Monster Integration - Chapter 1743 - Blood Sun

Chapter 1743 - Blood Sun

Chapter 1743 - Blood Sun

We flew out of the hole that opened on the protection layer of Fort Xander, which closed immediately after we pa.s.sed through it.

We stopped outside of the energy layer, and Lord Mycroft waved his hand gently in the air, and a huge spatial tear appeared as his hand moved.

I couldn't help but get surprised by the ease that Lord Mycroft had torn through s.p.a.ce. It may seem like a simple action, but it is an extremely hard one and require a huge amount of strength; only powerful Elites and grade above Tyrants could do it.

A moment after that, I found myself pulled into spatial tear by the energy of the Lord Mycroft and entered the s.p.a.ce sea with them.

The s.p.a.ce sea is just as I had remembered when I entered here first time by accident. Waves of spatial particles could be seen anywhere; these waves look very dangerous, and they are dangerous for someone like me who would not be able to stay here alive for more than a second.

If not for the powerful energy of Lord Mycroft protecting me against the spatial particles, I would have died by now.

We flew the s.p.a.ce sea in silence in the lead of Lord Mycroft, who seemed to know where we are going. The s.p.a.ce sea is infinite, and without a beacon for the destination, one would get lost in it.

Only those who are extremely proficient in s.p.a.ce travel could move here without a beacon, but those people are very few, almost negligible. Even among the old monsters, very few could travel the s.p.a.ce sea without a beacon.

We traveled for a little more than a minute before we suddenly stopped, and again, Lord Myscrot tore s.p.a.ce, and we walked out of the s.p.a.ce.


When I walked outside, I found myself in the hall. The hall is not big, around medium size, but it is covered completely in silvering runes which are s.h.i.+ning brightly; Lord Mycroft had landed us precisely on top of the beacon, which is kind of amazing.

"Lord Mycroft, the Patriarch, is waiting for you," said the man in a man who seemed to be in his late thirties.

I couldn't help but be surprised hearing his voice; he had been in the room all along, but I had not sensed him. If not for him speaking, I would have taken a couple of seconds to see him.

I couldn't help but shudder at the throught of the enemy like him attacking me sneakingly. With such stealth ability, it would not be hard for him to sneak attack without one noticing; I am sure he would have killed many powerful people with that ability of his.

"Hm!" Lord Mycroft acknowledged, and we walked out of the hall with the middle-aged man following behind us silently.

A few seconds later, we walked out of what seemed to be like a small tower, but my focus is not only that. My focus is on the scenery in front of me, which looked like some kind of wonderland.

In front of me are tall skyscr.a.p.ers and palatial buildings on the top of natural and artificial mountains. There are huge gardens and waterfalls. People could be seen everywhere, both on-air and ground, and all of them had a powerful aura of Kings and above.

'We are Blood Sun, in its core campus, to be precise,' Professor informed me telepathically. It is the first time professor spoke to me since we left Fort Xander, and I wanted to ask her many questions but controlled myself as I felt like all my questions would be answered soon enough.

Once again, I found the energy of Lord Mycroft covering myself, and we flew into the air, and our speed is not slow at all.

Everything became a blur in front of me, I wanted to watch the beautiful scenery of Bloodsun from above, but I did not get a chance.

With speed, everything pa.s.sed by me in a flash, and a few minutes later, we entered the forest where nothing else but trees before we suddenly stopped, in front of a small tower which is made of blood-red crystals.

I am barely able to stop myself from gasping as I saw the tower. The tower is small, it had only ten floors. The shocking this about it is are those blood-red crystals; they are known as vitality crystals or life-prolonging crystals.

These crystals are insanely expensive, and these people have made a tower of them; this tower is standing in the center of the lake, which is equally strange as the tower.

The lake is divided into two parts; one part is extremely cold enough that only Tyrants would have a hard time surviving, while the other side is boiling water, which has the strength to boil even Tyrants.

Normal boiling water does not affect knights, much less the Tyrants but these boiling and frozen lake are not normal lakes; there is the intense fluctuation of Rule of Fire and Ice could be felt from it, and fluctuation is at Grandmaster level.

The lake could be said to be a powerful treasure for the Knights to Tyrants, who practice Ice and Fire Rules, but there is not a single person around the lake.

We landed at the entrance of the lake and walked toward the bridge which is connected to the Blood Red Tower. As I stepped on the bridge, I found all the power of the Ice and Fire rules disappear completely; it had completely isolated it.

As I got closer to the tower, I noticed one more thing about it. It is covered in the dense tiny runes; I had not noticed them before.

They are of the same color as the blood-red tower, and a faint aura emitting from the tower hides them; only when one reached closer to the tower could one see them.