Monster Integration - Chapter 182 Cure

Chapter 182 Cure

"Mom, what happened to you?" I asked in a serious voice, earlier I had heard their conversation and knew something serious had happened to her.

"What do you mean?" she asked as if she understood the question.

"I heard you people talking earlier," I stated, the expression of their faces changed suddenly before a look of understanding dawned on their faces.

''We will have to tell you sooner than later " said my father with deep sigh and sadness could be seen both of their faces.

"Your mother had a very very rare disease, it acts very randomly and only active during the pregnancy." My father said.

"A week ago we had noticed some problem with the baby and after the detailed test, we noticed that your mother body had started to slow down the supply of lifeforce to the baby!"

"If your mother's body didn't supply life force to the baby, you can guess what will happen!" said my father in sadness.

I felt like struck by lightning, I've never thought the problem was this series if something hadn't done quickly, my little sibling who still growing inside my mother could die before it could come out in the world.

"Is. Is it curable?" I asked, prying to receive a positive answer.

My father laughed mirthlessly hearing the question, "To tell you the truth, it is very easy to cure, just need one potion but that potion is like an unreachable mountain to weak people like us but to the powerful people, it means nothing!" said my mother.

I felt relieved after hearing it is the potion, I already have 22 million on me and after selling Mana cores and honey of daffodil bees, I can definitely ama.s.s 150 million easily.

Jim can help me buy potion, if he can I am sure his parents would easily able to buy it as long as it is in available in the republic.

Even if it more expensive than I can afford in my life, I still have a trump card which is Ashlyn.

With her treasure hunting ability on the table, I don't think anyone able to refuse it.

As long as that potion within the republic, I still have a chance of getting it.

"Which potion does mother need?" I asked with the bated breath.

"Life Potion or the thing that provides immense life force but it is harder to find than life potion," he said.

Life Potion or the thing that could bring out a similar effect.

Hearing that name I felt like a load that I was feeling for quite while loosening.

Spending many days with jill, I learned about many things and what life potion is one of them.

Life potion could be considered as Elixir Of Life, it is the potion that provides life force.

Those who had their life force sucked or spent by any reason and near at death's door could only be saved by this potion.

No other potion could be work but this option, this potion had varied uses and could be said to one of the expensive potions in each grade.

Grade 1 Life potions price is 50 million while Grade 2 cost 200 million and Grade 3 said to be at near million.

They are expensive and impossible to be brought by common man despite having money.

I am sure Jim and jill could easily buy with their social status and connection.

They will surely help me as long as I asked and provided enough money, even if I am short by some, they will surely provide it but I don't think we will need Life Potion.

"What Grade of life potion does mom needs?" I asked hoping that it wouldn't be a high grade one.

They both looked little confused by my question but decided to answer it.

"Grade 1 should barely able go to counter that deficiency but we have Grade 2 potion, your mother will have an easy pregnancy and the baby would be absolutely fine." My father answered.

I took a heavy sigh and felt quite free.

The reason I thought my mother won't need Life Potion because I have something that is better than Grade 1 and Grade 2 life potion.

It Daffodil Honey, a single drop of it has more lifeforce that Grade 2 life potion and even if mother had needed grade 3 life potion, I would have added drop or two of Daffodil honey and potion grade have become equal to the Grade 3 potion.

With Jims help and connection, I am confident that he could help buy Grade 2 Life Potion.

"Mom, Dad, I don't think we will need life Potion, I have something with me that is better than that!" I said.

''What!" Both of them shouted in unison that even Ashlyn who is lazily sleeping on the table opened for a while.

"What is it? Don't just about such thing?" said both of them at the same time while their reaction was completely different.

I get up from my chair whisper something in their ears.

"chew chew chew chew!" suddenly both Ashlyn parents who were quietly submitting on table flew where Ashlyn was sleeping and start forcing her to get up.

"Chew Chew!" she first chirps annoyedly seeing they are disturbing her from her precious after meal sleep but after their forceful chirp she flew away with them outside of the house.

I take a sigh of relief seeing her going away, Ashlyn is very sensitive both in ears and smell if she heard if simple mention honey she would instantly get up and will start demanding the honey.

As she had already demanded it tens of times in the past three days.

"Let's go to your room first!" I said and we left toward my parent's room.

"hun!" I let out a sound of a surprise seeing there are a lot of machines in the room.

They must have to bright them from the hospital to keep constant track of moms condition

I remove the delicate box from my storage, they were shocked seeing such case which larger than my pocked coming out it but before they could ask all their attention drawn by my worlds.

"The thing I have is Honey of daffodil bees, they are one of the horrible monsters I've seen."

"They sucked all the energy of Being while alive leaving nothing but dusk!" they were shocked hearing that, they will be more shocked if show them real footage I have in my Holowatch.

They will have a nightmare for a few days as I had after seeing it the first time.

''Not only it contains the life force of very powerful monster, but it also contains varies other energies in the body and not only that this honey even contains the essence of very precious flowers and herbs."

"And that is why they know as a natural chemist to create such creation that even marveled by the top alchemist of the world," I said and open delicate case where with the three pieces of mystical medicine, there is a small piece of honeycomb which had golden brown honey.

"Mom please lay in bed comfortably!" I asked my mother, she did as asked and laid on her bed without asking any question.

They hadn't asked any question since I started explaining to them about daffodil honey, probably too overwhelmed to say anything.

I removed the piece of honeycomb with extreme care, "Mom please open your mouth!" I said seriously but inside I felt really weird asking about this.

I pinch the honeycomb softly and brown drop honey fell in her mouth and next moment look of ecstasy appeared on her face.