Monster Integration - Chapter 1712 - Fighting Tyrant II

Chapter 1712 - Fighting Tyrant II

Chapter 1712 - Fighting Tyrant II

"Human, I should be thankful to you." The shame of my failure to not able to catch you made me dig into my Inheritance and unearth this amazing move," It said as all of its aura covered into the runes which had covered its huge body and ax that is present in its hands.


I gulped down my saliva as I looked at it; it looked very dangerous; not only it looked dangerous, but it also feels dangerous, that every part of my body made me want to run away from it.

I steeled my heart and stayed in my place; it may have gotten powerful, but so am I. I am not the same person anymore who had run for his life when I saw it. This time I have the confidence to fight it, and if a little bit of luck is on my side, I will kill it.

"Human shudder under Heaikons Wrath!" It roared and came at me; its speed is so fast that it appeared in front of my instant and swung its ax at me.

Seeing it, I did not hold back either. I also swung my sword at it, using every bit of power I could from First Boost + Second Boost + Everwings. I will fight this b.a.s.t.a.r.d with every bit of energy I have.


Our weapons clashed, and I felt a powerful shock running through my body; this shock is powerful enough already, and behind it came scythe-like Inheritance energy, which wants to shred me to the pieces.

Step Step Step

This opportunity is used by the Crockman as it had launched another attack as it had finished with first, wanting to finish me off before I stabilized myself.


Its ax moved swiftly, but I acted immediately too and defended against its attack while taking a step back as its heavy momentum came cras.h.i.+ng down on me, and it was just the beginning of its attacks.


Attack after attack came and the only thing I could do is defend against them. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too powerful and fast for me to counterattack.

While I could not attack it, it could not do anything against me too. My defense is extremely tight that no matter what type of trick is used, I had always defended against it.

If one thing I am better at, then it would be a defense; it is through such tight defense, I was able to survive against the ghouls for six months, who were not only much more powerful than me but also had huge battle experience.

There is one more thing that had helped me against the ghouls, and that is learning their battle style and then exploiting it.

I chose to go with that strategy again, and luckily my killing rule had reached a Peak of Master stage. With its help, I could even a.n.a.lyze the Tyrants moves, which are extremely complex and require high a.n.a.lytical ability.


Time pa.s.sed by as its attack continued; with time, it became more ferocious with its attack. Slowly it begins to lose caution and started with more daring attacks to pierce my defense, and when its unable to do that, it would get even angrier, and its attack would become even more ferocious.

The cycle kept going, and more and more gaps begin to show in its defense, but I did not act on them, as I know I had not a.n.a.lyzed it enough.

It is a Tyrant I am dealing with; even if this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has muscled for brains, it is still a Tyrant with vast battle experience. An unprepared strike would be easily dealt with, and then, its my life that would be in danger.

An hour pa.s.sed, then two and then three before four hours had pa.s.sed; it had been four and half hours since our battle had begun, and it had grown extremely angry, its anger reached near insanity.

"Die You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Why Don't You Just Die!" It shouted ragingly as it attacked; it had been shouting madly at me for little more than an hour, attacking me crazily. It is quite a wonder that no Tyrant had got attracted hearing its crazy roars.

Seeing it raging like a common Grimm Monster, I had become quite surprised at first. It is noted that the higher level of power the Grimm Monster reaches, the less they lose control, and among the Tyrants, it rarely happened.

But it is too much to hope from this brain for a muscle idiot who started to show signs of losing control just after two hours into the battle.

It is likely due to the shame; last time, it was unable to capture, and now even after nearly five hours, it was unable to kill this puny emperor, any self-respecting Grimm Monsters would get mad if such things happened to them.

In the past six hours, I had collected all the data I needed and a.n.a.lysed it. The a.n.a.lyzed data had made me confident that I could defeat it. If I had not got that answer after fighting for six hours, I would have run away.

There is so much a.n.a.lysis that could help in filling the gap between the difference in strength. If this gap could not be breached by data, I would have left.

I would have just needed few weeks and a couple of bloodlines of Emperor Grimm Monsters before I became confident of killing this b.a.s.t.a.r.d or Tyrant of similar prowess, but now I do not have to think about this choice as data I had a.n.a.lyzed telling me I could defeat it and data is never wrong.