Monster Integration - Chapter 1735 - Beaten Blue and Black II

Chapter 1735 - Beaten Blue and Black II

Chapter 1735 - Beaten Blue and Black II

"Nearly an hour pa.s.sed, and those b.a.s.t.a.r.d still couldn't defeat the bunch of humans!" Rhinoman said with a frown as it stopped attacking

It is looking up toward the battle which is happening near the airs.h.i.+p. I could not see the battle, not because it is far away because the Grimm Monsters that are attacking the humans are enveloped in some kind of domain which makes the battle near invisible.

"Human, you are quite good at defense, and if I had time, I would have liked to see the limit of it," It said with a sigh. "Unfortunately, I have to go and slaughter the rest of the humans in the airs.h.i.+p before reinforcing the idiots who hadn't finished the job yet," It added with regret.

Such missions are on a time limit; I am quite surprised this idiot in front of me dared to even waste much time. If I had been in its place, I would have used my full power within the first minutes to finish me off.

Every minute they waste, they give the enemies more time. If we were to be rescued, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds would have killed by those who would have come to rescue us.

But it seemed like these people also know that there is a fat chance of rescue, which is why they dared to waste so much time. Still, I would have been in its place; I would have used all my strength from the beginning to finished all my mission objectives as fast as possible.

"For that, I have to kill you, kill you with my full power, even if you don't deserve it," It said, and its eyes, blades, and aura thick a liquid came out of it.

The aura is immensely powerful, so powerful that I froze for a moment. This aura had formed the shame of Rhino behind it; this time, the Rhino is different, instead of having an only horn golden brown crystal, its whole body is crystalline, and the horn on top of it is golden in color with a slight brownish hint.

"Golden Retribution!" It roared, and the golden-brown aura around it turned golden for a moment before it came at me.

Its speed seemed slow, so slow that I felt like I could attack it ten times. Seeing that, fear couldn't help but appear on my face, and I moved my sword with all the strength that all the boosters in my body had given me.


I am barely able to move my sword up when its ax is stuck against my sword. The attack is a force of mountain; it is powerful and heavy that I blacked out for a moment.

When I came to myself, I found myself cras.h.i.+ng into a tree after tree while vomiting the blood, which is filled with bits and pieces of my internal organs.

The attack had been too powerful, more powerful than I had expected. It is a good thing I had runes that could absorb the energy; if not, that Bloodline energy from the attack would have torn through my body.

The bloodline energy of this attack had quite a sentients in it, and with the power it contains, it would have shredded my body shredder shred the cheese, and this attack is just beginning, and as I could see it slowly walking through the trees, leaving behind tens of afterimages.

Seeing it, I forcefully control my invisible wings in a bid to stabilize myself and move my sword in front of me while activating all the ocular abilities I have; the attack will come at any moment.

Just as I had thought that my ax came out of nowhere and moved toward my neck to decapitated me, but I used every shred of energy I have and moved my sword up in front of the ax to defend myself.


Its ax clashed came down on my sword again, and it nearly left my hands. The power of the sword was so great that my hands became numb, and small fractures begin to appear on them and as I crashed through one tree after another while vomiting the blood.

It is more powerful than I had imagined, and if it continued to attack me this way, it wouldn't be long before its blade fell on my neck, and I take a forever journey to the underworld.

My mind raced like a rocket, and I begin to think about all the strategies I have made to defeat such a difficult opponent; according to my current estimate, I have less than a 5% chance of defeating, and this estimate of mine is quite generous.

It again came like a phantom, leaving behind tens of afterimages and attacked me, sending me flying at even greater fracturing bones of hands. Intense pain shot through me, but I bore it with a bright mind as I finally found the strategy which I could use to deal with.

The chances of defeating this b.a.s.t.a.r.d with this strategy are not that great, but they are still better than my usual 'Collect the data and attack' strategy.

As I made my mind, nine lotuses came out of me and stopped before ten meters from my body and created a small domain.

"Petty tricks would not save you, human," said Crystal Horn Rhinoman and who came walking, leaving tens of afterimages behind it.

It pa.s.sed through with the domain of roses without any problem, and I am not surprised to see that. This domain I have employed, not to protect me against it but suppress it, though the suppression would not be huge, every bit will help during the next phase of my plan, which is quite hard.

I had practiced it but never used it in the battle; the concentration and energy it requires are immense, and the slightest mistake would be the cause of my fall, but I have not choice but to do it as it is the only way through which I have any chance to kill it.