Monster Integration - Chapter 1747 - Treatment II

Chapter 1747 - Treatment II

Chapter 1747 - Treatment II

Four days have been pa.s.sed since I had come to the Blood Sun; today is the fifth day, the day I will treat the twins.

In the past four days, the condition of the twins has been worsened. The elemental petrification had spread through their necks and started to spread through their jaw already.

It is very painful to see them in such a condition, but they will be no longer if my treatment worked. They would be completely healed. It had to work, many things dependent on it, including my reputation.

Currently, I am sitting on the ninth floor, a floor below that of the twins. I had been sitting in this place for two days.

In front of me are points dots of energy that looked like seeds, and if one of them carefully looked at them, they will see extremely tiny runes of energy moving from my hands into those two points.

For the past two days, I had been acc.u.mulating every bit of rule-breaking energy I have into those two seeds. The Rule-breaking power is an important part of my treatment, just as important those divine crystals, even more seeing I am the only person who could produce something like it.

It is very tiring to pump out Rule Breaking power constantly, especially when you are morphing them into the runes.

I am nearly finished with them; I just need to make a few more runes made of rule-breaking power into those seeds, and I would be finished.

An hour more pa.s.sed by, and I finally finished with the seeds, now both of the seeds floating in front of me glowing in purple light. Seeing them, a smile couldn't help but appear on my tired face.

I did not get up as I finished. Instead, I closed my eyes and started taking meditative breaths to rest and cover my rule-breaking. During the treatment, I would need more rule-breaking power, so I had to acc.u.mulate it before I begin the twin's treatment.

With that throught, I got up from my spot and walked up to the upper floor. When I did, I found it in a little different state than it was two days ago and when I took a looked at it, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

On the floor of the hall, a dense runic formation had been carved; Grandmaster Carr is really good; each and every ruin is perfect, one could not find a flaw in the runes he had carved, even I could not carve them as perfectly as he could.

The energy screen in the center of the hall had disappeared, and twins who had been on the blood vitality crystal bed are now on the floor, which is also made of the blood vitality crystal like the whole tower.

There are eight people in the hall; aside from the teacher, there is Patriarch Bradford, Old Healer Jasmine, Grandmaster Carr, and Lady Lenora, the leader of the Blood Sun.

There are also three other people who bear a close resemblance to the twins; they are the twins' parents and older brother, whom I met four days ago.

I nodded at them as they looked at me before I turned to Grandmaster Carr and old healer Jasmine, "Is everything ready?" I asked. "Yes, everything you have asked for had been prepared," Old Healer Jasmine replied, and she took out a crystal box from her storage and gave it to me.

I took the box in my hand and opened it; inside it, green color fish-size diamond; this diamond is none other than the Inheritance Crystal of Reinvigorating Body Inheritance, an Inheritance from Candle Star Organisation.

Inheritances are sacred of organization, and I don't know what Patriarch Bradford did to get it from Candle Star organization which is King Grade organization, one of the weakest grade, but still they are an organization affiliated to Crystal Domination, he would have definably paid the heavy price to get it.

"The solution you had asked for is also ready," Grandmaster Carr said, motioning toward the Alchemical vat beside him.

"Thank You, grandmaster," I said and walked toward the twins. "You have to save them, Micheal," Sophia and Raina's mother said as I walked near the twins. Her eyes are red with pain, and worry could be seen on her face.

Any parent would feel what she is feeling seeing the condition of their children.

"I will give all I have in saving them," I said to her, who nodded and moved away from the formation covering the hall.

I sat between twins with Inheritance Crystal in front of me before turned toward the old healer Jasmine. "Lady Jasmine, please wake them," I said to her. The twins had been put into the artificial coma after finding out that process of Elemenalization is four times faster when they are conscious.

For the treatment, they remained to be conscious. It is a risk we have to take to heal them.

"Ok," she said and touched both of their temples same time; azure energy flashed between her finger before it disappeared.

A few seconds later, the eyelids of twins begin to flutter before they opened their eyes. Their gazes looked disoriented before they were able to concentrate.

"Micheal?" Sophia asked in a very straining voice as she focused her gaze on me; half of her jaw had been elementalized; it is a wonder that she could still talk.

"You have also died?" Raina asked before I could say anything. Hearing Raina's question, a soft laugh couldn't help but escape my lips. I am not the only one who had laughed; others in the room had also got a smile on their faces hearing Raina.

"No one had died, and you both will also not die, as I am going to heal you guys completely," I said with confidence that I am not feeling inside.

"We don't have much time, so listen well. I am going to start treating you, and you guys have to be there with me at every step," I said and begin explaining the treatment; I tried to be faster but clearer with my words as I could see the elementalization had picked up the speed.