Monster Integration - Chapter 1740 - Capture

Chapter 1740 - Capture

Chapter 1740 - Capture

Chapter 1740 Capture

"Die You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" It roared and launched another flurry of attacks.

It had been nearly three hours since we had begun fighting, and it went mad. It is still very much in control, but it taking more risk to inflict more damage.

It is now fully covered in the scarlet cloud that one could barely see its figure in it. The aura is raging around it, and its attacks are devastating; unfortunately, it could not do any damage to me, not no matter where it attacked and how much strength it used

My size had increased further, and now, it had reached slightly over thirty meters. I am still attacking it, but like before, it was easily able to dodge all my attacks despite me targeting its weakness.


A sigh again couldn't help but come out of my mouth; the difference of strength between us too great. It could easily dodge all my attacks, no matter how much power I use.

"Wretched human, if you are the son of your mother, come out of your turtle sh.e.l.l and fight me like a real warrior," It said with taunt. "A real Grimm Monster would have broken this though this weak sh.e.l.l of mine by now, only weakling like yourself could not do anything against it," I taunted back.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" It cursed and attacked me with even more strength. I could see it appearing and disappeared all over my body, attacking me from all sides, but its attacks are doing nothing more than making scratches on my strings.

I once again took a glance at the Domain that is covering the big battle, and sounds have become even more intense than before.

"Little Hyena, I am getting bored. For some challenge, I will give up my sword and fight you with my fists!" I said suddenly, and the sword disappeared from my hands. This sudden action due to the sudden idea that came to my mind allured me so much that I acted on it immediately.

I am not this impulsive and never throw away my sword, which is a big part of my strength, but the idea that came to me to alluring to not to act on it. The idea produces the possibility of me killing it, and there is no way in h.e.l.l I will not act on it.

"Hehe, you must think I am an idiot? I will not fall in whatever trap you are concocting human," The Scarlet Hyena said as it stooped, attacking me, seeing me putting away my sword.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face hearing that; its reaction is not one-bit surprising. This Scarlet Hyena is very intelligent, and I would have been surprised if it had to continue attacking before seeing my suspicious actions.

"Whether you will attack me or not, but I am going to attack you!" I said with a booming voice and attacking it with my fist.

I had lied a little, my sword had not truly disappeared. It is still inside me, and I am using its enchantment of heaviness to make my fists heavier. The huge fists of mine are powerful that single hit from my fist could make it seriously injured.

It dodged my fists and attacked back but unlike the attacks from before. The attacks this time are not close-ranged but long-range one.

Bang Bang Bang

It had begun to shower me with huge waves of scarlet fire, nearly drowning me in it. This attack is extremely dangerous that could turn the below-average Tyrant to ashes, but it is doing nothing to me; it is much weaker than the sword attacks.

The Scarlet Hyena seemed to understand it as well. It had attacked me with long rang attacks for half an hour before it again s.h.i.+fted with a close sword attack.

Its attacks became more cautious as it fears it might fall into my trap, but a time pa.s.sed, its caution begins to whittle away and again started to attack me from all the angles madly.

I continue showering my fists at it, though it had dodged each and every fist of mine, I am not sad about it. There is even a sharp glint in my eyes as I watched every minute's movement of it carefully as it continues to dodge my attacks while attacking me.

Twenty more minutes pa.s.sed when suddenly, the glint in my eyes became blinding like the sun, and I acted.

In the past hour, there had been thousands of times I wanted to act, but I did not. I controlled myself and searched for the perfect opportunity, as I know I have only one chance against it, and if I messed it up, I could forget about killing it.


Sup Sup Sup

It had come to attack my c.h.e.s.t, and just its sword touched my c.h.e.s.t, I acted. All the power I had stored released, my hands which were behind the Grimm monster, transformed into thick vines, not only my hands but also my lets, my head, and shoulders; they all transformed into thick finger strings and formed a sphere with Grimm Monster inside.


I had not only released all the energy I had acc.u.mulated fighting for hours but also nearly empties all my storage for this.


It crashed into a wall of a newly formed sphere; if it half a fraction of a second faster, it would have been able to get away, but now, it had no chance to do that.


I had just formed a sphere and about to move to harvest it when suddenly, I heard an earth-shattering bang behind me, and a moment later, its shockwave hit me and sent me rolling tens of kilometers before I could understand what is happening.