Monster Integration - Chapter 20 Exchange Poin

Chapter 20 Exchange Poin

I activated the barrier screen for the privacy and opened the drawer of the small table which is beside my bed, the hospital will keep your things in the drawer as long as it's size is not bigger than a drawer.

I opened the drawer to see my backpack and small box already there, I hastily opened the small box to find thirteen fingernail size monster cores inside it, seeing them I heaved a sigh of relief.

These monster cores are very important to me, Specialist stage monster cores usually sold at five to ten thousand credits, mine are the lowest quality even then I will get a minimum of five thousand credit.

I know they won't go anywhere but I was still worried, with this thirteen crystal my life in the Westblood city would be easier.

I took out the set of clothes from my backpack and wore them. I have only two sets of clothing left, in the battle, I have used a lot of my clothes as a bandage.

I have to buy a whole lot of a lot of clothes and accessories like my shoes, bandages and a new backpack. This backpack tattered and barely holding on. It did save me many times from the attack of a monster on my back.

I deactivated the privacy screen, and about to leave saying goodbye to him when I remember he is local of Westblood city

''Jim do you know any good apartment's in the Outer ring under five thousand credit?" I asked him.

Previously I had decided to live in the place which cost less than a one thousand credit but after obtaining the Monster cores I decided to live in a better place.

''I have a friend who could help you, he is a property agent, who can help you find the best place at a good price, better than those sites on the web." He said, I nodded and waited for him as he called his friend.

Westblood city housed more than seventy million people and It divided into three parts that known as three rings.

The Rings are known to be defense barriers of the city, Westblood city has the three defense barrier's known to be Outer Ring, Middle Ring, and Central Ring.

Outer Ring is the first line of defense of the city against the monsters and area which housed more than two-time people combine of other two Rings. It is where common people and low-level adventure's live, especially those below Corporal Stage.

Middle Ring is the second line of defense of the city and house nearly twenty million people and only those at Corporal stage above has the right to live in it or has Corporal Stage or above powerhouse has to vie for you to live there.

The Last is Central Ring which also the last defense of the city, which housed less than three million people and mostly city's elite and Powerhouses live there but the funniest thing is you didn't need any qualification to live there as long as you have enough money you can live in the Central Ring.

The lowest cost of living in Central Ring above three hundred thousand credits, normal people can't afford it, only those at Corporal stage or above able afford to live there.

''Micheal my friend wants to talk to you." Said Jim, I nodded and walked toward him.

His Holowatch is showing a projection of his friend, he is the man in twenties wearing a professional suit. ''h.e.l.lo" I greeted.

''h.e.l.lo, Jim had mentioned you need an apartment, here are sixteen option I have selected for you, please chose which you like." He said and projection of sixteen apartments and their detail appeared in front of me.

I started to view all sixteen apartments he had given me, there no need to check them personally as it is reality projection.

All the apartments he had shown me are studio apartments, which costs 4000 to 10000 thousand credit.

All buildings which apartments are had offered food court for both humans and monsters, training facilities etc after paying a certain price.

All the apartment are very good but I have the choice to make, to chose between sixteen of these studio apartments.

I selected the apartment, the specialty of this building that it had fifteen training facilities and most of its residents are Specialist stages, it cost me seven thousand credit more than six thousand of my initial price but looking at the apartment I felt it's worth the price.

I signed the apartment contract and paid the signing amount but Jim's friend declined to take his commission and I didn't force him.

I talk with him for a while and about say goodbye when Jim said something, "Micheal will you be free in two weeks?" he asked, he knows I come Westblood city for adventuring and didn't join the government or any organization.

"Yes, I am free," I said, as I don't have any plan except going outside for training and hunting monsters for meat and core. "Do you mind joining me for training in the forest and we will hunt some monster's." He asked expectantly.

"Sure," I said, that is also my plan, having Jim with me also a good thing.

"See you in two weeks, Jim," I said and left the hospital. I tap my holowatch a few times to find an Exchange point.

I had spent all my money on signing a lease of the apartment and did not have to enough to take a cab to my new apartment so I am finding an Exchange point near me.

Exchange points are places where people exchange monster cores for money. "Yes!," I shouted softly as finding Exchange point in the lobby of the hospital.

I get into the elevator for the ground floor, the elevator filled with people, one middle-aged man nodded and smiles at me, first I didn't why he did that but then it dawned me that his middle-aged man also a survivor of the battle, I then smiled and nodded back.

The lobby of the hospital is Grand, lines of the elevators could be seen in the lobby, people are going in and out it.

I feel awestruck seeing this scene, I never have seen such scenes except on TV, I've been in my small town whole life, I've never ventured outside it.

I've spotted exchange point in the lobby and walk toward it, I strode inside the Exchange point, inside is machine half my size.

I put ten Monster cores into the machine, soon it scanned it and shown the price it estimated of monster cores, I accepted the price.

"Beep." A minute later amount transferred to my account, a total of fifty-one thousand credit, I exit out of the exchange with a bright smile on my face.