Monster Integration - Chapter 1700 - Run I

Chapter 1700 - Run I

Chapter 1700 - Run I

Hearing Ashlyn's chirp, the color drained from my face, and I got up without wasting even a moment and made ran; I had just taken a step when a powerful aura like a mountain come cras.h.i.+ng on my body.

"Well, look who's here, a little human rat," said a booming voice, and the next moment eight-meter tall Grimm Monster, A Tyrant Crockman with a huge bone Axe behind its back, had appeared in front of me.

I couldn't believe my luck; it had not been half a minute since I made the breakthrough into the peak of Emperor Stage and a Grimm Monster found me; my luck could be said really s.h.i.+tty.

I had not created any disturbance during my breakthrough, even when I s.u.c.k.e.d the sunlight. It had only affected hundred meters area around me; even those a kilometer away couldn't have noticed that disturbance.

So, I was in the path of Grimm Monsters patrol, and if I had been a few hundred meters away or it had diverted its way a little few kilometers back, it would not have been able to spot me.

"I could not believe my luck; I had found an Apex Elite Emperor. Sir Moew would be extremly happy," it said as it looks at me giddily with greed.

While it is happy, I am burning with dispair. With Honeycomb inside me, if I met this b.a.s.t.a.r.d a few weeks later when I consumed enough bloodlines, I would not have feared it, but I am now; I am fish on the chopping block in front of me.

Even if I had leveled up to the Peak of Emperor Stage, I am still not its match. The power difference between us is too great, it could still crush me with a single attack, and I could not do anything against it except for prey that any one of my amulets would work.

I really wish that I have supression nullifying powers like Ashlyn; with no supression, I would have had fain hope of running away toward the sunlit dome, which is quite close.

"Don't fear, little human, you will not die, at least not yet," It said with a huge toothy smile and walked toward me.

There is no hurry in its pace; the way it is walking, it looked like it is taking a walk in the garden rather than moving to catch the enemy.

Each of its steps felt like an earthquake to me, which would swallow me whole. I see no way for me to get out of its clutches alive; even if I ran away using all my strength, I would still be get caught within seconds.

While I racked my brain, my sword appeared in my hand unconsciously. If I were to die now, I would die while fighting.


Soon, it had reached the energy s.h.i.+eld covering the huge formation whose center I was standing and moved its scaly armored hand up, and just as it touched the energy s.h.i.+eld, it shattered into pieces.

"Give up human, in front of Tyrant, everyone is ants," It said while pressuring me further with a mountain-like aura of its pressing me down further, wanting me to kneel on the ground with the might of Tyrant.

"Never!" I shouted; I would not kneel down, even if it breaks my bones and ground them into the powder, I would not kneel

First Boost + Second Boost + Third Boost + Everwings

I activated all my strength, did not hesitate to even burn my blood. Even if this fight is completely one-sided, I still want to give my all to fight it.

Soon, there were only about ten meters of distance in front of me, and it, the distance where it could easily launch the attack with its build, but it seemed like it had no intention of attacking me; h.e.l.l, it did not even take out its ax.

I could understand its thoughts; one does not need to take out a weapon to crush an ant; the foot is more than enough to do the thing.

It finally stopped when there is only a five-meter distance between us. It towered over me as it moved its hand to pick me.

Chew Chew

I moved my sword up and about to launch the attack at it when a shocking feel spread through me, and Ashlyn chirped, and just as I heard it, I shot from my spot like a bullet towards the Sunlight Dome as silvery runes covered me.

Ashlyn had nullified the supression; the first time in nine months, I am not feeling the slightest supression, but this effect would not last forever, Ashlyn told me this nullifying field could only last for seven minutes, and I have to reach the sunlit dome in seven minutes.


A loud shout came from the Crockman from behind me; it filled with rage as it came at me with blurring speed, and this time, the Crockman had taken out the huge bone ax in its hand and came flying toward me.

With no supression, I could also fly, but I chose not to. The ground gave me greater maneuverability, and these thick powerful trees will help me a lot, seeing the difference in our size.

Though it could destroy the trees easily, it would become more and more difficult for it to do that as we reach closer and closer to the Sunlight dome.

"Human stop at once, and I will show you mercy." It shouted. "If you did not stop at the very next second, I would torture you so hard that you will beg for mercy," It added when it saw I am not heeding its words.

Grimm Monsters never show mercy, and one would be an idiot to believe it. The only option I have is run, run till I reach the Sunlit dome.