Monster Integration - Chapter 1613 - Pieces Of Puzzle II

Chapter 1613 - Pieces Of Puzzle II

Chapter 1613 - Pieces Of Puzzle II

With the help of my amazing ocular methods, I begin to find one piece of the puzzle after another; in just an hour, I was able to find nine pieces, and in the second hour, eleven pieces, all of them merging into a single piece as I connect them.

The only thing I have to do is jump high; this way, my ocular skills could cover the maximum range, which helped me quickly find the pieces.

My speed is quite fast; it is one of the fastest. If I continued to collect the pieces as at such speed, it wouldn't take me a day to finish this challenge, and I want to finish it as soon as possible, became first to complete this challenge.

The rewards of the past two challenges were quite disappointing, I want the freedom to choose the price I want, and I will have that freedom if I finished this challenge first.

It is not as easy as it seemed; the people are watching, some people are solely watching, targeting those who collected the most pieces. I am also being watched by several people, and those that are watching me are quite strong.

Currently, they are only watching, but it won't take long before some of them make a move, and honestly, I couldn't wait for them to attack me.

I had just created a second Diamond Seal, and it had opened the huge s.p.a.ce inside me to consume the Bloodline, and I want to consume the bloodlines, and for it, I am even willing to sacrifice the rank of this challenge.

Those with Bloodlines are rare; outside, it had taken me more than a month to find a single Bloodline,

Even with my increased strength, I would still need at least half a time to find the Bloodline, which is more than I want to. Unlike the outside, here I will not have to waste that much of a time; my chances of finding a bloodline are hundreds of times greater.

Another hour had pa.s.sed, and the number of puzzle pieces I have reached thirty-three.


I had just collected piece and about to jump high when I felt I became a target of intense killing intents, feeling that I turned to toward emitter of such killing intent and found it coming toward me with blurring speed.

A Grimm Monster is coming toward me, and the feeling I am getting from it very is intense; this Grimm Monster coming toward me is only slightly weaker than the Copper Maned Lionman against which I had run away, which itself speaks how powerful it is.

The Grimm Monster coming toward me is Black Bearman. The Black Bearman tribe is a common tribe, but this Black Bearman is anything but common.

The Black Bearman is huge, its whole body covered in thick Black Armor that made its figure reach nine meters in height, and is holding seven meters long blue Warhammer that could crush anything.

It landed on the tile that is about three hundred meters away from me; it did not stay there for a moment; instead, it used it as launching bad and shot toward me like a meteor.

It had seemed to use some kind of method as it launched toward me as its whole body is covered in a dark black aura which seemed to give feeling heaviness; no heaviness would be wrong; the black aura seemed to possess power similar to gravity or gravity itself.

"Die Human!"

It shouted as it appeared next to me and swung its Warhammer with a speed that should not be possible for such a heavy object.

As the Warhammer came at me, cloaking in a dark aura that seemed to press me hard. I am feeling the pressure on myself that is so powerful that it would turn even a powerful king into a puddle of flesh and bones.

"Come, Little Bear!"

I am not a normal King who would be turned to puddle with this much pressure. If I had been crushed under such pressure, then I would have never been able to run away from the Copper Maned Lionman.

As the taunt came out of my mouth, my sword moved, and it moved with greater speed than its huge Warhammer that it had appeared beside it in an instant.


Our weapons clashed, and they clashed with such force that air itself vibrated under it and created defeaning sound and powerful shockwave, most of which instantly absorbed by tile both of us standing.

While the power created by the clash was absorbed by the tile, the power from each other weapons tore toward us through our weapons. Its dark Bloodline Energy came at me bearing the power of gravity.

As it climbed into my sword, I felt became heavy instantly. If I had not had a habit of using the heavy sword, my hands would have shaken under such weight this bearing down on my sword.

The Energy pa.s.sed through my sword, and soon it touched my armor, and like a bear, it wanted to envelop my whole body in it before crus.h.i.+ng it with its sheer pressure, but as it touched my armor, it had immediately disappeared as if swallowed by the black hole.

While its Energy got swallowed as it touched me, my Inheritance Energy struck against its Bloodline Armor, and as it did, it spread throughout its armor and began to burrow inside.

It was not able to go much deeper as its bloodline armor reacted instantly and introduced a counterattack which quickly drowned away my Inheritance Energy.

As the first exchange finished, we looked at each other in the eyes. Its Irises are deep yellow and black, and like its, they contain heaviness in them; when I looked at its eyes, it had launched a powerful mental attack.

It was crus.h.i.+ngly powerful, but I bore it; my mental defenses are strong; if it wants to breach it, it will have to try much harder than this.

We continued looking at each other for nearly ten seconds before a powerful aura burst out of our bodies at the same time. It had activated a powerful strength boosting method, seeing that I did not waste any time activating the 'First Boost.'