Monster Integration - Chapter 291 New Sword

Chapter 291 New Sword

Boundary! I thought out loud as I stopped in front of the spatial boundary, after crossing I will reach the Region 9.

"See you in the Awakening Ground Michael," said Kieran and walk into the spatial boundary, Jenna just nodded before waking into the boundary.

I took a sigh and activated my defense type skill, I hope I would transport somewhere near the entrance of awakening ground as I took the step into the spatial boundary.

"Surrender Martin! You had broken rules of Awakening Ground and if not for your organization is a subsidiary of our Wisdom Tower, we would have already killed you without talking."

I heard the voice as I transformed to Region 9, I found myself in a large clearing and just ten meters ahead of me four people stood in front of each other.

Three people in Aqua Blue gear seem to surround a boy in Grey clothing, the boy in grey clothing is mid-level of Master stage while the other three which surrounded him at the peak of Corporal stage.

All four of them wearing the best gear I've ever seen and the weapons they are holding in their hands are all Totem artifacts.

"I just broke a few bones of his, just for that you guys chased me for hours." said boy martin angrily to the three people.

"Violence is prohibited in the Awakening Zone, no matter how small it is. The rules set by Wisdom Tower can not be broken." said the leader of the three in black, a look of pride could be seen on his face when he mentioned the name Wisdom Tower.

That is when I notice the Emblem of Majestic tower and the book on the chests of the three people.

The three people from their looks did not seem worried as they looked at their opponent who two stages higher, one can say they even looking down on him.

"Even lowest level members of Wisdom Tower dare to look down on me, if I didn't beat the s.h.i.+t out of you for that, then my name wouldn't be Martin." said the boy in grey Martin as he lifts his sword and attacks toward the leader of three.

The leader of three people gripped the two long knives in his hand tightly and disappeared from his spot before Martin could even take a single step, what happened next shocked me more that young girl killing Lieutenant stage monster did.

Martin who is just about to take step stilled on his spot, I saw green blur appear in front of him the next moment.

"Spur spur spur...."

When the blur is fully materialized, I saw martin stilled with an extremely shocked face, as the red line started appearing all across his body and the second later streams of blood started to spur from his body.


I looked more shocked than the Martin who just experience the attack on him, the thing brought me to myself is clinking sound and when I look down only to see the red sword type Totem artifact that Martin was holding somehow left his hand and crashed beside my feet.

I felt scared of seeing the sword, I did not even dare to move and look away from the sword, if they thought I was eyeing the sword got angry then I would be dead before I know it but to my surprise no one is looking at me or sword by my feet, all their focus is on the Martin.

"Even if we are lowest level members, we are still members of the Supreme level organization, finis.h.i.+ng hundred like you won't be a problem for us." said boy in aqua blue suit in pride as they started to walk and to my utter surprise martin followed behind them while gulping the potion bottle.

In a few seconds, all four of them soon disappeared from my view.

What just happened? I asked myself blankly when I arrived that martin seemed high and mighty and refused to surrender but after taking an attack from the boy he followed them on his.

"Hun!" That is when I noticed that sword that left the Martins's hands is still beside my feet.

I waited for a few seconds then tentatively picked up the sword. I felt scalding hot the moment I picked it but soon the sensation faded but the sword still felt very warm though.

This sword is looked like it was made of red metal, is about 1.1 meters long and has 4 CM blade with slightly curved at the edges which made it look very delicate but this is anything but delicate.

It is perfect for cutting, hacking and piercing maneuvers and had is of perfect size, I completely fell in love with it at first sight.

Just as I was admiring this beautiful sword, I sensed an immense threat to my like. Instinctively I gripped the sword tightly and activated fire strike to launch the attack, the mana circulated inside me and then transferred it to fire type energy through my command.

The concentrated fire came out of my spread inside the sword to be concentrated again to converted into the bolt when the bolt converting on the sword I felt something inside the sword lit up and it started to provide the amplification of power to the firebolt that being made.

Fire Strike!

It may look like a few second is pa.s.sed but barely second had pa.s.sed as a special bolt of fire strike shot through my totem artifact.


When I launched the fire strike, I saw a buffy looking boy with the heavy sword coming at me, he had several skills activated and intent to kill in his eyes but sadly he will not able to finish his intentions toward me as my firebolt had appeared from his face and pierced through it.


He fell on the floor with a thud with a b.l.o.o.d.y hole between poking through his left eye.

I am not surprised to see him die, even without enhancement of Totem Artifact, my special bolt of Fire Strike is capable of piercing through the defense of Sergeant stage powerhouse.

It is Master stage it had a problem with only fighting with the master stage evolver would I able to see how much enhancement I had given to my attacks.

I wouldn't have to wait for that long as I can sense gazes of three people on me, if one of them is the master stage and dare to attack me then I will able to see the true power of this Totem artifact.

"Storage!" I gasp when I was taking off artifacts off fatty, I had never guessed that the fatty would have a storage type artifact.

Earlier in Region 8, we came across the body that had storage but It was Jenna's turn to take the loot the dead body, I was a little jealous seeing her getting storage but now I also got one.

I so wanted to check what's in the storage but this is not the right time as some wolves have been staring at me hungrily.

I placed the sword by my waist and opened the map to check the which part of Region 9 I am transported to.

When I compare the map to my surroundings, I did not find any familiar mark which will help me identify my location.

I started walking toward the north while being extremely vigilant as I know they can attack me at any moment.extremely

I so want to admire my new sword but this is not the time, after walking for fifteen minutes did I spot the familiar lake which Images I had seen in the map.

The entrance of the Awakening ground is just four hours away from here as long I did not come across any Lieutenant stage monsters then I have no fear in Region 9 even if monsters here stronger than that of Region 8.

I started to run toward the entrance while accurately sensing I am followed behind by three people.

I hope they attack soon, so I can test the power of my new and I didn't have to wait for long as five minutes in the running, I saw three-meter wind blade coming at me.

Wind Cleave! This is wind cleave, a very famous wind elemental skill which is known for its lethality, it so sharp that if this launch by Master stage evolvers then it will slice me into two parts despite me having knight grade armor and protection of defense type skills.

I had already expected the attack that is why s.h.i.+eld had been ready, I had already started expanding my s.h.i.+eld to the limit and fed it even more mana so it could provide me with its apex defense.

"Thud thud thud thud..."

The three-meter wind blade clashed against my s.h.i.+eld and I felt immense shock that I had to take several steps back to diffuse the force. Other than taking steps back, that attack did not do anything to me.

Soon a thin-looking boy in his twenties came out, as I sensed his power I though No wonder his wind cleave is powerful as he is mid-level of Master stage.

he looked very shocked seeing his sneak attack wasn't able to do anything to me but quickly controlled his expression seeing I am looking at me.

"Friend, if you give me Tote."

Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike!

Before he could complete his sentence I launched ten special bolts of fiery strike completely sealing his any chance to escape.

I knew what he wanted to say and seeing undisguised greed in his eyes, I knew he would not be stopped till he will get this totem artifact from me and killing me is the best option to do that.

So, I did not hesitate and give my all attacking him.

He was a little surprised to see me attacking him before he could finish his sentence but he quickly reacted, not only activated his defensive skills but also activated his s.h.i.+eld.


I was surprised when I saw his blue s.h.i.+eld, A Mid level knight grade artifact, I thought.

Seeing the knight grade s.h.i.+eld in his hand, I became even more excited. With this totem enhancement, my attacks became very stronger, even if he is Master stage evolver my Special firebolt which launched through my totem artifact but now it is Mid-level Knight grade s.h.i.+eld, I really want to see if my attack able breach its s.h.i.+elds defense or not.

"Puch! Puch!"

He avoided my fire bolts expertly, he did not disgrace his master stage but my two bolts collided against his s.h.i.+eld and stopped, seeing that smile appeared on his face but that smile lasted on his face for a moment as my fire bolts pa.s.sed though his s.h.i.+eld and pierced his body.

Absolute shock appeared on his face as my bolts pierced through his waist and shoulders.

I thought he would collapse on the floor seeing how my firebolts melt the inside of the body but to my utter surprise, he suddenly turned and ran away in the forest while I kept looking at the direction he ran away dumbly.