Monster Integration - Chapter 1796 - Underground

Chapter 1796 - Underground

Chapter 1796 - Underground


I landed in a small open s.p.a.ce through the tube I had made from my vines. It is a small s.p.a.ce made of dirt and in front of me is a wall that has crack big enough that normal-sized humans can walk through it.​​

With my strength, I could blast the wall easily, but it would make thousands of kilos of dirt fall on me. Though I would survive the dirt, I would not be able to survive the commotion and wraiths of above and below come swarming at me.

Everything is dark in front of me, but I have no problem seeing it; the real problem is the wraith that is present on the other side. It is quite powerful; I will have to finish it off before I could walk through the gap in the wall.

'Ashlyn,' I said, and a tiny bird appeared out of me and flew through the gap; a few seconds later, I heard some sound before Ashlyn's voice rang out in my mind telling me all clear.

Hearing that, I did not waste any time and squeeze through the gap. Yes, squees, the gap is not big enough that I could pa.s.s through it comfortably. It took me a few seconds, but I was able to pa.s.s through and entered what seemed to be a huge hall.

The hall is not in perfect condition, there seemed to be battle happened here and also it has been ransacked.

As I had said, this ruin had been in at least one world before it came here, and not for forget, Grimm Monsters are controlling this ruin for hundreds of years, and it is not that hard to find this underground palace, so they must have had their fun here too.

I do not care about the other things; I only care about the thing that runes are hungering for; their hunger has become very intense, that treasure is very close.

Chew Chew Chew Chew

I had taken few steps into the hall when suddenly Ashlyn chirped excitedly in mind, "Really?" I couldn't help but ask back. I was so excited that I forgot to ask her throughout the connection and blabbered with my mouth.

The news is too exciting for me to not become excited, Ashlyn had sensed the Miracle fruit, and it is the same direction as my runes are taking me.

We moved room after room before climbing down the floor, and every place we come across had been ransacked cleanly. There are also quite a large amount of bones here, and seeing their numbers, it seemed like some type of slaughter took place here.

The bones of the powerhouses are quite useful, but all these bones are too old; they have lost all the power they had long ago, and now I touched them, they cracked open, some of them even turned to dust. In these bones, not a shred of magical energy had remained.

I moved room after room, hallway after hallway, which seemed to have no end. This underground palace is huge. If I am not wrong, then it had covered at least a quarter of the city square, and that is a huge area.

Ashlyn killed another wraith as we pa.s.sed through another hall, and we moved forward, getting closer and closer to our destination, which I have now become even more sure is the same.

I wonder what kind of bloodline fruit it would be; at my current stage, regular Miracle Fruits are no use to me. They could not increase the power of my runes, but this one might help; Ashlyn seemed very excited about it, which means it is a powerful miracle fruit.

We pa.s.sed through multiple hallways before climbing downstairs and found ourselves in the huge open ground, or I might say, a true underground arena. As I look at it, a look of fear couldn't help but appear on my face.

'I did not expect the last floor to be such wretched condition,' I said to myself as I looked at the arena, which is filled with small and big cracks that look like it could collapse at my moment.

I would not have dared to stand in such a dangerous place if not for my senses telling me treasure is right below it.

'Chew Chew Chew…'

According to pieces of the map and my own conclusion, this is the last floor, but my senses are telling me the treasure is right below me, and from what Ashlyn told me, there is secrete room below us, constructed with the special materials that could ward off the soul sense.

It is no wonder the people who came before use not able to find that hidden room. The arena is already verge of collapse, even if it was not. n.o.body would dare blast anything here in fear of bringing down the above floors on them and even activating some dangerous mechanism left behind.

Now, I have found the treasure, and it is just twenty meters below me; the question is, how do I take it out. From what I know, neither Ashlyn nor I have the ability to become incorporeal.

The only thing I could think of is using the same way I had come to underground but using that way is too dangerous for us. A slightest mistake the whole all the above floor will fall down on us, including the rubble of above ground palace.

I do not fear the fall of upper floors; the thing I fear is attracting the attention of wraiths; those are the real danger, especially when we are trapped underground.