Monster Integration - Chapter 193 Millie

Chapter 193 Millie

"Meow!" the cat gave lengthy purr but did not leave my lap.

When I heard the voice I was surprised but when I saw the owner of the monster, I got even more surprised.

It is a man in his late twenties, he had messy hair and quite a handsome face like a model.

Seeing this pet monster, I thought the owner would a young rich young girl not a handsome man in late twenties.

"Thank you for taking care of her, she has a habit of running away!" he said apologetically.

"chew chew!" Ashyn also cut in with her chirp, she had been jealous since I had started brus.h.i.+ng the cute kitty.

"I am Marvin by the way!" He said, "Michael." I replied with my name, I would have shaken his hand if not for both my hands occupied by kitty.

''Millie lets go!" Said Marvin again, this time in a little forceful tone.

"Meow!" Millie meowed and jumped at her owner while jumping her tail brushed past Ashlyn which made her flew in the air.

"Chew chew chew chew!" Ashlyn angrily chirps at Millie as she stabilized herself in midair.

I was startled seeing this, that kitty's tail just brushed Ashlyn and she flew into the air.

Looks like this kitty more than it looks.

The kitten did not give glance Ashlyn chirping at her, seeing that Ashlyn became angry and about to attack the kitty, I quickly picked her in my hands before that happens.

''Ashlyn stop, it was an accident!" I said and stopped her from attacking the kitten.

"I am sorry, it's all millies fault, here take it, this will help you calm your anger little one!" said Marvin and handed candy which Ashlyn expertly took between her claws.

"Meow!" Millie meowed seeing her owner gave Ashlyn candy and about to leap at her but she was stopped by her owner.

"Again thank you, I hope we will meet again Micheal!" said Marvin while Millie angrily looked Ashlyn who about to each candy.

This candy must be something else to make Millie looked at Ashlyn who was previously too lazy to do that.

"Ashlyn gives me some of that ca.." before I fully asked her to gave me a little piece of candy, Ashlyn wholly popped in her mouth.

''You!" I said picked up golden rapper of the candy that Ashlyn had thrown away.

'Carrington Delux' Written in the wrapper, I've never heard this candy brand before.

I look angrily at Ashlyn who is still busy enjoying the candy, I just wanted to hit her hard and remove candy from her mouth and eat it.

Calming myself down, I looked at outside scenery which seems blur due to trains being so fast.

There is still half an hour before the train reached the westblood station.

I checked everything and waited for the train to reach the westblood.

Half an hour pa.s.sed slowly but the train reached westblood station finally and I got out with Ashlyn.

I called the hovercar and while we riding hovercar to our apartment, I ma.s.saged all my friends about my return in westblood and also ordered lunch for us.

I am feeling very hungry, so after I reached my apartment, I won't have to wait for lunch delivery.

Many people had replied to my message but one particularly caught my attention.

It was from Jim telling me to meet him at the cafe in the Middle Ring, it is probably related to the help he mentioned a week ago.

I quickly freshen up and took a bath before eating already arrived lunch with the Ashlyn.

I finally felt good as I place the cutlery down in the food box, relaxing laying on the floor.

I don't know why but I felt hungry as I smelled the candy that Ashlyn ate and only felt good after eating the lunch at my heart content.

I did not wish to train right now as I am feeling very tired mentally, I just want to lay on the bed till I feel good again.

I did just that, I lay on the bed, thinking nothing and everything, I don't when I closed my eyes and woke up at late afternoon feeling quite fresh.

Ashlyn is also sleeping but I did not wake as I went to the bathroom and wash my face with water to get out of sleepy feeling.

Seeing there is still enough time before I had to go and meet with him, I decided to read the news.

There was nothing interesting at first but soon a new article popped in.

The western city of replica had been attacked by the big monster horde, it is written that half of the city is destroyed.

I couldn't help but shudder as I saw the photos, the only good thing that casualties are not great, they were already prepared for horde with reinforcement from the other cities.

Still, such destruction of the cities is still a rarity in the republic.

Normally bug cities always in vigil, have their scouts placed in varies areas of the forest, slightest moment from the monsters will alert the city and make them prepare for incoming horde.

Seeing such destruction could only mean that there is a surprise element in the battle.

As I read the article further, I've come to know that there is a surprise element in the battle.

The leader of the horde had leveled up at the last moment and many people have to come together to kill it and by the time they finished killing the leader of the horde, half the city had been already destroyed by other monsters.

Its good thing that all the civilians were hiding in the bunker hour's before horde entered the city and there is no casualty of their part.

Westblood city also attacked by monster horde two-three times a year but always gets thwarted.

It is been more than fifty years since the wall of westblood city breached by the monster horde.

Was blood city is one most secure cities in the republic despite situated in the boundary of the most dangerous forest in the continent.