Monster Integration - Chapter 180 HomeTown III

Chapter 180 HomeTown III

"Mom! What happened to you?" I ask as I entered the hall and sat beside her, she looked really sick, sicker than yesterday.

She should be resting on the bed not sitting on the couch.

''It's nothing, I am just under the weather!" She said weakly but I know she clearly lying, this must be something else.

I didn't ask further as I don't want to stress her with more of my questions but I will ask later.

"Micheal!" she looked me in astonishment as my father sensing my new power.

I replied with her same answer that I had given my father.

''Chew chew chew chew…" suddenly two grey birds came flying and swept Ashlyn of my shoulder.

They are Ashlyn parents, when I looked up I saw two grey spark sparrow coddling tiny chubby Ashlyn between them.

She looks a little annoyed but did not resist the coddling of her parents.

She looked like a tiny thing squished between the two big things.

''It took us years to level up to Mid-level of Specialist grade but you did it in the three months!" Said my mother with the astonishment.

I just smile hearing that, it is true, my parents took three to four years for them to reach the mid-level.

"Here's a treat for you Ashlyn!" said my father as took out packaged monster meat and spread it onto the plate.

Saliva could be seen dropping from the mouth of Ashlyn parents as they saw the monster meat but it Ashlyn reaction most surprised them.

''Chew chew!" She chirped arrogantly as took the look as monster food, completely looking down on it.

Ashlyn had stopped eating this packaged monster food, three days after we started to live in weatblood and only time she ate that when we were in the s.p.a.ce realm.

That time I had to force her to eat as outside was a big sandstorm, she grudgingly ate that time but she was mad and didn't talk to me for the whole day.

''You didn't want it, Ashlyn?" My father asked confusedly confusion could be seen her face too.

Three months ago, this used to her favorite food, she even used to steal it sneakily from her parent's plate but now she even refused to look at it.

"Mom, dad, Ashlyn now find this monster meat too bland to eat!" I said with a smile, clearing the confusion of my parents.

"Michael! You must not coddle her much or she will never learn if you fulfill her every demand!" said my mother sternly.

I smiled after hearing her words, it's too late now, I don't think she will ever change this habit of hers.

Only thing I can do right now is that, don't let her eat too much tasty food that she will start to demand it daily.

My father put back packaged meat back to the packet without giving look two grew spark sparrow.

Seeing that the two grey spark sparrow turned to Ashlyn with little anger and started to coddle more but this time forcefully.

"Micheal, what do you want to eat? I'll cook it for you?" said my father as he moved toward the kitchen to cook.

"There is no need Dad, the food will come soon!" I said as the delivery is only a few minutes away.

The train comes to my town only two times a day, one in the morning from which I came and one in the early evening.

Both are the best time to deliver the food, I've already had food service for my parents which will deliver the food one time every two days but now I had upgraded that every day and foods quality also increased.

My father was a little startled at first but nodded and sat beside my mother, both of their faces suddenly and I know it is serious talk time.

"Do you pay off the loan?" my mother asked in a serious voice, without much choice I nodded.

"Why in the world you do that! We were fine, you will all the money you have for training!" said my mother, her voice was a week but there was the hardness in it.

Sighing I clicked some screens on my holowatch and large screen projected out of the holowatch.

''Gasp!" Both had let out a loud gasp as they read what's on the screen, my father even scrunched his eyes to look more clearly.

"Thi…this!" He wasn't able to for a straight word seeing this.

"This time the training was in the new special realm, my luck was good and found something precious, this the money I got after selling it!" I explained softly.

Thank G.o.d! That I had created a separate account and transferred seven million into it, expecting my parent's reaction, if I had shown them whole twenty-two million in my account, they would have directly lost conscience.

"You have to spend money wisely, train hard, I wish my son would achieve Corporal stage at least." said my father while taking a glance at Ashlyn.

I could understand his glance, with Ashlyn as my monster, it will be very hard for me to achieve the corporal level.

If I had accepted the organizations offer like my friends there would have been a big chance to reach corporal level but now if I had to reach it not only I have to work hard, I also have found the chance, without it it will be impossible for me break the bloodline limit on Ashlyn.

"Ting!" a notification sounded on my phone telling me that the food delivery had been made.

I got up and opened the front door to find there is a big box, right in front of it.

The box is quite big as it contains the food for the six people.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn started to chirp excitedly as she gets out of her parents coddling.

"chew chew chew!" she chirps again asking me to open the box quickly as she is feeling hungry.

''Micheal freshen up first!" My mother said sternly as I am about to open the food of the box.

The difference! I said in my mind if I would have been in my apartment as a westblood city, I could have eaten it without freshening but here I have to follow the rules of my parents.

Much to Ashlyn dismay, I walked toward the bathroom while Ashlyn kept trying to open the box with all her heart.