Monster Integration - Chapter 205 Chase I

Chapter 205 Chase I

Seeing no one sight, I started to fill everything I could in the storage, I had already emptied all the storage, for storing the monster material.

I don't want heavy load behind my back, after putting everything that is heavy in my storage, I pack rest of it in my backpack.

The job is completed, now is time to go back.

This job is popular but there are hundreds of more places where Violet horn Oxen's are found and those places are a lot more safer.

It was quite normal to not come across anyone when hunting.

I quietly started to walk back out of the prairie.

I should have taken the second job, I thought to myself.

Normally one can take two jobs at a time and high-level members can select even more.

It's only afternoon, I would have more than enough time to complete the second job.

As I was silently walking out of the prairie, I saw a group of three people walking right side of me.

Their backpacks are completely filled, if not for having storage, my backpack would have looked similar to theirs.

Of the three people, two of them at the middle and peak level of Specialist grade while fatty in the center is the initial level of Corporal grade.

I don't know why but the peak specialist level boy beside fatty seem a little familiar.

"Jimmy, this is the boy I talked about who had an amazing knight skill!" shouted peak specialist boy in surprise.

f.u.c.k this boy must have been in the s.p.a.ce realm with me! I said in my mind.

Just as I heard that, I quickly drank potion under my sleeve and activated lively wind to its fullest and started to run.

I even threw away from my backpack without care and started circulating moves of supreme combat exercise.

"Idiot!" I heard a loud curse behind me, it feels like a fatty's voice, he is probably cursing his friend for talking out loud.

If he had whispered, that corporal stage fatty would have had a sure chance of capturing me.

If not fir that corporal level boy who couldn't keep his voice down, I would have landed in big trouble and death would not have been out of the question.

from the sound heavy rustle, I know they are following me behind.

My decision was right! If they had good intention, they surely wouldn't have followed me.

How can I be such an idiot! Jill had warned me to be careful when she saw me using knight grade.

She said some people will get seeing what I have and try to acquire it by any means possible.

I also thought that but in the pa.s.sing of time I completely forgot her warning and now I am completely regretting it.

It would have taken me a mask, a simple mask, to keep myself out from such trouble.

I have seen many people do inside and outside of the city for many reasons, it wouldn't have been weird.

''Friend, why are you running, we mean no harm, we just want to talk!" Said fatty.

"If you mean no harm, why are you following me?" I asked for fatty who was just fifty meters behind me.

They also have discarded their backpacks to follow me.

I got a little surprised seeing only two people are near me while the boy who shouted is far behind three people.

The fatty did not seem to use any skill, his speed all because of his corporal stage power while the mid specialist stage boy near him seems to use some speed type skill to maintain his speed.

''Friend I just wanted to ask where did you buy the knight grade skill you have? As you know how hard is to buy one." Said fatty while closely following behind.

What he said plausible, it is very hard to buy knight grade skill, even if you have money, you have to have connections to buy legally.

There is another safe way to buy it legally, which is from adventurers paradise but for that, one had to have Lv. 3 members.h.i.+p of adventurers paradise.

One can buy it from the black market also but to enter the black market one had to be Sergeant stage evolver.

"I brought from adventurers paradise!" I replied and drank another bottle of potions under my sleeve.

This lively wind takes a lot of mana and I have to keep drinking mana potion every minute.

"Friend doesn't joke, seeing you age maximum one year had been pa.s.sed since you bonded your monster, in that you cant earn ten thousand adventures paradise points," said Fatty.

He was right it is extremely difficult to earn ten thousand adventures points in one year to get Lv. 3 members.h.i.+p.

"Friend why run, you just share that knight grade skill with me, I'll even pay you for that." fatty said with a smile.

One doesn't need to an idiot to know that he will not keep his promise, he might even kill me.

The best course of action is run, I am very fearful of that corporal stage evolver, I didn't know if he had any speed type or long range skill or not if he really had speed type skill, then I don't dare to think what will happen to me.

"Sorry I can't sell it to you, it's nontransferable," I said and it is true, it is non-transferable.

There are many illegal means and I wanted to ask them to Jim and Michael if they know anyone who could break the seal on the skill.

I wanted to give this knight grade skill to my parents, with this skill with them, they will not have to worry about the Corporal stage monster, even able to defeat Initial sergeant stage monster if they practiced a little.

I had asked him about it when we were in the cafe, he said he will ask around his connection.

I sure he will tell me in a week or so.

"Friend since you are unable to accept my sincerity, I will have to use the force." said the fatty with a sad sigh.