Monster Integration - Chapter 185 Meeting Ellen

Chapter 185 Meeting Ellen

'Oh!' I noticed that while coming out of my house, I wore my Grade 1 boots instead of regular shoes.

Seeing I am halfway into the way of Adolf's cafe, I resumed to walk ahead, these boots don't look that bad, they are just little metallic.

"Tinkle!" a pleasant tinkle sounded as I entered the cafe, Ellen was sitting in the corner, elegantly sipping the coffee.

She has ash blond straight hair and porcelain-like face, whoever looked at her became entranced by her grace and beauty.

She is one of the people who are born with an inborn grace, whatever they do, their every moment seems graceful.

She is also my first crushed in this town but that crushed got dumbed in the cold water as she only digs girls.

"Micheal here!" she shouted softly seeing me coming through the door.

I walk toward her and took a seat beside her, "Not bad, looks like I have to work hard to catch up to you!" Ellen said in praise as sensed I am at Mid-level of Specialist stage.

"You better work hard or you will be left behind!" I teased as she is only at the Initial level of Corporal stage but I am confident she will catch up.

''So, how was the new s.p.a.ce realm that opened on the green hills?" She asked.

''Very dangerous!" I said with sincerity, it was very dangerous and thousands of people die inside it.

''Tell me from the beginning?" She asked impatiently, she really acts like children sometimes.

I started to tell how I accidentally entered the realm and found myself in the Wasteland where no human could be seen and when I told about how people from the central continent could kill Corporal level monsters easily, she is shocked.

''You are not joking right?" She asked and looked at me carefully, "No, I swear, I am not joking. I would have definitely recorded it if I had not been star struck by their power." I said.

I kept going while skipping some parts like Shanws offer and the storage and Knight grade equipment I've got in return.

I have only stopped when I reach the part of the story where I reached the main camp outside the scind forest.

''The monsters you face looks very dangerous!" Ellen said serious tone.

"They were ants compare to what we faced inside the Scind Forest!" I said and shuddered.

I still felt quite scared when I think out fiery lions and Sawtooth earthworms monsters.

"What type of monsters did you face?" she asked with extreme curiosity.

''We faced monsters of C and B grade monsters, both Upper and Lower grades of it," I said, her eyes completely went wide and look of disbelief after that.

"You are kidding me right?" she asked as I am joking with her and probably I had also like her if I had heard it from her.

"Do you know Super elites?" I asked as she is still believing I am kidding with her.

"Of course! They are legends," she said, I can see deep reverence in her eyes.

In an organization, B grade member is elites while A grades are those who had completed the super elite training but aren't Super Elites but they have a chance to became one.

Super Elites in organisation are considered beyond the grades, they are considered true backbone of their organisation.

''They were also their about fifteen of them!" I said this time she looked very angrily at me.

"You….you think I am idiot, Fifteen super elites. Even our organization did not have this many elites," she said through gritted teeth.

She looked really angry if I did not give her the proof right now, she might as well attack me.

"I have proof this time!" I said hastily and projected the privacy screen from the table.

After exiting the s.p.a.ce realm, they had not only taking half the resources from everyone but also were making them delete whatever they have captured and recorded in the s.p.a.ce realm.

Jill had warned me, not to upload or share this material with anyone otherwise people from the organization come knocking my door.

Ellen looked little baffled, seeing me erecting privacy screen but did not question.

I tapped play and two gigantic Sawtooth Earthworms appeared in the screen.

This is the first battle I've recorded on my Holowatch and first time seeing the power of the super elite.

"Are those Gigantified monsters?" Ellen asked seeing two monsters roaring threateningly and ant-like human's running away.

"Yes, they are gigantified monster, we have come across many of them!" I said.

Soon two people started to attack the Gigantifies monsters, one with a spear while other the Bow.

Their attack efficient and without any mistake but one could see how casual the fight is and how the two toying with the monster who are tens of times bigger than them.

Ellen is so concentrated on the fight that she forgot to blink, I was also like that when I saw prowess of super elites.

In two minutes the video was over but it has taken Ellen minute more to come out of it.

"Do you have some more of recording like this?" She asked, I nodded and started to play the recording where super elite fighting the gigantified monsters like this is where their prowess shows.

In twenty minutes all recordings are over, I only played those recording which has a camera of my holowatch stable as I also had to fight, I got very few chances to record the fights carefully.

"They are more powerful than I expected!" Ellen said with a slow voice after she finished watching all the recording.

I can only smile at that, I've only come to know about the super elites in the s.p.a.ce realm and that is where I saw their prowess.

''Seeing this recording, I want to train harder to reach their level!" Ellen said spiritedly.

"Me too!" I replied and who wouldn't, many people would do anything to gain this type of power.

"Coffie!" a voice called out and the girl brought us coffee that we ordered.

The girl is pretty and maybe a year older than us

"Thank you!" Ellen said in a melodic voice as she reached her hand took the cup from the girl's hand while caressing her hand a little.

She nearly dropped the coffee cup while blus.h.i.+ng, she somehow put my cup down and walks away in haste while blus.h.i.+ng heavily.

I rolled my seeing that and said, "Really would you leave some girls for normal people! You must have slept with half the girls in two this year."

"If you had an eye on her, you could have told me first and for your information, I left plenty of girls for other people," she said with pride, I dong know how she can have pride about such thing.

Ellen has no shame when it comes to girls, she even seduced girlfriends of their cla.s.smates.

Seeing my expression something had dawned on her face suddenly.

"Oh, I get it! Looks like you are still angry at me for taking bite off your little crus.h.!.+" she said with a triumphant smile.

'Bite! You had full on s.e.x with her.' I wanted to shout but controlled myself.

It was also my mistake if I had told her, I had a crush on mara, I don't think she would have hit on her.

I wanted to say this but something happened suddenly.

''Siren! Siren! Siren!….." A loud siren blared across the Town, unforming townspeople that monsters are about to attack the town.