clashed across my s.h.i.+eld making huge sound, not only it made sound, the wave of force released from the clash made two of his minions take steps back.

The blow of his Warhammer may seem casual but it was filled with heavy power of Rule of Strength.

Even the leader is genuinely surprised seeing his blow was not able to attack.

I slowly deactivate my s.h.i.+eld and take out the sword off my waste, the new sword is Lieutenant grade Totem artifact. It looked quite pretty with its combination of black and silver.

"I really wanted to test the power of Rule against another who comprehended the 2 nd level Rule." He said as he activated several of his skill.

I wanted to say the same thing, fighting against those who had comprehended the level 3 Rule is no fun now, the only ones who could give me the challenge is those who had comprehended Level 2 Rule.

I also activated my strength and speed type skills at their peak, not only that I also increased the power of Rule, so that I won't get caught offhand seeing the opponent is Lieutenant stage evolver.

He came at me with his attack, this time he had definitely activated his attack type skill and it not a low-level skill but mid-level skills.

His Warhammer came toward me swiftly leaving behind sparks of the blue energy, just as he launched his attack, my sword also swung toward him.

Both of our attacks had merged with the power of Rule, it would be quite interesting to see how they react with each other.


As our swords clashed, both powers of Rule on weapons had gone against each other.

The Rule of Strength with heavy oppressive feeling came toward my sword to crush me but just as it touched my sword, it collides against the heavy searing feeling.

The oppressiveness of Rule of Strength instantly diminished and it started to burn, in less than a second all the Rule of Strength that came touched my sword burned into nothing, it didn't get the chance to reach halfway into my sword much less into my body.

As his rule of power diminished, the leader instantly took a jumped back with heavy surprise on his face.

"Sunfire?" leader asked but all I did smile to his question, earlier he must have thought the Rule power I have comprehended is a high-level variation of fire, not the Sunfire.

Comprehending peak Level 2 is very hard and very few people could do it in the central continent and it is especially hard in places like awakening ground where there is barely any Rule of power left in Rule of Object of peak Level 2 Rule.

The leader did not back down after guessing I had comprehended peak Level 2 Rule instead Rule of Strength in his body become more oppressive.

"Very good, you are the opponent who could make me use all the Power of Rule!" he said as came at me with more oppressive feeling, obviously he had increased his power of Rule by a lot.

Seeing such fighting intent in my opponent, I couldn't help but pumped up as I also want to know how is my fighting ability against him, it will help me accurately judge the other opponents who have level 2 Rule power.


Our weapons clashed again and this time, the result was much different than the last time but this time the leader didn't jump back, instead, he increased the power of Rule again and launched another attack.

Clang Clang Clang Clang......

Our weapons clashed tens of time at every time, the power of the rule increased by the notch.

He had tried many times to increase his Rule of power to crush me but whenever his power of Rule touched my sword, it would get evaporated.

His strength rules not even able to gain even inch of advantage over me no matter how many times he tried.

Through our battle, I have sensed that his comprehension has also reached Low level of the Basic stage, about the same as my comprehension on the Rule of Killing but I am not fighting with him with Rule of Killing instead with Rule of Sunfire which's comprehension is way ahead of the Rule of Killing.


With the clash of weapons, we both took a step back to catch a breath, within this few minutes we had exchanged hundreds of blows that made us a little tired.

Through this fighting, I guessed that my opponent had reached near his limit and using 95% power of his Strength of Rule while I had barely used 40% of it.

Despite using nearly all of his Rule power, I still think he has yet to use his trump cards.

As I thought this, I sensed high magic fluctuation from him as light blue layer had covered his whole body.

I am a little surprised to see this as he had clearly activated very good strength type skill and even manage to add some Rule of Strength in it.

He is quite talented, normal people would need at least a month to be able to do that but he was able to do it in just a few days.

The only other explanation for this that he may be in the first batch of people who had entered the Awakening ground and comprehend the Rule, which gave him ample time of about two weeks to practice the Rule with the skill.

"This is my most powerful move, let's see if you are able to counter it!" said the bandit leader cam at me.

This time, I felt a threatening feeling from him, not wanting to take any risks, I upped my Rule power to 50% directly.

Coming close to me, he swung his Warhammer with all the strength he has, I could even see his muscle bulging when he launched this strike.

I didn't back down either, except for only 50% of my rule power, I have used every bit of power my skills offered.


Our weapons clashed and the loud bang sounded, it was so loud that it left my ears buzzing.

'Puh! Puh! Puh!'

unlike earlier times, this time I will my Rule power to transfer toward his Warhammer, the searing force of Sunfire traveled to his Warhammer and burned whatever comes in its ways and finally enters the leader body which made him puke b.l.o.o.d.y fog instantly.

Not only that, the searing power of Sunfire weaken him so much that he had kneeled to the ground.

He has injured quite badly but its nothing that healing potions can't heal.

As for the power of Sunfire in his body, I can feel his rule of Strength fighting it furiously and would whittle it away in a few seconds.

"Boss! Boss!"

His two minions instantly came to his rescue and quickly fed him the potion bottle and within a minute, the bandit leader became free of any injury.

"Now, can we talk about the stuff that you are going to take from me?" I asked smilingly to three of them.