Monster Integration - Chapter 1771 - Arena II

Chapter 1771 - Arena II

Chapter 1771 - Arena II

Seeing her sword coming, my sword appeared in my hand, my real greatsword with its original shape, which I hadn't used in quite a while.

I let the sword come toward me, and when it had crossed more than half a distance, I moved my sword.


A loud sound rang out as our weapons clashed, and Elina looked at me in horror as she flew back like a rocket while vomiting blood.

My attack was that powerful, and it was launched purely with physical strength, but it was still able to send fully armored Elina flaying.

While Elina is powerful, her strength could not be compared to me, even when I do not use a shred of my Inheritance's power.

My strength had already reached the level of Tyrant while hers's had not even reached the limit of Emperor.

Seeing her shooting, I appeared beside her and maintain the same speed as her. While she looked like she was shooting back like a rocket, I simply looked like a walking casually.

"You have to use all your strength Elina, without it, you will not have been able to make a scratch on me, much less force me to summon my armor," I said with a smile with a hint of taunt, which could clear heard in my voice.

I could tell my words have angered her; purple fire lit across her eyes as she looked at me with fury and a powerful aura blasted off her. Behind her, a phantom of Phoenix had materialized behind her. The phantom is quite fain, but I looked at it, my whole self couldn't help but shudder.

It is clear by the phantom that she is using all her strength, every bit she had. It looks like my taunt had worked better than I had expected.

It is important to rouse her emotions in this process; she has to burn with the fighting spirit, only that way she will be able to fight against the might of the potion and upgrade her Bloodline.

I could already feel her Bloodline getting stronger as the clash with the potion begins, and it is beginning as time pa.s.sed; she will improve at a much faster rate; the only thing she and her Bloodline have to do is survive.


Elina shouted as she stabilized herself and attacked, and this time, the attack is powerful. Her most powerful attack, seeing I swung my sword. My movements are relaxed as before, as If I am not using my sword to flick a fly and not to counter a powerful attack.


Our weapons clashed again, and this time too, her eyes widened up as she back like a ragged doll while vomiting blood.

"You have to try harder, Elina; even a fly makes me use more power to flick it than you," I taunted as I appeared beside her and attacked her without giving her any chance to stabilizes.


She was barely able to move her sword to defend and set back, shooting different directly; this time, not only had I made her vomit the blood but also cracked some of her bones.

"Micheal!" she roared; fury is evident in her eyes, and her aura climbed up. "Did you call me?" I asked as I appeared beside her, and before she could even open her mouth, I attacked her.


I attacked her again and again, barely giving her any respite, constantly keeping her under pressure and increase that pressure every second so she could dig out more power from her Bloodline, and it is working; her aura is rising slowly.

Still, it is not enough; I understand the horror of the Blood Furnace Potion and know how it would get stronger every second. The Bloodline and its host have to constantly fight that every increasing power and get stronger.

If they failed, then it wouldn't take long for the Bloodline Furnace Potion to burn the Bloodline and with its host.


I once again appeared beside Elina and attacked but halfway through it, my eyes couldn't light up when her aura suddenly exploded by a huge margin, and the phantom of Phoenix behind her became a little clearer.

It is clear that her Bloodline has made the first advancement, and the boost she had received is great; seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face. If she wants to survive, she will have to make such advancements at a greater speed.

"It looks like you have made a big advancement; taking my attack would not be a problem for you then," I said as I continued with my stooped attack.

She glared at me without saying anything and moved her sword in defense; her speed is greater than before, and the fire covering the sword seemed even denser.


My sword clashed against her; for a moment, it looked like she would be able to hold against my attack before she flew back like a ragged doll-like she had been doing for the past minutes.

"Hun! Did your strength really increased, Elina? Or a burst of aura was fake to scare me?" I asked her as I appeared beside her.

"It is a good thing; I had listened to my gut and attacked. Still, that fake aura burst you have created is very good; you should teach me how you did it as you know a lot of Grimm Monsters have put me on their hit list." "It would be a great help to me if I was able to scare a few of them with your fake aura burst method," I said, completely infuriating her.

She seemed to have got very angry by my words, so angry that if she has not been busy vomiting the blood nonspot, she would have cursed me loudly.