Monster Integration - Chapter 1751 - Final Phase

Chapter 1751 - Final Phase

Chapter 1751 - Final Phase

'It leaves me no choice,' I said to myself as I looked at the metaphysical bodies of twins. The rate of Cosmic Elemental Energy had reached twenty-seven times which is not good news.

The reason behind such an immense increase in Cosmic Elemental Energy is very simple. Their Cores are doing their job; as they absorb Elemental Cosmic Energy from twins' bodies and one from above, the connection between the Core and Cosmic Quintessence became stronger, thus getting more Cosmic Elemental Energy.

With core s.u.c.k.i.n.g more energy, the connection between them would only get stronger, and If everything Lord Al said about the elementazation process is right, then soon, floodgates of Elemental Cosmic Energy would open, and that I would not be able to stay in place as I am.

h.e.l.l, even someone as powerful as Patriarch Bradford will not be able to stay in the same hall as twins at that time, and seeing how crazily the rate of energy increasing, that time will come soon, and I have to finish the last phase of my plan before than happen.

'It is time to finish the last phase; I hope the Rule Breaking power I have is enough,' I said to myself as I closed my eyes and took a calming breath before pus.h.i.+ng the rule-breaking power into formation.

As I did, the formation below my palms lit up, and the formation covering twins' heads head also lit up.

"Sophia, Raina, are you listening to me? The rate of energy being poured into you is too great; we have to begin the final phase of our plan now," I said everything in one go.

I used the Rule-breaking power of numb the pain and spoke through them telepathically, but even after a second, I got no reply from them and about to contact them again when I saw Raina's left hand twitching and second after Sophia's hand begin to twitch as well.

The branches of the cores were able to suck the 65% energy present in the twin's body, which lessened the elemental petrification in the twin's body that now, one could barely see the signs of petrification on their bodies.

"Ok, I will help you through Inheritance Inprintation. It will be very painful; please bear it," I said and begin to pour a huge amount of Rule Breaking power into the formations.


The twin screamed even louder than before, but I did not focus on that; I focused on sending my rule-breaking power into twins' bodies along with Inheritance Imprintation, making the process as fast as possible.

I have a limited amount of Rule Breaking energy, and I have to use this limited energy in helping the twins imprinting the Inheritance quickly as possible.

The connection between the twin's cores and Cosmic Quintessence becoming stronger by the second, it won't be long before the floodgates opened and I have to imprint the Inheritance in them before that.

Usually, Inheritance takes hours to imprint, but I do not have, h.e.l.l, I do not even an hour, so I have to be very fast.

So, I became deaf to twins' screams and focused my all helping the Inheritance Imprinted, which is usually a painless process that now had became very torturous. I just hope twins bear this pain without breaking.

This Rejuvenating Body Inheritance is quite special; by power, it is so weak that even King Grade organization which had it did not make its member imprint this Inheritance.

The reason it is special before this Inheritance is not for the normal people. Only those with extremely special bodies like Elemental Bodies that twins can bring out this Inheritances full power, not to forget, it is also best in stabilizing body and soul; otherwise, I would not have chosen it.

Blood begins to come out of my nose due to the sheer strain I am feeling, but I did not give it a glance and continue to use my Rule Breaking power to imprint the Inheritance.

It would have been great if I were able to do it after the cores' branches suck all the Cosmic Elemental Energy from the twins' bodies. That time, the process would have been extremely smooth, and I would not have to face the resistance I am feeling right now.

Still, despite the resistance, the rule-breaking power is doing a great job at imprinting the Inheritance.

It is due to Rule Breaking power the treatment of twins had been possible. If I had not had such a unique ability, I would not be able to treat my friends. This ability of mine is simply to bend the rules, and when that is not enough, it breaks them and then rams through the things.

As time pa.s.sed, the veins of my head begin to pop in; not only did the blood begin to come out of my eyes and nose, the strain I am under is too much for my body, but despite that, I did not stop and continued with my work.

"Finally!" I said tiredly and opened my eyes; I had finally finished imprinting the Rejuvenating Body Inheritance into the twins.

There is no change had occurred in twins when imprinting is finished, and it will not occur till the real elementalization process is begin; at that time, the Inheritance will show its true powers.

It had taken me forty minutes to imprint the Inheritance, and now, the rate of cosmic energy had reached forty six-times; one could see clear Comic Elemental Energy entering the twin's body.

Minutes pa.s.sed by, and the rate of cosmic energy continue increasing. As such, twenty minutes pa.s.sed, and when finally the floodgates opened.