Monster Integration - Chapter 1818 - Family I

Chapter 1818 - Family I

Chapter 1818 - Family I

"Brother!" A childish voice said as seven people appeared on the formation that had lit up. Six people I know personally, the seventh one I know but never met personally.

"How is my little angel," I said and picked up the little girl who came running at me from my father's arms. "Brother, rose missed you very much," she said and as she hugged my neck with her little arms. "Rose missed you too, Ashlyn," she said and picked up Ashlyn, who was on my shoulder in her tiny hands, and gave her some kisses.

If it had been others, even me doing something like that to her, she would have flown away, but Ashlyn let my sister pick her and give her kisses.

"Members of Mistson, welcome to the Riverfield Academy," Professor said as she welcomed the party. There is one person she did not welcome, her own niece. Of the party of seven from the Mistson, one of them is not from Mistson.

Elina had come with a party of Mistson, it turned out when she went to the devil forest, she had formed a quite a group. When returning, she decided to go to the Mistson with Joana, which is closed to devil forest, which is yesterday and today, she had come back to Academy with my cousin.

"Madam Sandra, Lord Jackson, the headmistress, had invited you to her cabin for the tea. "It will be our p_l_e_a_s_u_r_e," said both, the man named Jackson cast his glance at me before he flew with the Professor and aunt Sandra.

A second after that, Elina also flew away with Joana, giving my family and me some privacy.

"Riverfield Academy had not changed since I had visited it last time," Mother said after we have taken the air. "The main campus had barely any changes in a century. The latest change it had in my house, which was built from scratch," I informed.

"The academy had quite different air than the Mistson," Father commented. He did not mean it as insultingly as others might consider his words if they heard it. "Though the Academy could not be compared to a Supreme, it had its own charm," I replied with a smile.

I love Academy, and I would not leave it even if Supremes offers me the world.

My father had quite a change in him since I had seen him last time, he had reached the peak of King Stage, and from the aura I am sensing from him, he could level up to Emperor stage anytime he wants; he is just holding back for some reason.

I could not spot any problem with his aura which is quite relieving, so it must be something to do with his Inheritance. He might be practicing some arts or have some other reasons.

We flew toward my house; on the way, I introduce my family to the famous things of the Academy. Most of them are thousands of years old, some of them had been built by her excellency Catherine, those always interest the visitors.

"Were here,"

I said as we stopped in front of the lake, with my house standing in the center of the lake. "It beautiful little house you got, Micheal," Mom said as she looked at the house. "Teacher had offered me some other places, used by a past successor, but I loved it here," I explained as we flew toward the house and, a few seconds later, landed on the porch.

"Brothers house is beautiful," Rose said as I placed her on porche, "I am glad you liked my little sister," I said as I kissed her chubby cheeks.

I also quickly deployed all the drones the house had and marked rose as a priority. Though my soul sense and Ashlyn will keep track of Rose, I still did not want the accidents to happen; the drones will always keep an eye on her, especially when she comes near water.

"Let me give you guys a tour," I said and take my family inside and begin to give the tour of it to my family. The house had changed a lot since I first begin to live inside it. It is filled with many decorative and utility-type artifacts I had found in the ruins and storages of my preys.

I have a small dream of collecting powerful decorative and utility artifacts that even Old monsters would feel jealous of.

"Your house is quite cozy Micheal, it has warmth," My father said as we returned to the living room. "Rose loved it too, brother," Rose said as she looked up from the bowl of snacks that she and Ashlyn eating.

"Thank you, Dad," I said.

"You are doing better than we Imagined, Micheal." "We were quite worried about you when we first come to the central continent, seeing how cruel this place is, but you have preserved and even shone through." My father said with an emotional voice.

"Some things I have been hearing about you these days made me question whether I am dreaming," father said after a moment of silence.

"We have heard quite a lot of things about you, like you going into that place deep devil's forest alone and you able to fight Tyrants while still being an Emperor," Mother asked, and the last sentence made her eyes sharp, I had never seen her showing such emotions before.

"Some things are quite exaggerated; while I did reach that place in Devil Forest, it was because I was forced to as I was being chased by the Tyrant and I had fought and killed the Tyrants that attacked the s.h.i.+p, but those were the weakest one, if the strong had attacked me, I would not have lasted even a minute against it," I said with a smile.

While I am proud of those deeds, I also understood reality. The Tyrants I had killed were nothing special; Grimm Monsters have thousands of them. I will be able to make any mark when I am able to kill an elite, and I am far from getting the strength needed to do something like that.