Monster Integration - Chapter 1672 - Bloodline Furnace I

Chapter 1672 - Bloodline Furnace I

Chapter 1672 - Bloodline Furnace I


The booming sound rang out as my sword pierced through its armor and touched its c.h.e.s.t before I got repelled hard.

Protection Amulet!

I screamed in my mind with shock. The repelling power and red energy field covering the Four Eyed Antman body is proof that the protection amulet had been activated when I launched the fatal blow at it.

This is the central region of the Devil Forest, and suppression here makes it very hard for Protection Amulet to activate; one needs to have a really, really good protection amulet for it to be activated here.

'Second Boost!'

I activated and used its power to stop the repelling force over me. I do not want to crash on the huge tree that few meters behind me.

I had just started to stabilize myself when I saw it coming toward myself with ferocious glim lighting in its eyes. Instead of running that most Grimm Monsters do after their protection amulet activated, this is doing the opposite; it wanted to kill me.


It was coming toward me when it suddenly stopped; fear and frustration appeared on its face as the red energy field of protection amulet covering it begin to flicker; it flickered for a few moments before it disappeared.

I have to say its defensive artifact was quite powerful to resist the overwhelming suppression Devil Forest had, but it is still got suppressed after working for a moment, but that is enough as it had already done a job it had been made to do, save a life.

"Hehe, you should have run away when you have time," I said. With the power of a second boost running through my body, killing it would not be a problem.

"You think you have won, human?" It asked as fear disappeared from its eyes and resolution had appeared in it. Looking at the expression on its face, it is clear it had some kind of plan.

My mind is telling me to finish it before it uses whatever I have, but my heart started to beat loudly in expectation. It wants me to stop, let it use whatever it has for the greater challenge.

Listening to my mind and finis.h.i.+ng it off would be a wise choice, but I decided to trust my heart and see what it has.

"Oh yeah, what you have," I asked teasingly.

This time, it did not get angry at my teasing; instead, its expression turns serious, and a small bottle appeared in its anty hands. The bottle is twice the size of the normal potion bottle, but it still looked tiny in its hands.

Inside the bottle is glittering red liquid, which is giving off a bright s.h.i.+ne, and the way Four Eyed Antman looking at it, the potion seemed quite rare.

"This human is Bloodline Furnace potion; I nearly lost my life while getting it," "I wanted to use it while fighting a powerful monster under great suppression, but now, I will have to use it while fighting you; I hope you will not disappoint me human," It said and drink the potion whole.

'This Ant is really crazy,' I asked as I saw it drinking the potion. The Bloodline Furnance potion is no ordinary potion.

Only 10% survive drinking it, and most of those who survive to end up in quite a dire condition.

Most find their Bloodline burned away from it; only less than 1% benefit from it, but for those who do benefit hugely from it, it could be said that they go through a complete transformation.

From what I heard, even the lowest great grade Bloodline Furnace potion, 90% and get 99% Bloodlines vaporized.

Still, I am quite shocked to see it has a 'Bloodline Furnance' potion; It is an extremely rare potion, and people fight to the death for it despite the extreme risks.

The allure of it is too great; seeing all those Bloodlines who survive became extremely powerful. This potion lets Bloodlines go through multiple awakenings in a matter of few minutes.

This potion is a blessing to people like Ellen or Elina, or Professor, who possesses a powerful Bloodlines. Their mortality rate little lower than regular people with Bloodlines; seeing their Bloodline could fight the potion better.

Now, I really wish I could have killed it; the potion would have been extremely helpful to the Academy.


A moment after it drank the potion, it let out a Bloodcurdling scream. Did I mention the process itself is not pretty? Half of the people who drank this potion found their minds broken. There had been cases where people got their Bloodline advance but got their minds too broken to feel joy out of it or use it.

As for why it is going to drink the potion while fighting, it is to help to stimulate the Bloodline further; the battle also helps stimulate the body and soul, which helps in resisting the effect of the potion that had on the body and soul.

A moment after the scream, a dense black bloodline aura came out of it, and for a second, it had covered the Grimm Monster whole before it moved up and morphed into ten meters long figure of Four Eyed Antman that I could not even look at straight but feeling intense suppression.

"Die Human!"

The Antman said in a strained voice, and the next moment, it appeared in front of me and attacked me with the 'Storm Of The Blades.'

The numbers of the blades have remained unchained, but speed, strength, and complexity behind had advanced to a huge degree; unraveling this move would not be easy this time, and it is just a beginning.

It had been just a few seconds since it had drunk the potion, but its Bloodline had already stimulated to this degree. As time pa.s.sed, the Bloodline's power will keep growing till the potion lose power or the Bloodline burned to ash.

Either way, it is going to be very dangerous for me, and that couldn't help but make my heart beat faster in excitement.