Monster Integration - Chapter 298 The Test III Final

Chapter 298 The Test III Final

1000th Step, I had finally reached the hundredth step and this is not my limit, I can feel that I can climb much more.

I am feeling high physical pressure but that is bearable as I have a strong body but I was surprised to see that my mental fort.i.tude is quite strong.

I thought I would feel unbearable mental pressure at 1000th step but to my surprise, I am not.

Although pressure is quite strong I am still bear it. I have to thank those two fatties who are in the underworld.

When they had force-fed me the monster core and I had come very close to the dying, at that I felt my mentality change and even death was not able to waver me for second, that moment had brought a very big change to my mentality and that is probably why I am not at my limit at 1000th step.

With this realization, I started to climb again and my speed hand increased again and I started to climb faster.

Ashlyn on the other hand silently sitting on my shoulder, occasionally looking at the people who are looking at her in wonder.

I am not feeling any extra pressure due to her except for her little weight, The runes are designed this way that even if monster or human were to fly above the mountain, they will feel the same pressure I am feeling walking.

So, now Ashlyn is feeling the same pressure as me but her condition is much much better as I did not even saw a bead of sweat on her s.h.i.+ny silver fur.

I wanted to sense her emotions to see what she is feeling but she had isolated her mind from my sensing, except for her location I did not feel anything from her.

I thought it was quite common to Isolate one's mind completely amongst the monsters but I got quite surprised knowing it is not normal, only lieutenant stage monster barely able to do that but Ashlyn had learned to do that at Specialist stage.

At one glance she is normal mutated Grey Spark Sparrow who had no high-level strain in her body but when I think about how intelligence she is compared to another monster at her stage and how she can Isolate her mind from me, I felt that there are many secrets hidden in her.

Since I started walking, I had not seen more than fifty monsters walking beside their partner and as I climbed high, I only able to see the monsters now and them.

Monsters are very rare compared to thousands and thousands of humans due to their weak mental fort.i.tude.

Nature is fair and every being in the world have their strength and weakness, Monsters have a strong body but weak mind, if they had a strong mind as well, they humans would have been wiped out by the monsters ages ago.

Getting my mind out of those magical thoughts, I focused on climbing the mountains.

1100th, 1200th, 1300th I kept climbing without stopping, a few minutes ago I was able to see the shadow of Nigel and Billy but now I had left them so behind that I could not even see their shadow as well.

I hope they are able to climb the mountain and comprehend the Rule, they are good people who help me a lot in my rookie days, I can even say that some of the tips they gave me had even saved my life many times.

I can't do anything about them except for hope, it's up to their efforts if they are able to climb the mountain or not.

1400th, 1500th only reaching 1500th steps did I started to feel the pressure that made me slow down my pace considerably.

I now felt like something had bonded the prehistoric wagon full of stones to my body and soul and I am climbing the mountain while pulling, the higher I climb and the heavier that wagon became.

Many thoughts of giving up had surfaced in my mind seeing increasing pressure but I squished it effectively.

I will climb this mountain no matter how hard I have to work or the price I have to pay, I will climb it no matter what.

16000th, 1700th, 1800th, when I touched the 1800th step, I felt like I had truly reached my limit was taking every step became harder and harder.

My speed is as slow as a snail as I am needing a minute to take every step, my whole body had become sweaty and I did not have energy lift my sleeve to clean it, I let it fall on the ground.

"Chew chew!"

As I was taking a step, I stopped for while I am thinking of stopping for a minute before continuing but I took more time and about to sit down instinctively due to tiredness when if heard loud chirp by my ear.

That chirp brought me out of dazed tirelessly and quickly straightened, I had nearly given up, I thought with a sigh.

I clearly knew what would have happened after I sat down, I would have to give slowly and descended the mountain thinking trying the next day but that would have become Impossible.

It is said the chances of the second timer pa.s.sing the test is very very low, there is no increase of pressure for them, they had to bear the same amount of pressure but for some reason, the second timer rarely the test.

That is why many people seniors advanced them to try to pa.s.s the test at first attempt, I had heard this advice many times listening to the conversation.

"Thanks, Ashlyn!" I said and lovingly petted her before starting to climb the stairs again, no matter what happened now, I will not stop for rest.

This time if not for the Ashlyn chirp, I would have definitely been a goner with little chance to pa.s.s the test again.

I kept climbing and climbing, whenever I thought about giving up, I would think about the scenario of when those two fatties had force-fed me and how persisted and fought to live every second.

With that thought of persistence, I kept climbing the steps with newfound vigor, no matter how much pressure I feel, I would always take a step.

Step, step, a step I kept taking a step no matter how great the pressure, I persisted and this time I did not even take a look at what number is a step I am taking or who are around me, the only thing in my mind the step which is in front of me.

I kept taking step after step, without caring about the pressure I am feeling and how sweaty my body had become.

I finally stopped, I stopped when I felt I had truly reached my limit both physically and mentally.

In fact that my body is so much under pressure that I am bleeding from my nose and ears and if I kept my body under this pressure then my eyes also going to bleed out soon.

When I look at what which number of the stairs I am standing on, I couldn't help but feel shocked.

2136th step! I thought I would be at most 1900 something but I had climbed 100 steps more.

I quickly came out of my jubilation and looked ahead, there are about six hundred steps left to climb and I had already reached my limit.

If I again started to step, then forget bout mental pressure the physical pressure alone would start to harm me.

I do not have secret methods as those coming from Central Continent which would help me elevate the mental and physical pressure and there are no skills I could use.

I only know one thing that could help me both physically and mentally, and that is Supreme Combat Exercise.

This is the only thing which could help me persist and make my mental and physical fort.i.tude strong enough to climb the rest 600 steps.

I had already thought this thought about this yesterday in detail, this is the only thing which could help but circulate is very hard, ever since the resistance started, I rarely circulated due to that blogging resistance I felt while circulating.

Last time I was able to circulate became my life on the line while this time is my future, these 600 something steps will help achieve a dream that I had been dreaming since my childhood.

League of Legends, after I hearing about the central continent, this compet.i.tion may seem bland but in my mind, it is still important.

I normally thought to partic.i.p.ate in League of Legend enough for me but I knew deep down inside that I just don't want to partic.i.p.ate but I want to win and this desire bubbling inside me ever since my disastrous defeat in Westblood city compet.i.tion.

I am not angry at anyone but myself for being weak, If I had been a little bit of stronger I would not have lost so demonstrably and if I had I had worked little hard from the beginning I would have had a chance of winning.

Westblood city compet.i.tion is the pebble in from of League of Legends, which is a mountain, this time League of Legend going to very grand.

I am sure that people that started to enter this realm from westblood and other cities, at least million would enter this awakening ground and a few hundred of them would be capable enough to reach the palace.

Half of these people would surely enter League of Legends, fighting such evolvers would be a real challenge.

Thinking this without hesitation, I took out the core of a piece of Corporal stage monster's core and ate it.

It reached my stomach and started releasing berserk energy, seeing that I grit my teeth and took a step while circulating Supreme Combat Exercise.

I had already been on the ninth circulation, So, I quickly able to reach the ninth circulation as I did not feel any resistance, only pain, which is bearable.

I started on 10th circulation and that when I felt jamming circulation but despite that, I kept circulating as I am slowly started to take one step after another.

As I took the steps higher and higher, I started to feel more and more pressure that even my eyes also started to bleed and felt like even my bones would start to crack if I did not faint at first but I did not care about that as most my eyes concentration on circulation the supreme combat exercise.

Using this immense pressure I am feeling on my both mind and body, I started circulating Supreme combat exercise, bulldozing any resistance that came in way circulating it.

10th, 11th,12th… I kept circulating while taking one step after another that I felt bone of my leg started to crack but I did not care and kept walking.

18th, 19th, 20th circulation I kept circulating, the blood from my nose, eyes, and ears started to drip down on the steps that I walk in but I did not mind that.

Usually, I would have cleaned that immediately as I did not like this yucky feeling but now I have more important things to worry about than feeling yucky.

Finally, I reached the 24th circulation, I did not hurry and crash against the wall but started to build momentum, I wanted to crush the wall in a single bang and create 18th seal.

I keep building the momentum, till I barely able to control myself and when I felt I will soon lose control over it, I diverted it against the wall.


The wall that had been stopping me from creating the 18th seal started and formation of seal started in my temple s.p.a.ce.

I started providing it mana before It even started, I did not stop to take a rest even when the seal was created, I kept taking one step after another.

As I was taking steps, my eyes unknowingly caught something and when I look again to confirm what I saw, I became shocked.

How did he appear here?

I question myself as I looked boy sitting on the step while huffing loudly. He is Kevin, my old cla.s.smate and bullies and most important he was sitting on 2218th step.