Monster Integration - Chapter 1619 - Absolute Limit

Chapter 1619 - Absolute Limit

Chapter 1619 - Absolute Limit

Pure thick Bloodline essence came at me; it is very thick and powerful, thicker than the Bloodline essence of Black Bearman.

The Black Bearman Tribe is a normal tribe, but Copper Maned Lionman Tribe is one of rare one and also quite powerful; its Bloodline is far powerful than the Bloodline of common tribes.

To current me, the power of the Bloodline did not much matter compared to how awaked they are, as the more awakened they are, the more powerful Bloodline essence they will able to provide me.

Take the Werewolf I had fought in the champions.h.i.+p; it is from one of the rarest and most powerful tribes of Grimm Monster. Its Bloodline is far more powerful than Copper Maned Lionmen Tribe, but the Bloodline power I had harvested from it nothing compared to what I am harvesting from the Lionman.

These Bloodlines come from the beings out of our world; even the weakest being which could pa.s.s its Bloodline is powerful enough to turn out the world to dust by a single flick.

So, to the current me, it did not matter how powerful the being is whose Bloodline I am harvesting; what matter is how much hosts of it was able to awaken it, as, at the current stage, the power of Bloodline depends on how awakened it is.

Though I would not say the Bloodline of a powerful being is not useful, that would be false as they have a very big inherent advantage.

The Bloodline of a powerful being is more powerful than the Bloodline of a less powerful being.

When the host activated the Bloodline of a powerful being, it is more powerful than the other host who awaked the Bloodline of a less powerful being and is at a similar awakening stage.

As the Bloodline gets consumed by my Runes, they again begin their transformation, and this time, the transformation is happening at a greater speed than the earlier.

It is understandable, the Bloodline of the Copper Maned Lionman may be lower awakening level than the Black Bearman, but it is from a more powerful being, thus fundamentally stronger.

Bloodlines are complex as they are amazing, and my runes could consume them are an amazing thing.

I have never read something that could consume the Bloodline; they are powerful and made from principles that stop anyone from consuming them, but somehow Hidden Being and Ashlyn are helping me thwarting that rule.

I am more than happy it is happening to me; without me able to consume the Bloodline, I wouldn't have such amazing strength I have now.

I am perfectly aware of how powerful I am despite being at King Stage, I have a strength that the Emperor dreamed of having, and very few Emperors have. I am very lucky to have a partner like Ashlyn.

As for the hidden being, my thoughts are a little complicated. Till now, it had not done anything to harm me, but nothing could be said about these powerful beings. I do not exactly have good experience with such a powerful being.

Though I do not trust it fully, I am very grateful to it; without it, I would have died long ago. It had saved my life much time and also helped greatly and gave me guidance in the form of books.


Nearly two minutes had pa.s.sed when suddenly Bloodline Essence stopped coming to my runes. There is still a Bloodline Essence, but my runes have stopped accepting it as my body had reached the limit.

It is not a normal limit but an absolute limit; it will very hard to expand this limit; through training or drinking potions, even Diamond Seal will not be able to expand the limit.

Now, if I want to increase the limit of my body so it would consume more Bloodlines, then I will have to level up to the Emperor stage; there is no choice other than that.

While my body had reached the limit, my runes also seemed to have finished with their change, and whole Inheritance Runes looked like a quality diamond that is s.h.i.+ning resplendently like stars.

The runes really looked beautiful and releasing a very faint aura they have never released before. This aura is very faint that even I barely able to sense it, but it filled with power and life; feeling this aura, I couldn't help but think about Nero.

Twenty more seconds pa.s.sed by before the hidden being were able to drain Lionman of its essence and Bloodline, and now in its place, only beautiful coppery colored Essence Rose have remained.


I was watching the rose when my runes buzzed loudly and released a flood of energy into my body.

The quality of energy is much higher level at before that it begins to increase my strength exponentially while my strength is increasing, s.p.a.ce is not, there is not the slightest change in it.

Usually, when the strength of my body and soul increases, with it, s.p.a.ce of consumption also increased, but nothing of that sort is happening right now.

Fortunately, there is some s.p.a.ce before my strength limit reaches the absolute limit; at that time, I would not be even able to increase my strength, and the only option I have is to level up.

Three minutes pa.s.sed by when some of the flooding energy released from the runes started to go back to runes, seeing that my heart couldn't help but feel pain.

The quality of the Bloodline was really great, and due to it, the runes released an immense amount of strengthening energy that filled my strength limit, so quickly it became the absolute limit.

Now, not only could I not consume any more of Bloodline, but I couldn't also increase my strength; I had truly reached the absolute limit of the King Stage, and now, the only thing I could is to level up to the Emperor Stage.

With runes finis.h.i.+ng their business, I also collected beautiful copper-colored essence rose and thigs of Lionman before fusing its piece of the puzzle with mine.


As I had collected both pieces, they transformed into huge runic gates. The Runic Gate ten meters tall, the biggest one that had appeared in front of me, and I walked through it without wasting a moment.