Monster Integration - Chapter 1733 - Sphere Of Thorns

Chapter 1733 - Sphere Of Thorns

Chapter 1733 - Sphere Of Thorns

"Human, I have to say, you are very good for a weakling," It said as it finally stopped attacking me. It had been more than ten minutes since we have started fighting but till now it with the great advantage, it was able to injure me.

"Kroelon's Eruption!" It thundered, and a powerful aura of bloodline blasted off it, and a phantom of huge Rhinoman appared behind it.

"Human, now have a taste of my real strength!" It shouted and appeared in front of me like a phantom that, despite expecting it, I couldn't help surprised.


Its huge ax came down on my toothpick like a sword, and as it did, I felt mountain-like pressure before plunged down with the speed of a bullet.

Even Rhinoman had not expected I would fall down at such speed that it took a moment for it to react, and it followed me down.

Immense energy came cras.h.i.+ng down me, and with it came a huge shock that had rattled my body. If not for my body being so strong, many of my bones would have cracked, and I would have vomited blood.

I am very close to vomiting the blood; I had not come from this attack unscathed, I had suffered some internal injuries. If the attack had been slightingly powerful, I would have had definitely vomited the blood.

Suddenly my fall begin to slow down, and a few seconds later, I have completely stabilized, and by that time, there is only a hundred-meter distance between the third.

"I thought my energies would tear through you and blasted you into pieces, but it seemed like my attack barely did anything other than making you fall down a little!" It said; its voice was full of surprise as it looked at me carefully.

"Well, I have time to play around with you; those guys would need some time to finished off all the humans!" It said as it looked above before it came at me.

'First Boost!'

I activated silently, without making the slightest aura of my move leak. I could have activated it earlier, but I wanted to test the power of its attack, which was not disappointing at all.


Our weapons clashed, and despite me using the first boost, I still have to take the two steps back before I was able to stabilize myself.

A frown couldn't help but appear on its huge face as it saw me taking only two steps back, but that frown disappeared as it had appeared before it came at me, leaving a trail of brown crystalline aura in its wake.


A ferocious smile appeared on its face as it moved its ax at me; its crystalline blade pa.s.sed through more than half of the distance between use before my sword able to catch it, and even then, I had to take the steps back.

It is an artist with an ax; seeing it move its ax reminds me of an artist moving a calligraphy brush across the paper.

Its attacks are smooth and powerful, there is deception hidden in them, and if not for my vast experience and powerful a.n.a.lytic ability I have, I would have already been hit by its ax thousands of times.

It is very skilled, and I would have had to work hard to decipher it, which would not be quick work, but I am still excited about it. Each Tyrant is a challenge, especially like this one which I barely have a 25% chance of defeating.

Surviving against its attacks would not be a problem for me, but defeating it would be a huge challenge. The 25% chance I had given it is very generous on my part; the real possibility is much low.

Still, I would continue to fight it; it would be a great battle before my big break. It would be months before I could fight another Tyrant, so I should use this chance well and fight it with my heart's content and kill it.

The bloodline of it is quite powerful, more powerful than the Bloodline of the last Tyrant I had harvested the bloodline before; it would give me a susbstancial increase, and also one more Essence rose, I am sure the one more Essence Rose in my Tyrant Rose collection look even more beautiful.

So, no matter how small, my chances are, I have to kill it.


I took another of its attack and finally, my feet landed on the ground, seeing that small smile couldn't help but lit up on my face; I love to fight on the ground, at my current stage, some of my moves could only be used successfully from the ground.


A moment later, it also landed on the ground, and there is a wide smile on its face. "Don't you think the human that ground is the best place to fight?" It asked with a bright smile and seeing that smile, a sense of foreboding couldn't help but rise in my heart.

"Sphere of Thorns!" It said gently with a gentle smile on its face, and as it did, I felt danger all over over my body.

I did not waste time and flew into the air, and the moment I did, I found myself surrounded from every angle. There are over thousand long crystal thorns all over me; they are covering me from all sides, there is not a single s.p.a.ce from which I could slip away.

The crystal thorns surrounded me long and sharp; each of them is five meters long and has a tip that is sharper than that of the needle; I couldn't help but shudder when I looked at that extremely fine point of thorns.

"Die human, I will make sure you brethren in airs.h.i.+p join you soon," It said gently before releasing thousands of crystal thorns at me.