Monster Integration - Chapter 1617 - All Out I

Chapter 1617 - All Out I

Chapter 1617 - All Out I

After collecting all the Black Bearman's stuff and seeing there is no proof of me harvesting it, I called back the black fire dome covering the whole tile.

As I did, I felt tens of eyes on me which is not surprising seeing tense of soul senses that were trying to breach the fire dome during my battle with the Black Bearman.

These gazes are different from before; before, there was only greed in their eyes as I collect one piece of the puzzle after another, but now there some gazes that contain fear.

The people that reached this stage are smart, and they know powerful the other person by just sensing their aura, and they had seen nearly full battle before I shrouded us in fire dome.

I could feel many of them wanted to make a move on me out of greed but held themselves back.

After killing the Black Bearman, the pieces of the puzzle I had reached forty-seven. There is no number written on the puzzle-like the badge in the first challenge, but there are several patterns in the incomplete design through which one could tell how many badges one had collected.

I now have to collect fifty-three badges, and I am confident that I could collect all of them very soon. The method I had created gives me an edge, and I will utilize it fully with my increased strength.


So, without wasting any time, I jumped high, and this time, I had jumped much higher than I had used to and quite lucky that I did not felt a barrier, as long as I do not try to fly, I will be safe.

From the above, I moved my gaze as dense runes flashed in my eyes, and by the time I surveyed the area below me, I had already found the five badges.

The higher alt.i.tude and increase in strength had helped me find puzzle pieces quickly, and now I have to collect them quickly as possible; for it, I have a plan. It will be a little flashy, but people are using flas.h.i.+er techniques than it.

As I started to go down, five fiery black ribbons released from my body and moved down at the blurring speed.


By the time I had landed, the ribbons had already picked up five badges that are hundreds of meters away from me; some were thousands and now coming back holding them.


I did not wait for the ribbons and took another high alt.i.tude jump towards; halfway into the jump, the ribbons came back to me and merged the pieces of the puzzle with the piece on my chest.

Soon, I reached high and found another group of pieces and released my ribbons toward them to collect them.

Minutes pa.s.sed by as I continue to collect pieces after pieces. There was some disturbance on the way, some Grimm Monster tried to stop my ribbons to s.n.a.t.c.h pieces but instead, their heads flew into the air, and they came back to me with puzzle pieces.

Usually, I'm not particularly eager to waste the bodies of Grimm Monsters as each of them gives a precious essence rose, but I want to finish collecting the pieces as soon as possible, and since these Grimm Monsters do not have a bloodline, I do not felt much regret in killing them.

Half an hour pa.s.sed by, and few more Grimm Monsters had attacked me, including one with Bloodline, all of them were normal. Regretfully, I had to kill the Grimm Monster with Bloodline without harvesting its Bloodline.

I had felt quite bad about wasting a bloodline, but it was weakling, and I already had my eyes set up on the price, which had decided to act.

The Copper Maned Lionman, which had been keeping eyes on me for quite a while, had finally made its move coming at me with its aura blazing and seeing its aura, it did not seem to hold back on anything; it wants to finish the battle as soon as possible.

Well, its a good thing because I too want to finish the battle as soon as possible. I have already decided to finish the battle within five minutes, and that includes harvesting it, which means I could only fight it for two minutes.

As it came toward me, I moved toward it too. We are going to fight on the biggest tile between us.


As I was moving toward it, I caught a glimpse of something. Not only me but nearly everyone in this sea of tiles.

A huge Runic Gate had appeared at a distance before disappeared; it had appeared only for a second, and I did not know whether it was Grimm Monster or human who entered through that gate, but one thing is clear, someone had entered through it.

'F.u.c.k!' I cursed, I wanted to first person to finish this challenge, and I had come very closer to it, and now whoever b.a.s.t.a.r.d finis.h.i.+ng it first, I again had remained behind, and I will again get a reward that I did not want like past two challenge.

I am feeling really angry right now, not at others but myself, even knowing it was my fault when I decided to focus on Bloodlines more than challenge, knowing that did not lessen my anger; instead, it had magnified it.

"F.u.c.k It!" I cursed loudly and made a decision to finish this battle in a single move; this is a reckless decision, but I am angry enough to not care about it as I had fixed my mind on it.

If I am not able to beat in a single move, then I will run away. With my current strength, it stood no chance of catching me, and I wouldn't even have to use all my speed to run away from it as I don't think I am any weaker than it.

First Boost+Everwings+Second Boost

I activated all my most powerful moves together, even a second boost of blood burning. Since I decided to be reckless, I might as well go all out and truly finish it in a single move.