Monster Integration - Chapter 1698 - Honeycomb II

Chapter 1698 - Honeycomb II

Chapter 1698 - Honeycomb II

Seeing how rapidly the Honeycomb consuming the resources, I started to panic even more.

The resources I had used just now were my best resources. Most other resources I have considered sub-par, and while some of the resources I have are quite good, they are very unsuitable for forging the Honeycomb.

Using them will not help but make things worse but still, I begin to search my mind for the resources.

There has to be something in my storage; even if it is not suitable for the Honeycomb, it shouldn't be unsuitable. Using them would be better than nothing but all the resources that came into my mind low-quality ones; they could not satiate the ravenous hunger of the Honeycomb.

I wish I could control the sunlight; it is not very useful to the Honeycomb, but it would satiate the energy needs. Regretfully, I could not control this sunlight, I will find some other way.

As I waste time thinking, the resources on formation deplete rapidly, and now less than 5% of the resources have remained, and they would be consumed within a minute.

'Think Micheal, think!' I said to myself as precious seconds pa.s.sed by.

My heart slowly crept toward the despair when suddenly, I remembered a thing I had acquired a long time ago.

I had kept them on the shelf for so long that I had nearly forgotten about them. It could work, it might not only help to feed the energy needs of Honeycomb, but it might also help in fortifying the Honeycomb.

A bottle of wine appeared in my sticky pus-filled hands; I had obtained this wine bottle and some others very long ago when I was a night.

According to the professor, these wines were at least five thousand years old and contain very special energy. It is so powerful that few sips of it were enough to make the teacher reach the Tyrant stage.

Though there are some other things we're involved in the breathrough, it is an undeniable fact that it had helped the teacher reach the Tyrant stage.

Professor had warned me not to drink this wine until I had reached peak Emperor and even then, I should not drink more than a small sip as energies inside are too powerful, and I might explode if I drank too much.

If I had any option, I would not have dared to drink it in my current state, which is extremly weak, but I am already near death, and if I did not drink it, then I would really die.


I used my inheritance energy to open the bottle as my hands did not have the strength to do that.


Without wasting any time, I pushed the bottle into my mouth and took a large sip despite not being a wise choice. I did that because, at that exact moment, the resources on the formation have disappeared.

Even though I could not comprehend its taste, I know it is amazing, and before I could realize what I am doing, I took another big sip of it.

The first sip of this indescribable wine reached my stomach and transform into the inferno. The inferno which could turn my body ash within seconds, but before that could happen, the Honeycomb started to suck inferno like energy.

Despite Honeycomb taking the energy, I couldn't help but feel lightheaded; that I am barely able to think.

My thoughts begin to jumble, and I am barely able to control my movements in intoxication spread over my mind like a feathery blank.

When the second sit hit my stomach, I got further intoxicated that I could not see even straight. The effects are too powerful; just two seeps of Alchohol made me so intoxicated that I could not even see.

The strange thing is that when I circulate my Inheritance energy to fight off its effect, it did not help. Usually, I could instantly wipe out the effect of intoxication when I circulate my inheritance energy.

I circulate it further, even if its fell like thousands of blades cutting through my veins, but still, nothing happened; the intoxication of the vine had remained the same.

Seeing that, I tried to calm my mind, but it is very hard with this pain and intoxication. In such conditions, I could only use the limited thought power I have to keep track of the important things.

Time pa.s.sed by, and the huge infernal energy of wine got s.u.c.k.e.d by the Honeycomb rapidly.

I wish I hadn't been as intoxicated as I am now; even with the limited thought power, I would have been able to see what they are doing.

Soon, the Honeycomb finished s.u.c.k.i.n.g 90% of that huge energy that two sips transformed to, and its energy needs are still going strong, which means I have to provide it with even more energy.

Seeing that intoxicated me lifted the bottle, it nearly slid down from my hand with all pus and intoxication fogging my mind.

Sip Sip Sip

Somehow after much effort, I was able to bring the bottle to my lips and took a huge sip, and I had not taken one sip but three. Though it is dangerous, it is necessary with further intoxication; I don't think I would be in condition even think, so I took one huge sip after another.

I wanted to take few more sips, but my hand did not have the strength to lift the bottle to my lips and brought it down loosely while spilling few drops of precious vine on the ground.