Monster Integration - Chapter 1798 - Run!

Chapter 1798 - Run!

Chapter 1798 - Run!

Shake Shake Shake…

"F.u.c.k, Ashlyn!" I cursed, seeing her Ashlyn coming up from the pipe. I hadn't finished cursing up when the shaking begins, and it became greater and greater; by the Ashlyn reach me, the shaking has become loud and huge pieces of stones begin to fall down.​​

"Let's go!" I said, and a powerful aura burst out of me, and I shot through the vine pipe. Its a good thing; I had prepared for an emergency. Otherwise, it would have a h.e.l.l of trouble to get out of the underground, and now it would only take few seconds.

My speed is great, and why it wouldn't be when I used all my strength, I had activated First Boot + Second Boost + Everwings together to get out. Not only to get out but also to run away from the real trouble I am going to face after I get out.

The underground palace is collapsing, huge stones falling all over, the earth is caving, and some residual formations and bursting apart like bombs.

Some of the big stones and explosions had hit my vine too, but it bore it all; the most I had felt were the light shakes. My vine is very strong; it would not break easily; it would need a much greater force to break it.


A few seconds later, I burst out of the pipe and came out in the open sky. I immediately took back my vines and looked around me, and expressions turned worse.

"Look what you have done," I said to Ashlyn accusingly; she just looked back at me with a look saying, 'It is not me who was desiring those things,'

"Let's run!" I said without wasting any time and turned to blur; tens of powerful monster wraiths who were already gathered here by commotions leaped at us with ghost roars and d.e.s.i.r.e to consume us.

"Chew, Chew!"

Ashlyn, besides me, chirped loudly and turned metallic before bursting into the flames and flew ahead toward the elephant Wraith that is blocking our way.


The elephant wraith let out a huge ghostly snort and attacked Ashlyn with its snot. Its attack is very fast, blurring to me, but Ashlyn expertly avoided it by centimeter before pieced through its head and coming out of the other side, holding its core which she crunched in front of all the wraiths.

The wraiths got stumped by seeing it, and it gave me a chance to pa.s.s through their blockage. They did not remain, they recovered in a second, but that time, I was already out of their blockage and now running like h.e.l.l.

Roar Roar Roar Zhi Zhi…

They let out a huge roar and came at us; their speed is similar to mine; some even had a speed greater than us and are catching up to us.

Flap Flap Flap

Each flap of my wings will help me cover hundreds of meters of distance. The Everwing move is not just designed to give me power; its main purpose was to help me run away from my powerful enemies, and in a quiet while, it going to do its job, which it is designed for.

Cry Cry Cry…

While we are almost ahead of all the monsters, some of them were still able to catch up to us. The bird monsters are able to catch up to use, and seeing that, Ashlyn moved to deal with them.


While Ashlyn moved back to deal with ghost birds, another roar rang out, and this one from the front. A huge tiger wraith is coming toward me with great speed. It is not strong as others chasing behind me but still strong.

'Don't worry about me; I can handle it,' I said to Ashlyn feeling her worries before summoning every bit of the strength I have and moving toward the monster which is lunging at me.


It let another ghostly roar and attack me with a glowing ghostly claw, its attack is extremly fast, and it appeared in front of me for a moment and tore through me, but soon confusion appeared in the eyes of a monster as it realized as it's claw felt no flesh.



My vine sword, encased in power, two enchantments of my totem artifacts pieced through the head of the tiger wraith before coming out bring its dark red core, which quickly disappeared into my storage and red mist merged into me, shooting intense pain into my body.

While it seemed like a lot of time pa.s.sed but only a second had pa.s.sed, in that Ashlyn also killed the two bird ghosts that came at us before flying toward us.

I again started to fly, and this time through the intense pain. The pain did not hinder me; I even used it to create the seals of supreme combat exercise; I am very close to creating the Third Diamond Seal, and each new seal would bring me close to it.

Few more seconds later, another group of the monster came from behind and front at same time and time there two monsters in front.

Like the last time, Ashlyn went for the monsters behind us while I went for those ahead. Killing two was quite a challenge, and I even got slightly injured, but I was able to kill them, getting their core and the painful red mist.

Roar Roar Roar Zhi Zhi…

As time pa.s.sed, more and wraiths begin to attack, the monsters from behind seemed to have the ability to call the other wraiths, but unlike the first two wraiths, these wraths are weak; with some effort, I was able to deal with them.

As such, five minutes pa.s.sed by, and we have covered half of the city; only half of the distance remained. Once we walked out of the city, these wraiths will not be able to follow us; the intelligence that the professor provided clearly said that wraiths do not walk of the city, specifically the mist they are born in.