Monster Integration - Chapter 207 Chase III

Chapter 207 Chase III

Fatty had increased his speed suddenly, he also did not stop attacking me with his earth spears.

Seeing fatty coming closer to me, I gritted my teeth and drank another life potion.

"Bang!" another earth spear clashed against my s.h.i.+eld and I again used the force to put some distance between us.

"Fire Strike!" I launched my attack as I am jumping back from his attack.

I launch three of my bolts at his head seeing he did not have a s.h.i.+eld, it would good if they able to kill him but injuring him heavily would be fine.

As three fire bolts about to touch him, an earth brown layer covered his body, it is especially darker towards his head where my firebolts about to strike.

It is a skill, earth type of skill! I said as I saw the earth brown layer covering him.

"Ping Ping Ping!" the three bolts of fire pa.s.sed through the defense of his skill but they were unable to penetrate the defense of mask.

He defended against it but fatty did not come out unharmed from my attack as I saw the trickle of blood on his through the screen of his mask.

I sighed in disappointment seeing that, it will be no use if I attack with fire strike again, he will be prepared more this time, after experiencing its power.

If I were at the peak level of Specialist stage, my firebolts could have easily able to pierce through both of his defenses, killing him in one shot.

And there is this amazing move of Fire Strike I've read about, it is very powerful but I will need a large amount of mana to use that skill.

It will only possible to get that amount of mana if I reached the corporal level.

"Friend, I have to say the power of your knight grade skill is really amazing, if you were at peak level, that attack would have been my ending." Said fatty as he started to launch earth spears one after another.

My coordination with my body increased a lot in four days of training, if not for that I would be having a major problem defending against his earth spears.

Running and also flip to defend against fatty's attack needs major concentration and coordination as I using skills and also circulating supreme combat exercise.

I've come across many corporal level monster while running, most of they stayed clear but some brave ones attacked like now.

"Fire Strike!" I used fire strike on the incoming monster and also flipped to defend against earth strike of fatty.

He is using all his power to follow me but that's not enough as he increased his speed, I also fed more mana to skill.

Frustration could be seen on his face as he keeps attacking me, all the attacks were wasteful, not even one able hit me.

It may look an hour would have pa.s.sed but barely nine minutes had pa.s.sed since I started running.

I drank another potion to supply my ever dwindling mana and kept running.

That fatty is ever persistent, he is following me like a hound on the blood.

I had asked Ashlyn to attack to distract him but it brought no effects whatsoever.

The artifacts he wore protected him quite well.

If Ashlyn fire been at the level of a fiery lion, this fatty would have turned into ashes long ago.

In these four days, I am not the only one who reaped benefits Ashlyn also doing quite good.

She has been mainly focusing on concentrating her fireb.a.l.l.s, she has already brought down the size of a fist size fireball to half.

I have given her target to concentrate her fireb.a.l.l.s to the size of a marble, it would take months or even years but if she able do it, then she will able to threaten even Corporal level powerhouse.

No matter how weak her power is, if it became concentrated at the small point it would be very lethal.

Not only she but I will also try, this will also be very helpful to me, for this I had already rented the practice room for the evening.

"Bang!" another earth spear crashed against my s.h.i.+eld.

"Friend, I have to say I am quite surprised, not only you have knight grade skill but also a knight grade s.h.i.+eld!" said fatty suddenly.

I got alarmed hearing that but quickly controlled my expression.

I have to say, this fatty is quite intelligent to notice that.

Normally Grade 1 s.h.i.+elds could also block the attack of corporal level but they would produce ripples, depending upon the power of the attack.

Fatty's attack is not that powerful to produce a big ripple on the s.h.i.+eld but it powerful nonetheless to produce slight ripples.

Shrewd eyes of fatty must have noticed that my s.h.i.+eld is not producing even slight ripple after his attacks landed on the s.h.i.+eld, even top-level Grade 1 s.h.i.+eld will be produced ripples experiencing his attacks.

Seeing he constantly attacking me for the past five minutes, it's not surprising for him to notice that and add two and two together.

"Friend, you have knight grade skill and Knight grade s.h.i.+eld, you must have some other artifacts right?" asked fatty, undisguised greed could be clearly seen on his face.

Fatty again increased his speed, his speed increased by 50%, this time beads of sweat started to appear on his face, which could be seen through the mask he is wearing.

Seeing fatty rapidly closing up on me, I got a good scare, Corporal stage power is really amazing.

Even without using skill, he can catch up to me.

Gritting my teeth, I drank a bottle of life potion under my left sleeve. The life potion is very precious, I had already drunk is two times and now it is third.

It is necessary as only with life potion will I able used the lively wind at its full power.

Normal potions took thirty seconds to digest but my mana will fully be depleted in twenty seconds as I used the lively wind at its limit.

The other reason drinking life potion is that it has more mana than mana potion and could easily support me for three minutes.

"Buzz!" My holowatch buzzed, saying I picked the single, I immediately tapped special icon I've had prepared two months ago and updated it a week ago.

Now I will have to survive fatty's chase for five minutes and I will big chance of escaping alive.

"Give up! I've already called for help." I said to fatty, hoping he would give up.

"Hahaha, who you are making a fool, whatever friends you have called for help will take least half an hour, let's see if you are still alive after that!" Said fatty menacingly.

He blurred his mask, so no one can see his face started to attack me with his earth spear frenziedly.

I did not show any fear of seeing earth spear attacking me one after another.

I drank another life water potion and keep concentrating on defending against his attacks while maintaining my top speed.

Time pa.s.sed by as he keeps attacking and kept defending, in that way five minutes pa.s.sed quickly.

Soon I saw hovercar coming toward me, this hovercar little different from normal hovercars.

These hovercars look like they packed muscle and speed and could defend against any Master level below the powerhouse.

"Hahaha… You called Rescue hovercar, let's see if I gave you the chance to board it." said fatty and attack me with more frenzy.

I just smile and without reply and kept defending against his while waiting for the hovercar to come close.

"bang!" I defended against another his attack and by that time rescue hovercar arrived near me.

"Bye!" I shouted loudly and jumped and activated sky steps, I have not used this skill of running from him.

While upgrading the service of rescue car last week, I had input the sky steps in his database and written how I like to rescue.

That is why the hovercar stopped and started hovering up in the air at a certain distance from me.

I chose this way because if overcame came close to me, my opponent or monster which is chasing could easily obstruct my way but at this distance in the air.

They either have to have sky steps or very powerful long-range skill.

"Thud!" after taking two steps, I landed on the roof of the hovercar while fatty was still materializing his earth spear.

"Pray that we don't meet next time!" I said loudly as the hovercar sped up until he was still holding earth spear in his hand which he was supposed to release.