Monster Integration - Chapter 1745 - Medical Records

Chapter 1745 - Medical Records

Chapter 1745 - Medical Records

"Don't be angry, Lady Jasmine; Micheal is just stating the facts he had observed," the Teacher said to the old woman. The old woman calmed down a little and put her aura off me after giving me a look.

'Everyone is very stressed here Micheal, they have been trying to heal the twins for three months, but nothing they had done was able to heal the twins,' the Teacher explained telepathically.

I couldn't help but sigh hearing that; Blood Sun is a supreme organization, but even with all its resources, they are helpless in saving the twins.

If twins had any other affliction, they would have easily able to save them with their vast resources and connections that could even make them call some like High Healer Carmicheal, who is known as the best healing in the world, but unfortunately, they are dealing with unstable elementalization which is not a problem of our world.

The Elimenetalization or Cosmic Elimentalization, as Lord Al had said, it is a very rare thing even in a higher world; extremely few people go through it.

It happened when one's body connected to the Cosmic Quintessence which contains the Elemental Laws of the universe; it brough change in one body but not every case of it goes through it smoothly, especially when it happened to the little world like ours, which had an only faint connection to the universal laws, it makes the process unstable.

Elimentalization is a blessing that one could dream of; having the elemental bodies make one journey to a higher path is much easier.

Gaining Elemental is a complete transformation; their very being is changed, they became different from their original race, they became children of the universe, and due to having the favor of the universe, they are also very hard to kill.

For the twins, this should have been a blessing, but it had turned them into the curse that is killing them slowly, and now seeing their condition, they have less than two to live. My heart couldn't help but ache to see my good friends in such a condition.

"Marina, we have called your student as you asked and now ask him if he had anyways to save the girls?" Said Patriarch Brandford, who have appeared besides Teacher without me noticing.

"Micheal, what do you think of the twin's condition? Do you have any way to save them?" Teacher asked, looking at me with hopeful eyes. She is the only one who had that expression on her face, while everyone around pretty much has given up hope.

I would not blame them for not having the slightest confidence in me. They have called some as High Healer Carmichael, who had hundreds of years of experience, and he was powerless against it, then how an Emperor could do something that even great healer and sages could not do.

h.e.l.l, even I do not believe I could heal them, though I have a faint idea about how to heal them due to the information I got from Lord Al, it is not much, not to forget the condition of the twins have worsened so much that they barely few days to live.

"I can't say," I replied with a wry smile, hearing that n.o.body had much changed in their expressions except for Teacher, who had a bright smile on her face, as only she understood the meaning behind my words.

"You have the way to save them? what is it?" Teacher asked, startling everyone around her, who concentrated all their gazes on me, making me suffocated.

"I have some idea, but I can't say for sure unless I read the complete medical records of the twins," I said, and at that moment, I found old woman standing directly in front of me.

"Boy, take it, it has all the data on twins, including the live tracking of their condition," Old woman said as she appeared in front of me and handing me a thumb-size thin disk that had dense micro runes carved all over it.

"Thank You," I said as I took the disk from her hands and sat on the closes chair before adding my energy into the disk; as I did, multiple windows popped out of it.

As I read these windows, my eyes couldn't help but pop up in surprise. All the records of twins are here, from the day they are born, the day they have awakened their const.i.tution for the first time, and after they joined the Blood Sun.

There are also records of the last three months when the elementalization begin, and they are very detailed.

I started from the beginning. If I want to heal them, then I would have to study them completely, every aspect of them.

This will be no simple healing where I pierced my strings into the bodies of my patients and suck the ailments out of them. This treatment goes deeper, much deeper, where I will have to use all I had learned to form the diagnosis for the twins.

I begin to read, and my speed is quite fast with all the practice I had. I am not only reading text but also processing my deep knowledge of the medical field; let me do that, and twins report is not so different from regular people in their early years.

After reading for half an hour, my speed considerably slowed down, and as I come to the const.i.tution awakening part.

Their const.i.tution awakening had created quite a buzz; I had how they had turned the to the crystalline structure of Ice and Fire Rule powers.

I begin to read it carefully, sometimes stopping over some figures to understand them carefully before moving forward. As I read, I understand that ever since the const.i.tution of twins has awakened, it has always been advancing; it had never ceased to advance even for a second.

There are notes from all the healers who came to see the twins, including old man Carmichial who had left quite a detailed record which was very helpful in understanding the twin's condition.