Monster Integration - Chapter 281 Encounter

Chapter 281 Encounter

Rule? What are they? A type of Energy? Or a different type of power? I don't know what to think of it.

He said that the awakening ceremony will help us awaken our minds and help up comprehend a high level of power. He said that Rule power transcend stages and even lowest stage evolver could kill the strongest powerhouse of the world if he comprehended.

That sounds like words of fantasy, even if I don't know much about the world I live, I still know that our continent is a tiny part of the world and our continent had evolvers that reached just twelve stages which are called twelve basic stages for some reason.

The real powerhouses found in the Central continent but it is extremely hard to go there and only top organizations knew how to get there as all the top organizations here are just small branches of the organizations of Central continent.

Going to Region 9 going to be dangerous, unlike Region 1 to Region 5 where you can go directly to any regions as there are multiple barriers, It is different from the Region 6.

If I have to go to Region 9 from Region 6 then I will have to pa.s.s through Region 7.

Region 7, Region 8 and Region 9 are already very dangerous but now with loosening restriction, the realm will become even more dangerous as unpredictably of spatial still exist.

As now realms limit will increase from Master stage to Lieutenant stage, so, all those in this realm those who are stuck in Master stage be it humans or monsters, both will able to level up.

From Master stage monster I can run away but I would really hard to run away from the lieutenant monster.

Jim had said the realms restrictions will loosen around somewhere midnight and that is when organizations will open a gate of Minerva realm again to let millions of people in.

There will be a slaughter, not only of monsters but of humans as well, as to gain power than transcend the stages. If they are able to even touch their power, not only they will gain huge strength, they will be made Super Elites as organizations had promised.

With such tantalizing offer, many people will jump the gun without care for their lives, there will be mayhem, I just hope that organizations will only Corporal stage above evolvers let in, in that way casualties that will happen could be minimized..

Now I have around sixteen hours before restriction loosen and the gates of Minerva realm open to let a large number of people in.

As I think about it as a simple plan formed inside my mind. I am going to go directly to the Region 7 now, it will take me eight to nine hours to reach the boundary.

After reaching the Region 7, I will find a relatively safe place before those Master stage monsters started to level up to the lieutenant stage.

There in Region 7, I will wait for waves of people to come as I am not going be lucky enough to transport next to the boundary in Region 7.

I will wait for new people to came and fight of strong monsters that had leveled up and used that chance I will cross the Region 7, as for crossing other regions I will think about it after I reached the Region 7.

I quickly started cooking the meal food that stooped cooking after Jim came at me, there is a lot of food here, enough to be eaten by six people and their monster.

I am not worried about it will go waste, as long as I put it in my storage I can easily eat for two days.

I finished dinner and started to eat with Ashlyn after I quickly finished eating the food, I packed and cleaned everything in record time.

There is no need to think about it! I said as I looked at the forest below me, I am going to the same way that Jim's and several other groups had left.

Just a few minutes ago I had called those groups idiotic but now I doing the same as them despite having a small chance of encountering the Life Vapor Mosquito.

Even if I came across the Life Vapor Mosquito and it bit, I quickly had to drink the daffodil honey I have.

The small bottle that Jim handed me before leaving contain at least twenty drops of Daffodil honey, it is more than enough for the honeycomb, I had fed to Sarah.

I take out the peak level Specialist monster core from the pocket and ate it as I descent toward the forest.

Controlling the core of the monster melting speed with my mental energy, I activate both my strengthening skill and speed type, on top of that I even covered myself with the silver fire so, Life Vapour mosquitos won't come close to me.

As I descended on the forest and jumped directly on three, this Sergeant stage monster territory, so, I don't have to slow down my speed.

I ran across the forest with full speed, thinking the less time I waste in Region 6, the more time I will have in the Region 7 and If my luck was really good and I had transferred near the boundary in Region 7 then I could even reach the Region 8 before boundary had fully loosened.

As I was speedily going toward the direction of the boundary, I saw some people also doing the same at their full speed.

The news is traveling, the organizations did not intend to keep the news of awakening ground secret, instead they spreading it and encouraging all their members in the realms to spread it.

Otherwise, they would have not planning to open realms gates for tonight and let anyone in free as long as they fit the criteria.

Jim had said millions of people would be coming from tonight and organization's Specially keen on taking their talented members to the awakening ground, no matter the cost.

'Buzz Buzz'

I heard the faint buzzing sound and hearing this sound I have become instantly alert and cursed my bad luck.

f.u.c.k! What did I do to born with such s.h.i.+tty luck! I thought as this buzzing sound is the sound of Life Vapor Mosquito.

Soon I saw the to red size mosquitos are coming toward me, one small which only slightly bigger than the thumbnail while slightly bigger on is the thumb. They are at Mid Corporal stage and peak sergeant stage respectively.

There is no chance of running seeing they both are faster than me and having back against them would be a very dangerous choice as even slight touch of their venom would immobilize in a few seconds.

The good thing is that there are only two of them as most of the time Life Vapor Mosquito is found in a group of tens or hundreds.

I sighed of relief after hearing no mosquitos nearby, killing these two Life Vapour Mosquitos would not be a problem as long as I worked hard.

With the help of unlimed mana and Special bolt of fire strike killing them would be easy as long as I am able to hit them seeing their extreme speed.

Fire Stike! Fire Strike!

I released two special bolt of fire strike one after another but both of the Life Vapour Mosquitos avoided but Corporal stage one's wing is grazed by the bolt, burning it a little which made it's flying unstably.

The fire on the special bolt is extremely concentrated, even if one just grazed by it, it will still injure it seriously.

That corporal stage Life Vapour Mosquito quite lucky that its wing is just slightly grazed by it and it had strong defense otherwise it would have turned to ashes with just this amount to fire.

Both of life vapor Mosquitos stopped and started to hover around me searching for the best time to attack.

Fire Strike! "Gub!"

I lunched another special bolt, this type at Corporal stage who is unsteadily flying, it tried to dodge it but due to its winged being burned, It wasn't able to do it and my special firebolt directly land on it and it burned to death before it even knows it.

"Buzz buzz…."

Seeing its partner dead Peak sergeant stage Life Vapor Mosquito came at me furiously. I smiled seeing, the closer it got to me, the less it will able to dodge.

Fire Strike! "Dhud!"

As it was just meters away from me, I lunched the special bolt of the fire strike and it squarely on its body and made a sound as the life vapor mosquito collided against the tree due to the momentum of my force.

I was about to go near it to remove its core and see if its venom pouch is still salvageable as every drop of its venom insanely expensive.

Buzz Buzz!

"f.u.c.k!" I cursed loudly seeing Life Vapor Mosquito coming out o tree, it fully blackened and its wings are damaged quite a bit but it's still able to fight quite a well.

I could help but be astonished seeing as If it had been Master stage monster in its place, it would have died with its brain melt but this mosquito is just seriously injured.

You cant compare The Three Banes to the other monsters, they are a league above them and that is why they had been graded upper A monster.

It did not attack me but started to run, I am not surprised seeing that. The higher-level monster had good self-preservation instincts.

I am not going to run away and with is winged damaged and it is seriously injured, I now had no worries about it dodging my attacks.

Fire Strike! Fire Strike! "Thud!"

It is finally dead! I thought as it fell into the ground with a silent thud.