Monster Integration - Chapter 187 Challenge II

Chapter 187 Challenge II

The monsters seemed to be finished grouping and could attack at any moment but they seemed to wait for some instruction.

Such a group of above two hundred and fifty monsters must have some leaders, probably some sergeant level monsters otherwise they would have been attacking the wall already.

Now they are just roaring and growling but they will attack in a few minutes.

''Ellen, Micheal are you up for the little challenge?" Kevin asked in a loud voice with a complacent smile hanging on his face.

"What challenge?" Ellen and I asked in unison.

"To know who can kill the most monsters!"

"Only fourteen of us will fight the monsters below, each level on a monster will have point, those who will gain the highest points wins the, Now do you have guts to accept it?" Asked Kevin.

This Kevin never changed, he is complacent and too confident in his abilities but I have to say he had the power to say it.

In our batch, he was second-best in combat after Ellen if not for his low academic score, he would have come second instead of me.

The challenge he spoke of quite interesting, though there are more than two hundred monsters and some Sergent stage monster may be hiding despite that I have confidence in myself with the help of the skill I have.

I am confident that I can kill any Corporal level monsters here, what I wanted to know is if I can kill sergeant stage monsters here with my Fire Strike.

I was about to say Bring it on when Mayor cut in.

"It's too dangerous! let us adults fight the monsters," said Mayer, I could see Ellen stealthy glaring at her father.

"Its fine Mr. Mayer let children fight, I promise you, no one will come to harm." said the thin instructor Liam.

Mayor's face seems like he wanted to reject but a hearing promise made by a powerhouse like Liam, he decided to accept it.

"How will the points get a.s.signed?" Ellen asked the question before I could.

"Simple initial level Specialist stage monster worth 1 point, Mid-level with 2 points, Peak level worth 3 points."

"Initial level Corporal Stage worth 6 points, Mid-level worth 8 points and Peak level worth 10 points."

"While the Initial Level Sergeant stage monsters worth 20, the instructor said that the Initial level sergeant stage monster is most powerful here." Explained Kevin.

"Are our monsters allowed to fight? I asked, want to enter this challenge knowing all the rules and limits of it.

"Monsters, Potions artifact everything is allowed as long as it not the outside interference," said Kevin.

''We will start a fight in three minutes sharp!" He added.

Thank G.o.d I had accidentally wore my Boots.

I had taken out my knight grade sword which left deactivated on my waist and s.h.i.+eld bracelet when I was running towards the wall with Ellen.

The only thing I am lacking is armor, Ellen had already started wearing the artifacts of her father.

"Here take it!" I heard when I looked up I found it was senior Tom giving me his armor.

He was my uppercla.s.smen in school and had also joined an organization year ago but now he had already reached Corporal level.

"Thank you, Senior Tom!" I said and quickly wore the armor, now that I am in perfect condition, let see who is the best now.

Everyone had prepared their weapons and just ready for the time to be over, some of the members of Kevin's team held contemptuous looks whenever they looked at us, especially me.

They probably look down on me, seeing I don't a badge of any organization like Ellen or they have on their chests and arm.

I smiled at their contemptuous att.i.tude. I am preparing to take the first place, I am sure that I have more experience of life and death fighting that these people.

Three weeks of constant fighting with the edge of death will make you push your limits to the extreme.

No matter how special training they have in the forest, there may be life and death events but they are all controlled, they knew if anything bad happens they have their instructor to save them at last minute.

The only thing they can beat me is combat style and skill, I have barely learned the basics of combat style and in the skill department, no one can compare to organization members.

I have seen many C grade members of the Organisation having more than five skills and one or two in the thousand even have knight grade skill which only Elite members should have.

I will not look down them as I know many things can turn the battle tide and with the lieutenant stage powerhouse personally teaching them, their power should above average compare C grade members of other organizations.

The monsters had already finished grouping, not they are just roaring and growling at each other.

Only ten-second remain, I adjust my breathing and calm myself, I had already chosen the spot I am going to land.

"Fight!" Said instructor Liam loudly and hearing the sound, all twelve of jumped down the twenty-meter wall, no one used the temporary exit that mayor had opened.

Air could be heard whistling past my ears as I am falling below but I have no fear.

Ellen and some other people in the Kevins group had already started using their skills.

Their bodies seem falling slow to the ground compared to me.

'Sky Steps!' i activated the systems when I am ten meters above the ground to manage my fall.

No matter how strong my body is right now, some of its bones will surely break if it fell from the twenty meters.

'Boom boom bam!' Ashlyn and other monsters had already started attacking and killing the monsters and After we landed in the ground the fighting pace will again increase.

The fight should not be able to last more than 10 minutes,Ii thoughts I about to land near monsters.

I have seen many people who landed on the thick group of monsters, those idiots paid a heavy price for their mistakes.

It is fine if there are four or five monsters but if a there group of monsters containing more than ten monsters same as you, that would be utterly idiotic.

"Thud!" I landed in the ground with this and ran toward the monsters while circulating supreme combat exercise.

"Slash…" my sword unhesitantly at the group if specialist grade monster, my sword slid into their necks without feeling any obstruction.

I was right! These group of specialist stage monsters is easy to kill ants, now I to go deeper into the monster group as that is where the Corporal level monsters.

I sword kept swinging ferociously, every swing of my sword will kill the monster, no matter which level of Specialist grade monster will come into my way, it will be killed.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw a member of Kevin's group, who are looking at me in astonishment as it has taken him a couple of moves to kill while I am killing it in a single move.

I was revealing in the glory of his astonishment when I caught arrow flying above me and hitting the corporal level monster little ahead of me.

f.u.c.k Archer! I shouted in my mind.