Monster Integration - Chapter 318 Counting

Chapter 318 Counting

After taking a long shower to fee refresh, I started making dinner for us.

Ashlyn and I ate dinner in silence, normally we talked a little more as I talk and she chirps but today is one of those silent days where we both have didn't much to talk about.

After finis.h.i.+ng dinner Ashlyn laid on her stomach to digest food while I started to empty my storage excitedly.

I in a whole day, I had come across many robbers and many of robbed back each and every one of them, not to forget the ones I had killed.

All these storages spread in front of me, there is thirty-two storage and it also has the storage I got from killing fatty.

In front of me is thirty storages and I am confident not only these storages of having a lot of stuff inside them, but I also think there are many storages inside these storages as these are all from the bandits.

First thing I did is expand my tent to its full size, I don't think the medium size tent would be big enough to contain all the stuff that I will take out from the storages.


By the time I finished taking out all the stuff from the storages, There Is barely any s.p.a.ce left in my tent.

There would have been many times more stuff if not me packing that stuff in the knight grade storages, all that is lying in front of me is important stuff from each category.

Before I started opening storages, I thought maximum stuff I would get from this storage would feel my tent but I was so wrong.

As I had expected, inside the storages there were more storages. I got a total ninety-seven storages in total and there are some high-grade storages in there also.

There are many types of stuff I got from the storages but most important of all are the Totem Artifacts.

There are Seventy Nine Totem Artifacts of different types, more than half of them are offensive stuff but there are defense type and shoe type artifact also present.

Aside from Totem Artifact, there are some knight grade artifacts, Potions, Totem making materials, foodstuff on which Ashlyn munching on.

With all this stuff, I have become crazy rich and will not have to worry about any stuff as whatever I wanted is here.

I started to view one by one then put them in different storage which I had already arranged.

First thing I checked is calming crystals, when I first took them out of storage, I did not believe what is real and even pinched my cheeks to what I am seeing is real or not.

Calming Crystals are crazy expensive and very very rare like miracle fruit whenever appeared in the market, it gets sold.

In the fair I Awakening ground, they are quite cheap but still were crazy expensive, one Calming crystal is sold for ten refined crystal which is 10 Billion credits.

As its names suggest, calming crystal's help in calming and focusing the mind, it may sound small but daily practicing in its presence yields many times more benefits than normal.

There are five crystals in total, which will be enough for me and my parents.

Few hours pa.s.sed by as I kept checking each and every stuff, I finally finished with all except for a pile of Totem Artifacts, I had left the best for last.

Each and every Totem artifact in front of me expensive and fortunately now I am able to identify the grade of Totem artifact.

To learn this reviewing, I had spent the 300 wisdom credit. Now, I am able to Identify the grade of Totem artifact but Identifying which level it is, is still difficult for me.

I started with the First Totem artifact I got today which is the sword that fatty used.

I picked his sword in both of my hand and concentrate all my mental energy on it and second a feeling arose inside it due to my mental energy and me instantly able to any ident.i.ty which grade of is this totem artifact on that feeling.

It is Colonel grade Sword and it feels quite surprising to me as Colona grade Totem is very expensive.

The Lieutenant grade shoe type Totem artifact that I had brought had cost me more than one-third of my wisdom credits.

The price of Totem Artifact increased much time with each grade and these Colonel grade artifacts are crazy expensive.

To put it in more money than the price of the Colonel grade Totem Artifact would be around a hundred refined mana crystals.

Compared to it, the shoe type Lieutenant grade Totem artifact I brought had just cost me nearly one and a half refined mana crystals.

That is how to price of Totem Artifact increased with each grade, that is why I am surprised to see that fatty's sword is Colonel grade artifact as he must have paid quite a lot to get it.

Micheal didn't know but when Dean had transported to the Region 6, he directly transported inside dead Volcano and when getting out he struck rich is he came across a big chunk of Fire crystal, only selling that big chunk of Fire Crystel did he able to buy that Colonel grade sword.

After fatty's sword, I kept checking other Totem artifacts, all the Totem artifact are within my expectations except for one which battle-ax and also a Colonel grade totem artifact.

I had not expected to find another Colonel grade totem artifact but look like luck is s.h.i.+ning bright on me today to give me another Colonel grade artifact.

One by one I kept checking all the Totem Artifact leaving one as this one is most peculiar of all Totem artifacts I got.

It is a Robe, a plain simple white robe but that is only common thing about this Robe as everything else about it is simply abnormal.

When I touched it the first time, I felt sucking sensation from it. It had started to suck my mana and that sucking did not stop no matter what I did, It had only stopped when I remove my hands from it.

I even tried to sense to check what grade of Totem Artifact it is but was quite shocked to see that It had even started to suck my mental energy which scared the h.e.l.l out of me.

I wanted to try wearing this Robe, to see if any change appears into it.

As I lifted to touch the Robe, I felt it sucking of my mana, not being surprised by it I lifted it wore and wore it in my body.

No change had occurred into it as I wore it, it felt like I am wearing a normal robe.

I hadn't activated it yet, I am still quite fearful of what will happen if I activate it.

Taking a deep breath, I activated it and just as I activated it a ripple had formed across it and then sucking force increased many folds.

Its speed is so fast that I felt like it wouldn't make it five minutes to drain my mana, without waiting for anything I quickly remove the robe and threw it out on the bed.

"f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t!"

I cursed, this f.u.c.king Robe is simply abnormal. The first sucking force was normal, it only too a very minute amount of mana to drain me, at that speed, it would take a day to drain me.

My body makes mana faster than speed so, It is no loss even if I kept wearing it but that f.u.c.king speed of sucking when I activated it simply abnormal.

I put away that robe back into the storage, I will check when my stage increased enough to bear that sucking.

I had put everything in storage except for three Totem artifact that is in front of me, one is a sword, a waist and white ceramic mask with a beautiful blue design.

I had decided these three artifacts daily, except for waist which Captain grade Totem artifact, others are Lieutenant grade.

I am safe in the Minerva realm as there is barely anyone in my match here but it is different outside.

if I kept showing of high-level totem artifact like Red sword then I will definitely land in trouble, So, I will use this artifact daily as they are low grade enough not to invoke jealousy in High-level powerhouse heart and those who get jealous by these artifacts, I am more than capable to handle them.