Monster Integration - Chapter 1729 - Leaving The Devil's Gate

Chapter 1729 - Leaving The Devil's Gate

Chapter 1729 - Leaving The Devil's Gate

"You should stay in my quarters till we leave tomorrow," She said when we got out of the hall. I couldn't help but be surprised to hear her offer and opened my mouth to decline before closing and thinking for a moment.

"OK!" I said a second later. "I don't think you would agree on this quickly. Do you want to stay in my quarters this badly," She said teasingly.

Hearing that, my cheeks couldn't help but brighten up a little before I controlled my expression. "My ident.i.ty had been revealed, and seeing there is Tyrant level already found in the city, your quarters is the safest place for me," I said, and now it is her time to get shocked.

"How do you know about that?" She suddenly stopped and asked me. I could feel her concentrate around me concentratedly, which is slightly uncomfortable, but I could bear it.

"I have my sources," I said mysteriously. A second I said it, a strange realization dawned on her face, and she looked at me; her aura also concentrated, which made me feel slightly stifling, but I bore it with a smile.

"You are the one who spread the news about the Lidt, arent you?" she asked. I did not reply, just kept the smile on my face; she stared at me couple of seconds before she looked away and lightened up the pressure.

"What is that, Lidt lady Mars?" I asked her a few seconds later, hearing that expressions on her face became serious, "It is something the only Tyrant should know," She replied. "You will know about it when you make a breakthrough to the Tyrant stage," She added.

I wanted to press her further, but seeing her expression, I let go. I will ask the teacher about it, the teacher had told me many things that the only Tyrant have the business of knowing and I am sure she will tell me about it.

A minute later, we reached her quarters. I have to say, it is quite opulent, decorated with high-grade things that are not only pleasant to look at but also very helpful in practice.

The chandelier in the hall is made with concentrator crystals of Tyrant Grade, which attract a huge amount to pure mana. The mana inside the living room is six times that of the outside, regularly practicing in such an environment has great benefits, even to Tyrant.

"You should go rest," she said as she pointed me toward the room, "I will be out for few hours; I have to make the preparations for tomorrow."

"n.o.body will attack you here, but even if they do, the wards of apartments will stop them for few minutes before I arrive," She added.

"Thank You," I said and toward the room. I am really feeling tired after healing so many Tyrants and seeing it is already late, I decided to sleep directly, not having the energy to work with my Inheritance to practice in Tome, which I usually do before sleeping.

"Get in; we don't have all day to wait around!" A fat-looking Tyrant barked as he herded us into the s.h.i.+p one by one. Its soul sense is tracking all the Emperors as we went inside the s.h.i.+p, feeling a stifling sense; no Emperor decided to create trouble.

There are two lines of Emperors going inside the airs.h.i.+p. The Emperor in the one line has serious faces, some of them even anger on their faces while others have people smiling and laughing, some even point at another line.

It will be better I maintain my original id, while the Emperors know it, but it has been only a day since they know it; it will take time to spread it around.

Both of the lines are quite long, with hundreds of people lining behind each other. There are quite a few people leaving the Devil's Gate, but more are entering. From what Miss Constance told me, she said that there are quite a lot of Emperor and Pyramid is thinking of slowing down the new entry.

If they do that, it will bring more pressure on the Emperors since the Grimm Monsters are continue pouring their numbers without care, but Pyramid has no choice; we don't have as many powerhouses as they do.

While many people die under such numbers difference, those that survive will become powerhouses; it is also one of the reasons the Pyramid is lessening the new numbers. It seemed quite heartless on Pyramids' part, but they have no choice but to do that.

We do not have as many powerhouses as Grimm Monsters, and it has always been the case. Still, despite that, they never have able to conquer us. There is a simple reason for that, our powerhouses are better; they are forged through the blood and iron, and each one of the equal to two to three Grimm Monsters.

In the coming days, things are going to escalate further, and I have to be prepared. I need to give maximum effort to Tyrant Inheritance, only when I could be truly able to do something for my race.

In the grand scheme of things, even Elite Tyrants do not matter; only leader level have the strength to change the fate of the people, and I am confident that if filled all whole Honeycomb and designed the Tyrant upgrade to my satisfaction, my strength would reach close to the Leader level when I make the breakthrough to the Tyrant stage.

I soon shook my head; I again started to think. I have a habit of thinking too much; I should be focusing on the things I could do now and not what I could do later.

These twenty days in the airs.h.i.+p will be without disturbance, and if I used them wisely, I would be able to make good progress in Tyrant Inheritance.