Monster Integration - Chapter 203 Job I

Chapter 203 Job I

The hovercar soon reached the Adventurers Paradise building, it looks magnificent as ever.

I went inside the building and come across hundreds of holographic screens that are flas.h.i.+ng the tasks.

Anyone can offer and accept the task in adventurers paradise and for every task, they will take a small amount margin.

The margin is a few thousand credits, which is nothing to evolvers but it very profitable to adventures paradise.

Then of thousand of people posts and complete jobs every day, not only that people also sell most of the unknown materials they can't seem to identify to the adventurer's paradise.

That amount of business make it a behemoth and everybody envy but for some reason no one envy adventurers paradise.

The adventure paradise is a neutral organization and had minimal staff and if some idiot tries to attack it, the government and organization would send their forces to protect it.

Some say various organizations and government had already had their people in every branch of adventurers paradise.

From what I've read, its been decades since some idiot tried to attack the adventurer's paradise.

I connect my holowatch to its server and soon thousands of jobs that are suitable for me started to project on my holowatch.

This below level 1 could only accept the task of a maximum of ten points which is really worst.

Though there are some exception, such being sergeant level or above, those can accept task for above ten points despite not being at Lv. 1.

I started to sort through the jobs of my preference.

Still, there are too many tasks and after a half hour of browsing, I finally selected the job which I want to do.

It is to hunt three Corporal stage Violet horn oxen, I only have to submit its core and spinal fluid.

The job will give me three two hundred thousand credit, ten adventure paradise points and with every extra pair of materials, I will get an extra sixty thousand credit and one adventure paradise points.

It is a good job, it did not mention which level of Violet Horn Oxen material they required.

So, it will be fine if I give them the material of Initial level Corporal grade Violet Horn Oxen and I can sell its meat easily get about a hundred and fifty on each ox.

Seeing this job is perfect for me, I tap on apply and I received notification of formation with warning the if I wasn't able to complete this job, my ratings will drop.

Ratings in adventurers paradise are very important, they give you first preference if it is a limited number job.

Aftp0000er I am done selecting a job, I get out of adventurers paradise building and called hovercar to go out of the city.

I didn't have to wait for long, a few seconds later a hovercar stopped in front of me and speed toward the exit of the city.

Soon I reached the miasta bazaar and then took another hovercar for the forest.

The map is provided, so I will not have to waste much time and energy finding the violet horn oxen's where both.

"Thud!" I jumped out of Hovercar and walk toward the Verdant Prairie.

Verdant Prairie is a big area, I will have to walk at least an hour to reach the area where Violet Horn Oxen's are.

I silently walk in the gra.s.s field, not dare to make much noise.

The Prairie monsters usually work in groups and they are where I am walking have a hefty amount Corporal stage monster.

"Rustle rustle…." I quickly hide the gra.s.s as I heard the rustling sound.

When I craned my neck little to look, I found a small group of big monsters snakes slithering not far from me.

I heaved a sigh of relief seeing monsters snakes are not walking toward me otherwise, l would have to waste some time fighting, seeing all of them at Corporal stage monsters.

Its good thing that I sprayed that expensive anti-smell lotion on both us, it will save us noses of many monsters.

I started to move again after the monster are left and started walking toward the direction where Violet Horn Oxen's are.

It took me an hour to reach the area when Violet Horn Oxen's roam and I just have to find them.

''Ashlyn, go find Violet Horn Oxen's?" I asked Ashlyn who is on my shoulder.

"Chee chew!" Ashlyn excitedly chirped and flew away, ever since we enter the forest her to fly away, thinking she will catch eyes of some monsters and we will have wasted some time getting rid of them.

'f.u.c.k!' i cursed softly as I forgot to advise Ashlyn to fly low, it will take time to find minster but at least she will be safe.

I tried to tell her through our telepathic bond but listening, not listening is up to her.

Usually, she did not listen to anything which I did not say with my mouth.

Seeing it will take some time for Ashlyn to return I started to check all the artifact and potions on me one by one.

Unexpected things happen when you did not expect them, it's better you keep yourself prepared for any situations.

Everything is perfect, even if twenty Corporal monsters to attack me, I have confidence in running away and they kill the one by one.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn came flying and chirping excited, saying she found them.

"Good girl!" I petted her and gave her the expensive candy that I brought especially for her.

"chew!" she chirped happily, she expertly tore the wrapper and ate it in a gulp.

After eating candy, Ashlyn took a flight and I started to follow her.

I will have to follow her five minutes before spotting the large group of Violet Horn Oxen.

Oxen monsters prefer to live in the group and group in front of me seem like there are sixty to seventy Oxen monsters are there.

Most of them seem to in different level of Corporal grade while very few at the Specialist grade.